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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: Stronger than Moonshine

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Posts: 337

Stronger than Moonshine
Posted on: 09/07/2021 05:07 PM

Feefall Records has released a streaming version of one of America's early concerts entitled "Stronger than Moonshine". I believe this performance has been available for many years in various versions on tape and CD.

It is labeled as being a 1973 live performance, but must have been recorded in late 1971 or early 1972. It matches their early concert performance list of songs, and they do not perform "I Need You" or "Ventura Highway" which were big hits in 1972. I cannot imagine them leaving them out of a concert in 1973. When they perform "Horse with No Name" there is no crowd reaction, which seems to indicate this was before it had become a hit. Plus, it is just the three of them, by 1973 they were touring with a bass player and drummer.

Anyways, it is still a great early, unplugged performance and worth listening too.

Stronger than Moonshine
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Posts: 245
From: America in Miniature

Re: Stronger than Moonshine
Posted on: 09/08/2021 05:15 PM

Americafan - Thanks for the Link. Great to hear Dan's voice Live. Very nice unplugged performance.
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