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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"For I, the Lord, this day, am moving My hand across the nations of this earth to free My children from the hands of the wicked in this hour of great deception and confusion that is trying to consume and destroy My body from their power and authority they have on this earth. Some of My children don't even know they have this. My children, I have given this earth to you and authority over it. Religion has definitely taught you otherwise. But, if you look at My Written Word, you will find the truth that has been hidden from most of My church who couldn't see for themselves because Satan had to deceive them from receiving this revelation. Some of My children, still to this day, don't see how anything can change or to be turned for your good. Some still do not believe you have any authority or dominion at all upon this earth. My word clearly speaks the truth. Look through the eyes of My truth, My children, in this hour. Don't back off and keep pressing in, and I will give you revelation you never knew existed. You are in this world but not of it. You are subject to their unlawful demands and not their enslavement they have tried to control and manipulate you with. These are the days truth will prevail and every lie will be revealed. So brace for what you're about to hear, their heinous crimes against humanity in this world. Your enemies are willing to stop at nothing to get what they want no matter how many people are to die in their process including people in their own inner circle. No one is safe in their circle because they're all out for themselves. A well-known governor will be in your news, and the word, scandal, will be in the headlines. Yes, this person will be forced to step down out of shame and embarrassment for the crimes they have committed. They thought they would stay hidden. But I, the Lord, am moving My hand to expose each and every one of them who took part in betraying this nation, but also the crimes against the children, the enslavement and control of this world. Everyone will receive judgment for their crimes. A judge will be in the news, and exposures will consume them. Disbarring of this judge, yes, and a high price will be paid for evidence that was given and ignored in a very high profile case. This judge was paid to look away. All will be revealed who was a part of this and who paid this judge to turn away from the truth and not to uphold the law in this land. As you see this judge fall, more will follow. A cleansing of your civil court is taking place. Many people and judges committed acts of treason against this nation. Some willingly and some were blackmailed with their lives or a family member's life. These crimes go as far as the Supreme Court, and some will be removed. Some will step down, and some will die. No one, and I mean no one, who committed crimes against this nation that allowed fraudulent and phony government to take control for even a short time. 'What does that mean, Lord?' My children, you will soon see how short it was, and now everything they have done will be completely wiped out by Me like it never was there. I will overthrow, overturn every law and restore all they have tried to destroy. General McInerney, it's time to move forward, and I will protect you. So do not fear when you take your next steps for I, the Great I Am, am with you, saith the Lord of Hosts. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Your nightmare is just beginning. Truth will continue to be revealed on who you are and what you have done. You're a puppet of the puppet masters, and you have not completed what they wanted you to do. You have messed up, time and time again, and they are through with you. You can see and feel that now. You are no longer safe. Any day they can drop a bombshell of truth and let you fall to save others. Just watch, Alexandria. You chose the wrong side. You, too, refuse to repent for money and power, and it will be revealed. Your election was stolen and manipulated so you could get the seat in the House you didn't win. You know you cheated, and you're a liar. The world will see this and, yes, you are being removed from that seat, never to be in politics again. No, treason will be written on you for all eternity, and you'll pay a high price for the crimes you committed against this nation and against the rightful president and all the countries that paid you besides this government of the United States of America to destroy this nation. They will be revealed, and they will pay a high price as well. Truth is filling this earth, and Alexandria, you will not survive, saith the Lord of Hosts. Merrick Garland, a scandal you will be enveloped in will shock this country. For all of your crimes, you will be removed from the place of power you never should have had to begin with. For going along with these treasonous acts, you will pay with your life, Merrick. You had a chance to turn away, and you refused so judgment is about to hit you like you never imagined. Your indictments are being delivered to you, and you don't know what to do. But, it's too late to turn back now. You are in too deep, and treason will be your end. Eric Holder, you'll be in the news once again. One scandal after another and it will consume and devour him. There is no way to get out of this, Eric. The elites are letting you fall to save others like they have done to so so many in your inner circle. You thought you were a part of them, and you are finding out no matter what you have done, they're planning to save others before you. Everything you have done against this nation will be revealed, and treason will also be written on you. It will be your end, saith the Lord of Hosts. Loretta Lynch, you will fall for all the crimes you have committed. and all the people you have let slide by to further their globalist agenda. Oh, yes, how they paid you to let Hillary with her crimes continue to run for president. See how well that worked out for you. You will pay for all these crimes. You, too, will take a fall for others they are trying to save in this hour. They are definitely not saving you. Loretta, treason will also be written on you for all eternity. You will soon see, My children, a deep swamp they created. Yes, but not deep enough for them to hide from Me. There is no such thing. A hard fall many will take in these coming weeks. Another leader will be stepping down from their place of power, the news will say. The full truth will be revealed along with another world leader who will die. Signs you will soon see, My children. They are all falling like flies. A biblical plague of flies will be reported in the news. Yes, flies never seen to this magnitude, they will say. Watch for this, My children. I gave you this sign to show you your enemies are nothing in my sight. They will soon see they will all fall to the ground and pay for what they have done against you, children of Almighty God. Gale force winds will be reported in multiple locations. This marks the winds of change. Everything is shifting, and everything is about to change for your good, My children. News will be reporting on something significant that happened to a mountaintop. Yes, a mountaintop. Listen and see what had happened and know, My children, the Great I Am is in control, and I'm delivering you from what you see. A storm is brewing. They will say a beast of a storm. Significant damage it will cause. Listen for these words where this storm is headed. It's significant to your enemies. They can't stop the destruction to all of their plans. Every weapon and every tool, I'm destroying now as I speak these words, saith the Lord of Hosts. Many things have been taking place behind the scenes. Most of My children thought nothing was happening, but big moves have taken place. Many people have been indicted, and many are being sentenced. I will soon show all this to the world. I was moving this whole time to deliver you, children of Almighty God. Another mayor will fall. Yes, a big lie was told and is being revealed. I told you, My children, no one will stand when I move My hand, and My hand is moving across this land. Your total deliverance is closer than you think. Receive My glory, power and authority this hour. When things are falling apart around you, you will rise higher. So come to Me, My children, and I will give you rest. Shake, rattle and roll will be in your headlines and know a shaking is occurring now. I am rattling the gates of hell, and they will roll over and accept their defeat. My children who are listening, move and move quickly. Your time to move is now, and the time for the enemies to run is at hand. Victory is yours, and truth shall prevail all over this world, saith the Lord your Redeemer."

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