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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"For I, the Lord, this day, will show the world who really is in charge. I've played your adversaries like a fiddle, you would say. I knew what they were going to do even before they were put on this earth. I know every strategy, tactic and, of course, how deeply this all runs and who controls them. I'm moving My hand to stop all of their plans. Your enemies know something is wrong. 'This isn't right. Usually this works, but nothing is going as planned. We should have easily had this New World Order by now without question. How are so many people still fighting? By our estimation, we should have had more people tricked by now. We have the news stations. We have leaders all over the world to say what we tell them to say. It didn't matter. There are more people fighting back and more people figuring out that we were lying. Some even know what our plans were. How? This has never happened before.' Yes, My children, your enemies are panicking, trying to figure out all these answers, but also trying to figure out how to fix it all. There is so much going wrong all at one time. The Biden is a bigger problem than they realized he would be. Listen for more news reports coming out against his mental capacity and mental capability. They can no longer hide how bad this really is. So they are trying to figure out all other measures to relieve themselves of The Biden and all of his gaffes. The puppet masters can't seem to stop or cover up no matter how much medication he is given. 'He's going too far,' your enemies are saying. 'We can't control his mouth, and it's getting worse by the day. Something has to be done.' Just listen and watch to see what happens next. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The enemies of Almighty God are contemplating how far they can go right now, but in this desperation, they will make bigger mistakes and will get caught more and more. More people on live TV will stumble over their words after they say something they didn't mean to say. Listen for these words and see them in your headlines. The House is back in session. Yes, but look to see why and what is on their agenda. A fight will ensure. Listen for why. There is more to this than is being told to this nation. Oh, yes, the truth will explode and eruptions will occur. Truth will prevail, and every lie will be revealed. Judgment is here for all those who have cheated and stolen their way in, saith the Lord of Hosts. Waverly. This name will be in your news. Listen for this, My children, and know your enemies are all about to wave the white flag of defeat. The words, ultimate sacrifice, will be in your headlines in many places. See how and why these words are being used. There is more than it appears to be. A whirlwind will be in your headlines. Yes, this will signify a whirlwind of truth is hitting your enemies with no way for them to escape it. Parachute. This word will be in your news. Listen to why, and again, there is more to the story than what is being told. A suicide will be reported about a well-known person. Do not believe it! This was no suicide, and you will soon find out the whole truth about what happened to this person. 'They know too much,' the puppet master said, 'so deal with it!' Those words will be recorded, and yes, someone is recording them without them realizing it. They will not figure out who this is. I'm shielding the truth from your enemies. They will find out after it's too late for them to do something about it. 'Off with their head!' This statement will be in your headlines. You say, 'Lord, this is such a cruel and unusual statement to be in the headlines.' Yes, but look to see who says it, and you will see why I gave this to you before the news stations did. My children, I am giving you the news before the news to show you I am in control, and I know their every move even before they know they will make those moves. Nothing will stay hidden in this hour. I have opened the floodgates of truth, and it will demolish all their plans against you, children of Almighty God. A very well-known spokesperson will be in the news. They will be stepping down from their position. They know the truth and can no longer stay in their job. Listen carefully for the words, 'spokesperson and stepping down,' and you'll see why that is so important. Triage. This word will be in your headlines. Pay attention to what this is used for and where. Hyperbolic. This word will be in many of your headlines. Hyperbaric chamber. This will be in your headlines for an unusual reason, it will seem. Listen for what they're saying, and again, I'm saying to you, My children, there is more going on than they are telling you, and all the truth will come out. Laptops. Oh yes, there are more laptops than you realize. Things that are on them that will blow the doors wide open on this whole fraudulent government. Hunter Biden's, of course, but there are more to come. More heinous acts caught on video. They recorded their dirty deals to blackmail each other. So many videos have been seized, and there is no way out of this for the enemies of Almighty God. 'More about elections?' Yes, there are more on their laptops than you realize. The deleted files. Your enemies, they thought they wouldn't get caught, but nothing is permanently deleted from Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. So, listen My children, for these laptops and know to brace for what is found on them. I'm uncovering everything for the world to see. Nancy Pelosi has a lot to answer for regarding what is on her laptop. Oh, yes, evidence and much more than anyone thought she had done. What you think she has done, My children, just know it's far worse than you can imagine. 'Lord, what about Hillary's deleted emails?' For, I the Lord, have them all, and they're about to come out. This will be in your headlines. All deleted emails have been found and recovered. This discovery will be a big news story. Yes, Hillary Clinton will finally, once and for all, be let go by the elites. They will not try to save her this time like they always used to do. Smokey Robinson will be in the news. Listen for the reason why, My children. D.J. Carter. This name will also be in your headlines. Whitewater. This will be in your headlines. See where this location is, and it's not by accident. Infinity. This company will be in your headlines. Remember, My children, I know the end from the beginning. I'm giving these signs so you will focus on My words and not theirs. Well Fargo will be in multiple headlines. A scandal, yes, and look to see who else is linking to them. Tic-Tok will be fully exposed in this hour. Watch to see what they have actually been doing, and it's worse than you thought. It's far worse. My children, these hours you've been living in will be filled with one exposure after another. Brace now for what is coming. A firestorm of truth is hitting your enemies now, and it will not lessen, but it will grow and intensify until each and every one of them has been judged by Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. These are the days of truth and freedom and your delivery. The signs I've given to you are not by accident. I wanted you to know that I'm in control, and everything will be okay with you, children of Almighty God. So, rejoice and sing and know it's time for celebrations to break out everywhere, saith the Lord your Redeemer."

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