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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"For I, the Lord, this day have spoken truth to My body in these hours of confusion, fear and darkness to set you free from this hold on you and this world. I, the Lord, have been telling you these things to look for to keep your confidence in Me in this hour. Not a man or a woman but Me, saith the Lord your Redeemer. I have said before, these days will be harsh for some, but for the ones in My body believing and standing on My words, you'll not be affected by what your enemies are trying to do because peace and joy are being poured out upon you and upon this earth. What your enemies are doing, My children of Almighty God, will not matter soon. I will destroy all their effects of their destruction like it never was there. Some of My children are continuing to say, 'Lord, this is just too good to be true, or it's just too hard to believe.' This, My children, has happened many times before. Go look at My Written Word in the Book of Exodus. Read about David and Goliath; read about Daniel in the lion's den; read about the walls of Jericho; Sadrach, Meshach and Abendego in the fiery furnace. Also look at the New Testament. All the miracles your Lord and Savior had done and how He destroyed all the works and all the power of the enemy. My Written Word also states you'll do greater works because I, the Lord, go to My Father. Listen to these words very carefully. Your enemies are nothing, and they have nothing. They can't stand against Me or My body and win. 'Lord, you have spoken these words before, haven't you?' Yes, I have, My children, so get it down inside of you so it becomes a revelation to you that your enemies can't steal away. Listen for this in your news. A sting operation will be in your headlines. Exposures are being made, and yes, they will be reported on. Listen to what this sting operation was for, and know not one will be left unpunished. My judgment is sweeping through the enemies' camps to take them down. I'm moving My hand right now to stop what is going on behind the scenes. This is the year of exposure and judgment like never before. Children of Almighty God, listen to who is involved in these crimes and know it goes even deeper than that. Mad cow disease will be in the headlines affecting other nations. Look at where it was found and know nothing is how it seems. Truth is coming and destroying all the plans, and your enemies want to distract the world from every truth that is coming out that will destroy them all. No, distractions will not work anymore. Most of the world will be focused on the truth, and more will be set free from all the lies of this tyranny. Hindenburg. This word will be in the news. Remember the name that was linked to a major disaster and know, My children, this name will be linked to another one. But, this time disasters are hitting your enemies, not you, children of Almighty God. Paris will be in your news. A discovery will be found there. A sex trafficking ring so large, it will shock the world. This will destroy the other ones that were hidden. Your enemies are about to scatter in all directions. They know everything is falling apart, and they can't figure out why. That's because they didn't count on Me, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. I know all, see all. They can't hide anything from Me. I know the end from the beginning, and their end will be great. Shout, My children, for your enemies' defeat. Declare that all lies are being revealed. Stop talking about what they are doing, and start talking and declaring their defeat. Yes, whether you believe it or even understand it, it doesn't change the fact that they will fall like lightning from the sky. My children, it will be hard for some to believe when judgment and justice fully hits the enemies of Almighty God and how fast they all will fall. Hezbollah will be in your news. Listen for the reason and know, I am taking them all out. This is the year of their total demise. No matter what country your enemies are from, they will not succeed in anything they do in this year of 2022. Gold will be in your news. Listen to what they are saying. They are giving themselves away as they manipulate the markets. An economic crash? A major disaster they want, but My children, these are the days of Haman. It will destroy them and not you. Do not fear this. I'm your Protector, and all your property will be protected. Oil and gas prices. They are purposely making them skyrocket, but My children, this will not stay this way. Look at what My hand does to move them out of the way. Shortages, they are saying regarding your food supply. There are no shortages. I'm the Most High God. I have said this before. There is plenty. They are hiding and manipulating these 'shortages'. A whistleblower along with a cargo ship will expose this. My children, this is a tactic of war to bring you to submission and ultimate fear, but I'm destroying this war against you and exposing it all, saith the Lord of Hosts. A submarine will be in your headlines, and listen to who it belongs to. Yes, there is more to this than they want to say. Who are they? Your new stations and the ones who control them. The puppet masters are exploring all options now. They are desperate to start something or cause something bigger. They are screaming and shouting, 'He is coming!' Who is coming? 'Trump!!! He's coming after all of us! His God is bigger than we thought. How do we stop him? We can't! We've tried everything, and it's not working. This God who is with Trump and his army that is with them, they are unstoppable! They can strike us at any moment. We will have to sleep with one eye open and always be watching. He could come back and take power any day now. Trump has so much on all of us. How did he get it?' They're asking and the answer is Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. You can't stop Me from hearing and saying, what you're doing, enemies of Almighty God! No matter how bad you want to stop Me, I knew your plans before this world was formed and what you were going to do and when. So no, you can't stop the Great I Am, and I Am is coming for you all and so is My army, saith the Lord of Hosts. 'This is it!', they're screaming in terror. Your enemies no longer have peace or confidence that they can win now. So they are planning an escape, but little do they know there is nowhere to escape. They can't run or hide from Me, saith the Lord. My children, your enemies are finished with their next move forward. They will know without a shade of doubt, they are finished and they can't win. Your enemies will try all they have left to destroy you before they lose, but that won't work either because I am protecting you from their destruction. All is well with you, children of Almighty God. Just watch and see how fast they fall and how they fall. It could have only been done by Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. Celebrate now, My children! 'Now, Lord?' Yes, now, and know that I always win. I always have the final say, and it will destroy any fear that holds you captive, and this revelation will give you peace, saith the Lord your Redeemer."

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