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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"For I, the Lord, this day, have spoken in the times past of good being portrayed as evil and evil being portrayed as good. As you can see, My children, this is happening now in this world to deceive even the elect, My children, just not the world. Many have fallen for this deception and are blinded to the truth. But, in this hour of truth that is being poured out like a flood, blinders will be removed so all My children will have their own will to choose what to believe instead of that choice being made for them under the influence of the wicked one, the deceiver himself, who is the devil. Yes, My children, many of My own body are under this influence and don't even know it. Deception is controlling them and most in this world. But, an awakening has started and is beginning to build right now to a new level. This awakening is stirring up My remnant that I have called in this hour to arise and shake off the chains that have held you. Break loose from the torture that Satan has held you in dark places to imprison you. Well, that time has come to an end. I'm shaking this earth to set the captives free. No more slavery, no more dictator to rule over this earth that I created for My children. These days brace for even greater shaking. Yes, shaking that will knock your enemies off their feet and to the ground. I am moving to expose their agenda as well as destroying them for crimes they have committed on this earth with no remorse. Badminton. This name will be in your headlines and see where this is located. This is not an accident. Everywhere, truth is being poured out to destroy the lies. Controversial. This word will be used a lot in the news. Listen to why, My children. Your enemies' walls have come down, and you will see them turn on each other even more in this hour. Blackwater. This word will be all over the headlines in breaking news reports. Water being used to poison a town. It has been polluted with it, but it goes further than that. No company is safe with the truth coming to them to destroy everything they have tried to keep hidden. Baton Rouge will be in your headlines. I told you, My children, I will give you the real news before they give you their news. Bangladesh will be in the news. Watch and listen for the reason why. There is more to the story, and it will be revealed by Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. Singapore will be in the news. Sanctions will be a word used along with a discovery there as well. Many things have been hidden from the world that I am shining the spotlight on. Even the darkest of secrets will be exposed for the world to see. Hermitage. This word will be in the news, and listen for the reason why. Onstead [sp?]. This word will be in the news. Secrets and lies, and they're all falling like flies. Havorson [or maybe Havorstein]. This word will be in the news, My children, I'm in control, and this should help you understand that nothing they have done, they have gotten away with. All will be judged and destroyed by Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. Pakistan will be in your news more and more. Why? The truth will be released in this country. Evidence of this fraudulent government interfering in elections, yes, but so much more than that. The military is on the move destroying what has been built to destroy you, oh United States. High-ranking generals and officers who were paid off to give out intel against you, oh United States. They have been caught in the act and will soon be tried and sentenced before the world, but not before first having their medals stripped from them and being dishonorably discharged. I am moving in your military, oh United States, cleansing it and removing all who have been against you. Listen for the news to break out regarding the Pentagon. Yes, sabotage, treason and many other words will come out against many who have been against you and how many were connected to China. Generals? Yes. Judges? Yes. Governors? Yes. Mayors? Yes, Congressmen and women? Yes. Many are guilty for selling this country out for money, power and safety. This hour of judgment is not coming; No, it's here, saith the Lord of Hosts. Kawasaki will be in your news. Listen to why. Many things have been hidden in plain sight, My children. And yes, your enemies have been using businesses to front their operations behind closed doors. Not one will be hidden in the shadows where they wanted them to stay. Nova Scotia will be in the news. Weather? Yes. A scandal there? Yes. Another sex trafficking ring will be destroyed and exposed there in this land. Follow the money and you'll see who put it there. Oh, United States, brace for all the dirty deals the infiltrators have made and all the damage they have caused in your land.and so many others nations around the world. The EU. Oh, I, the Lord, am exposing you. You are just another arm of the New World Order. I'm tearing you and your agendas apart. You will not get what you wanted in this world. I, the Lord, will leave you with nothing as your sentences are now being handed out. The United Nations, I have told you before. I'm exposing you and opening up your books; exposing your bank accounts; showing this world your name is a lie. You wanted to decimate freedom and liberty to cause division on this earth. I'm ripping your plans to shreds and destroying everything you stand for. United Nations, you'll have nothing left as I move My hand against you. You are so desperate trying to destroy evidence, but it's too late. I have it all, and I've had it since your beginning. I will be your end, United Nations for I, the Lord, am against you. You will see I was in charge all along, and you played right into My hands. The walls are closing in. You don't know what to do. Well, you can't do anything. There is nowhere to run, and there is nowhere to hide. This is your time to end, United Nations. The English Parliament will be in your news, and the reason why will shock many. The walls that have been built up by the New World Order are coming down everywhere, saith the Lord. Canada, watch and listen. A discovery was made and the truth about Justin Trudeau will come out of your land. Hold on, Canada. I'm delivering you from Trudeau and all who are with him. You will have freedom never known before in your land in this year of 2022 A blanket of warmth will be in your headlines and see where this is located. This location is not a coincidence. My children, these are the days of truth. A firestorm of truth is raining down and destroying all their lies, their narratives and their fake governments and their fake control over you and this world. Truth shall reign. Truth sets people free. The truth shall fill this earth like a flood. My children, receive freedom from the chains that have kept you hostage. Receive freedom in your mind and every part of your life. With this Great Exodus, there will be a great outpouring of miracles, signs and wonders like never before, saith the Lord your Redeemer."

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