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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"For I, the Lord, this day, am moving My hand against the wicked in this hour of judgment.  Yes, the time has come for their judgment and their demise.  Some may think what is about to be seen is harsh punishment against them.  My children, do not pity them for the things they have been doing behind closed doors against this world and My body, inconceivable to most human thinking.  There was a level of evil the world didn't know existed, and these people who were against you wanted to unleash hell upon this earth.  Yes, they tried to open portals to bring demonic beings here to take over this world, but those portals never opened.  My angel armies had destroyed their plans in the heavenlies.  Yes, My children, things were going on in the spirit that you had no idea was going on to fight for your freedom from this demonic hold on this world that wanted to stop My glory; to stop this revival and awakening in My body.  Oh yes, all of hell is shaking and trembling.  They know they have lost once again, and My church has been awakened never to be asleep.  This is the year for My children and the world to know who the Great I Am really is; how much I love My creation; that I do exist and have not forsaken the world to let it fall to the One World Government.  Not only am I moving against the evil government in this world, but I'm moving in your banking system, your prisons, your schools, your churches, economies, businesses, and My children into their positions they were meant to be without any interference from the world elites suppressing them.  My children, pay attention to the wind and the waves and how unusual things will continue to be reported.  Gale force winds that have come out of nowhere, it will be reported.  This will be in your news. Watch for an eruption in the State of Oregon. Yes, Oregon.  All has been quiet there, but freedom will rise in that state.  The hold the enemy had over you, Oregon, is now broken.  Watch for a scandal and resignation to come out in the State of Oregon.  A governor, yes, but there are more to follow.  Oregon, you have not been forsaken or forgotten.  Justice is coming to your state.  Watch how I move across your land to heal and to restore what has been stolen. What has been broken will be given back and restored.  A sign to watch for, Oregon, is an earthquake.  An earthquake?  Yes, one that will rock your enemies to their core.  It will rattle the gates of hell and will destroy the walls and the plans they had built up against you.  This earthquake, Oregon, will be a signal of your release and their defeat.  So do not fear when you feel the shaking beneath your feet and know your enemies have fallen with no way to get their hold back over you.  So rejoice, Oregon.  I am moving to deliver you, and a great awakening has already begun.  But, it will continue to grow in intensify in this year of 2022.  Freedom and justice you will shout, and know that the Great I Am has come to deliver you, saith the Lord of Hosts. Anthony Fauci.  I have warned you and have spoken of your defeat.  Truth is coming for you, and you have tried to hide, and you can't hide from Me.  This truth is being released, and the world will know who you are and who you work for.  A video is surfacing, catching you in the act of your lies and plans against this world.  Watch, My children, Fauci is about to be in the news.  One exposure after another.  He will step down thinking that will lessen his punishment.  But, treason is written on him, and blood is dripping from his hands and is crying to Me for justice.  Justice will be served.  Anthony Fauci, you are finished, saith the Lord of Hosts.  Watch Brazil.  Major news reportedly breaking out in this nation.  Listen to why, My children.  Weather events?  Yes, an unusual weather event will be reported and know, My children, I am shaking things up everywhere for freedom and justice to be poured out upon this earth.  Unusual rain, yes.  These words will be in your news.  Look and listen to why this is so unusual.  Everything is shaking, and I am the Lord, and I'm showing the world that everything that was normal can suddenly change to let My people know in this hour, in a time where everything is shaking, to release you.  All this time is for your good.  So, My children, don't question Me about if I'm doing anything.  I am moving, and I am showing you with unusual signs so you know I am telling you the truth in this time of a great deception. 'Cuts like a knife.'  This will be in your headlines and look why this is mentioned.  Pay attention, My children.  Your enemies are all falling by their own swords and what they plan for you will come on them, saith the Lord.  I've spoken and told you these are the days of Haman.  A well-known athlete, a basketball player, will be reported in a major scandal and his ties to a foreign nation.  The truth is coming out regarding the NBA.  Listen, My children, all is not what it seems.  See the connections to China and the money that was paid to deceive this nation.  Listen for the people in the NBA that will fall.  Players?  Yes, but look even higher than that.  Adam Silver!  Truth is coming for you, and stepping down will not save you from what you have done.  Epstein?  Yes, but so much more will be exposed on who you really are.  Adam, your hour of judgment is at hand, saith the Lord of Hosts.  Listen for another well-known actor stepping away from Hollywood and why this person is leaving.  'What is going on?', people are asking.  Why are so many leaving?  Because the truth is exposing all the lies in Hollywood.  A cleansing is taking place.  Many will be arrested for their crimes against the children.  Oh, yes, but their sins are so much deeper than that.  Brace, My children, for the truth about Hollywood.  A whistleblower?  Yes, there will be another and another, and it will expose Hollywood.  Their voices can't be silenced anymore.  A major eruption out of Hollywood is taking place in this hour, and know, My children, I am delivering you from all their influence and power Hollywood once had.  It has been taken away by Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. George!  Listen for this name in your news.  Look at who is being exposed.  They thought they were safe with the last name they have but no, My children.  The name 'Bush' and all the families with them will be tarnished and will never be the same.  The Bushes and all who are part of the elites will all be removed and judged by Me, saith the Lord of Hosts.  'Lights, camera, action!' will be in your headlines and know when you see this, My children, it's time for My show, and it's the time of their end.  I am washing and cleansing My body in the world system and destroying the plans and the enemies of Almighty God.  This is the world I created for My children, and I am taking the power from the wicked and handing it over to My children and giving it back to them what was already theirs.  This is the year of restoration in the year of My Great Exodus.  So, lift up your hands, children of Almighty God.  Your redemption is here, saith the Lord your Redeemer." 

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