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Forums :: Dan Peek Fan Blog :: Happy Birthdau

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Posts: 104
From: philadelphia,pa

Happy Birthdau
Posted on: 11/01/2015 05:51 AM

Happy Birthday Dan, Rest In Peace !
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Posts: 3491

Re: Happy Birthdau
Posted on: 11/01/2015 10:51 AM

Very good, crozerjo! I had totally forgotten that Dan was born on this day despite the fact that he and my eldest brother share the exact day and year of their births. Dan is having the grandest time ever in heaven where he is more alive there than he ever was living here on earth. I'm sure if he could send a message back to each one of us, it would be to join him by all means possible when it's our time. As we all know, he spent the latter half of his life trying to get the word out that Jesus is the Savior and that only through believing in Him do we receive eternal salvation. Dan will be rewarded with the Crown of Rejoicing aka The Crown of Soul-Winning. Wow, Dan would have been 65 - eligible for Medicare.


"For I the Lord, this day, am bigger than your enemies and any plan they have come up with. I created this earth, and I will not allow them to take it over and destroy it. They don't have that kind of power even though they think they do. Soon, they will realize who they are up against, and they are no match for Me, saith the Lord of Hosts.

These are the days of their destruction, the death of their plans, at the same time, the days of the rebirth of a nation, a revival to fill the streets, My glory to fill this earth like never before. An awakening has begun in My children, and you are arising to fulfill your assignments on this earth. You will feel more alive than they have ever felt before and a freedom you have never experienced. I am Jehovah, I am your Provider, and I have provided everything you need in this hour to succeed, to be victorious, and nothing your enemies have done or are planning to do will stop that. I do sit in the heavenlies and laugh that they, your enemies, can't outsmart Me and overturn My will upon this earth. They are a joke in My sight and will all be brought to nothing just like the one who has given them power, who is Satan. I stripped him of his power, and that includes anyone he uses, My children. The world will soon see that I have and always have the final say.

A major news story will break out of Canada. Information has been uncovered about your leaders, and exposures will take place on a scale never seen before or experienced in your country. Canada, I am moving to free your country, and I will bring your enemies down, and others that love Me will take their places of power. Once you see the United States securely delivered and reborn, remember it is for you and your nation as well. Canada, you will work closer with the United States than ever before because there will be no interference from world leaders who never wanted that relationship between the nations. But, I will bring more uniting of many nations in this hour, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Constantine. This name will be in your headlines, and it will be used to describe a world leader who has turned from his wicked ways and has come to Christ unexpectedly.

'He's a joke!' This phrase will be in headlines all over the place to describe The Biden and his administration that is about to be plagued with one scandal after another. His cognitive function will take a drastic turn far worse than you see now. His numbers will continue to crumble and so will any policies and any law they continue to pass or any destruction they try to cause to this great nation. That destruction will come back on them because these are the days of Haman that I have said so many times before.

A sickness will plague Washington, D.C. This sickness will be reported on that is being passed around, it seems like to them. That is just one of many plagues that will hit this area, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Continue to watch the Soloman Islands. A major eruption, politically, will break out in civil war, it may appear to be. There is more to this story, and it will be revealed by Me, saith the Lord.

Sanctions. This fraudulent government will use them against Russian to stop more information from pouring out of that country that will destroy the supposed government. Oh, yes, Putin is sitting on more information than they originally thought he had. So now your enemies are trying to do anything to stop him from releasing such information. They will overplay their hand and give themselves away more in this hour of truth, saith the Lord. The world will see more and more how fraudulent and incapable these people are to do anything right. They're not even good liars. They try to have poker faces, you would say, with their bluffs, but the world will see right through their lies and their plans. All their plans will suddenly stop working. There's an awakening across this world that your enemies cannot stop, and it'll be the death of their One World Government is this hour, saith the Lord of Hosts.

You will soon see more countries with people in these nations revolting against their unruly governments. People are fed up all over this world that their freedoms are being trampled upon. They will stand up against their own governments more and more. You will also see more American flags arise across the nations in bold defiance to their own country that they want the freedom Americans have. A revolt, your news stations will call it, but I call it revival and awakening, saith the Lord.

More explosive information, some will call it, regarding the Supreme Court. A civil war is breaking out in the highest court of the land, and more sabotages, blackmail and threatening will be released to the public. I told you these are the days of the whistleblowers. Two Supreme Court justices, their days are numbers for being on that court. Their power is being stripped away by Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. Their defiance and destruction and chaos, they have caused this nation. Audio and video are about to surface showing the world who they really are, and treason will be their end.

Sabotage. This word will be in multiple headlines in the coming days. Look for this, My children, and see what they are talking about. Remember, I am the Lord, and everyone will come down from their places of power and will be judged.

Sweltering. This word will be in your news to describe the temperatures people will feel worldwide. Unusually hot especially for certain countries that don't experience this kind of heat. It will last longer and grow tiring for some. Remember this phrase, 'Things are heating up," and your adversaries won't be able to handle the heat and pressure that is coming for them. Something big is about to erupt and take place, saith the Lord.

The Mediterranean Sea will be back in your news. Listen for not only what is going on there but who is saying it. They are desperately trying to start wars to try to hide what is there, but it will be uncovered anyway and shown to the rest of the world.

Watch more cargo ships as they will be in the news. There is definitely more going on with ships than is being told, but the truth will be leaked to a major news station that will actually tell this story. Watch out, children of Almighty God. Things are heating up in more ways than one.

Catastrophe. This word will be in many news stories all over the place. Look and pay attention to these locations. Hidden things they didn't want found but were found anyway.

Bigger players in certain political parties are about to be exposed. Hold on, My children. This is just the beginning of the truth destroying their narrative, and many will be removed from where they are now. They thought they were safe because of where they sit and the power they thought they had, but actually are not.

Fragrance. Listen for this word. It will be used to describe something unusual in the news.

'Unusual things are taking place everywhere.' This phrase will be used in your news. Pay attention to which locations they are emphasizing. That is no accident. Explosive information will be uncovered and will take place in these locations, saith the Lord.

Charlize Theron will be in major headlines. Look to what is being told or said. I told you more would be uncovered in Hollywood.

More children are about to be set free in this hour. This is just the beginning of destroying your enemies' underground world to transport children. Know I'm causing chaos in those with more people discovering these locations and stopping their plans. Arrests are being made. More in number than are being reported on right now. But, I will let it out soon for the world to hear. Some of these will be found in Ukraine. Yes, I told you this government is hiding many things from the world, and the money they were given was not for the people but to hide these things from the world including what they have been doing to little children, and where they are hiding them will be exposed. I am moving My hand in vengeance to save the children from heinous crimes against them, saith the Lord of Hosts.

These are the days of freedom and retroactive restorations, My children, you never thought possible.

These are the days of Elijah. Dry bones will soon come alive again, saith the Lord your Redeemer.".
Edited by King_of_Glass on 05/09/2022 11:42 PM
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Posts: 1901

Re: Happy Birthdau
Posted on: 11/01/2015 12:01 PM

Yep. Thanks Crozerjo for posting and jogging my muddled brain. Happy Birthday to Dan Peek. He is enjoying "far above" anything we can imagine. And Happy All Saints Day to everybody! We ALL can celebrate!!!
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