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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord. I will settle the cases and causes of My people. The world will once again see judgments and vengeance even greater than what I did in Egypt regarding My people. I, the Lord, have had enough of their destruction, their plans and their continued efforts to annihilate My existence on this earth. Enough of their lies about Me, their man-made doctrines, their religion, their constant distractions and deceptions to the world with their news, their movies, their TV shows and everything else they used to lead My people astray. Enough of the hold they have had over My people who are in utter despair and hopelessness thinking all is lost, and enough of this suicidal spirit that has gripped so many in My body. I am moving to heal, to restore and to make My children whole. I never left you. I have heard your cries. I am coming to judge and settle the damages caused by your enemies so don't lose hope in Me just yet. I will move, and you will see I never left thee. My plans for you are far greater than the adversary’s plans against you to destroy you. Don't stay in the wilderness when I have the Promised Land for you to enjoy. Don't pay any more attention to their news, their mandates or their supposed laws. No, saith the Lord. They don't have that kind of power, and I am about to show the world this. I am pulling back the curtains which they hid themselves behind along with their fake White House props, sets and their fake leaders. Yes, all has been a puppet show and not a very good one at that. Yes, the strings have been cut from the puppet masters as they flee the scene to save anything they have left. They know their ship is sinking so they are letting their puppets take their fall. Little do they know who they are dealing with, and they will all fall for their plans. Watch the news regarding Disney. Oh, the floodgates of truth are about to expose all what that company, or regime you would say, has been doing, what they are hiding, what they have done to the children and how they used their shows to promote propaganda to change your childrens’ ways of thinking. They were also a part of the trafficking. Yes. Vile disgusting acts will all be revealed. Also, you will hear of actors and directors who had major parts they had played against the children for the lust of their flesh. I will bring them all down, and Disney, as you know it, will be destroyed. They will pay a high price for what they have done to today's generation of children. The propaganda they spewed through their movies and shows are just another arm of the One World Government. You will see how they used to do it all. Soon you will see the utter demise of CNN. No longer can they keep their doors open because the money that was used to prop them up has been taken from them. The puppet masters have removed their money for they see the writing on the wall. CNN, nothing will save you. To every person that works there and to all who played a part in 2020, watch out. Vengeance is coming for you for the lies you spewed over the last several years regarding My son, who is the rightful president and for how you tried to take him down that whole time using the assignments you had been given by your leaders to do what you could to take him out. This year you will reap what you have sown. The Harvest is great, and nothing can stop the flood from coming to your doors because you refused to repent, you kept going and you kept pursuing their assignments while keeping your money and influence. Well, it will all be wiped away from you in one day by Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. North Korea, the same goes for you. Judgment will strike your leader and every one of his followers. To My Children in North Korea, speak life and choose life, and then freedoms will flow through your country. But be careful you don't follow in your dictator's footsteps. Kim Jong-un will not stand. He is falling now. If you follow him, you will have the same fate. Alec Baldwin will be in the news once again with the truth regarding that shooting being told with the truth that it was no accident being told and with his name being connected to sex trafficking and to Epstein. I will name every name, and no one who went to that island or who had a part in the vile acts against the children on this earth can hide. He will not be the only actor who will be completely exposed. They tried to save him, but they are now letting him fall to hide others from exposure. But it will not work. I am opening up the book with all the names of actors that were involved: not only with the children but also with the control of the narrative with the control of this nation, with this pathetic puppet show and with this supposed government, their power and their control. This year will be a year full of exposing and reckoning on a scale never seen before. My children wait upon Me. It is all in My hands. I am moving, and judgments are about to rain down in this earth. In the year 2022, all will be undone. All the damage that was done to you will be removed. The rightful ones will be put back in power. So stand and march, My children. All is yours. All will be restored by Me this year. Your bank accounts will be filled. Jobs will be restored or better ones will be given. This world that tried to keep you from rising higher will be cut off. You will rise higher and higher and be put exactly where I need you to be in this hour. My children, dream big. Don't limit Me. This is the year of the fulfillment of My plans for thee. So rejoice. This is a year for you, My children, saith the Lord of Hosts."

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