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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"For, I the Lord this day, am telling My children to shout for their victory. These are the days, whether you understand it or not, that will be filled with greater triumph and celebration like never before. My children, receive My glory, My authority. It has been given to you through Jesus Christ. I did not leave you powerless or without hope. There are times on this earth where you struggle through harsh circumstances your adversary uses to destroy you, your strength, your hope, your faith and any joy you have so you have no strength to fight him back. Your adversary's ultimate goal is for you to forget My Written Word, for you to forget how much power and authority you have over him. You need to remind yourself daily, the Devil was thrown out of Heaven. Jesus disarmed and brought him to nothing, and the Greater One lives on the inside of you. He is greater than anything your adversary throws at you. You are the giant in the spiritual realm, and he is the ant. Don't let him lead you to believe that it's the other way around. He's the father of lies, and the Devil does not have the ability to tell the truth. So, when he comes to you and uses these words like 'impossible, you can't, you're unworthy, you aren't good enough, you are pathetic in the sight of God'. The Devil uses these words every day to discourage My body to give up, to give in and to accept defeat. Here is the truth. When you know the Greater One lives in you and you receive this download from Heaven with all the revelation that comes with it, you will never accept defeat again. Yes, it is possible to receive this revelation knowledge to bring you to another level of power you've never experienced before. With this Great Exodus, your lives will forever change. You'll be brought to a new level of My glory and authority. My children, this is a great time to be alive whether it looks like it right now or not. Everything will change for your good. Things are shaking, yes. Things are very unusual, but what is on the other side of this is a life you never knew could exist. A sign for this. Listen for this name to be breaking in your news: Hurdler. Truth is being revealed everywhere. Jerry Nadler will be breaking in your news. Headlines all over will report on him. You may ask, 'What for?' Truth is breaking through all the lies to expose and bring great judgments to the enemies of Almighty God. More evidence and truth will be in your headlines. Your enemies are paying for the crimes they have committed. Jerry Nadler is about to lose his life for the blood that drips from his hands. That blood calls to Me for justice, and justice is being served. Australia, you are about to get another major weather event hitting your land. Do not be afraid of this. I, the Lord, am stopping your leaders from what they have planned against you. You ask, 'How, Lord, can it get any worse?' Well, My children, they had a worse plan for you. For I am here to deliver you and set you free from this tyranny. My children who live in Australia, everything will be okay. I am judging your leaders. They have to let you go. I do have the final say in your land. A major leader in Iran will die and more to come. The plans they had against America and Israel will be discovered and announced. Yes, they were paid with money from this fraudulent government to commit another terrorist attack on your land, oh United States and Israel. Iran was not only compensated very well financially but were given things to help with their nuclear power, too. Iran, I will judge you in this hour, and everything you have will be taken from you. I will bring you to your knees with nothing left to fight back. Iraq, same goes for you. You had your sights on the My nations, Israel and the United States of America. You, too, were paid with blood money, and I, the Lord, will rip it from your blood-soaked hands. I will bring your nation to nothing in this hour. Your plans will be completely destroyed by Me, saith the Lord. You thought you would silence Israel and silence the United States, but now you will be silenced because these are the days of Haman. Syria will be in your news. Watch to see what was taking place in that land. Judgment will be seen, big time, and you will see what was hidden in that land from you, oh United States. More covert operations against you. 'Bio-labs?' Yes, these were hidden in various places throughout many nations, and your enemies thought no one would expect these nations to have this capability. Well, they didn't until they were given money by an unruly, evil and fraudulent government controlled by the globalists and the world elites. Yes, everyone will be exposed with blood dripping from their hands and not just for what you think. These crimes are more heinous than you could ever imagine. They are far more evil than anyone realized, and the world will see what they have done and are doing behind closed doors against this world. Keystone. This word will be in your news. Watch for this, My children. More exposures are being uncovered. 'A pipeline?' Yes, and many other things regarding this name. Multiple headlines for different reasons. Listen for Budapest in your news again. Things you think couldn't come out of this land are. When you do hear this in your news, remember where you heard it first. I, the Lord, give you the news before the news. Beijing will be in your news. A weather event will take place there that is very unusual. They will report this on your news stations. Look to the skies. Unusual, they will continue to say. Mount Kilauea will be in your news again. Explosive eruption and lava will flow greater than in past times. This will signify to the one who is SUPPOSEDLY from there. Obama, your judgment is coming, and nothing you do can stop it. Myramar will be in your news. Watch and listen for what comes from this, Liberty and justice. People are fighting back. My children, military action is taking place behind the scenes. Many have received their indictments and more on the way. For those who don't completely know their fate: tribunals and you will be tried for treason. My children, this will occur more than you could have imagined. An entire government body, some in your own military, intelligence agencies and more from other countries who committed the ultimate betrayal and treasonous acts against this nation in your elections, helping the ones against you, oh United States, to completely take you over once and for all. All these countries will pay a high price for what they did against My people, and they are still paying to this day, thousands of years later. Judgment is not just being poured out across this land of the United States but in all nations around the world and every nation you didn't know that intervened in the last election and many others in the past. Truth about how elections have been stolen for years in the United States and in so many other countries around the world. Truth and freedom shall be poured out like never before. I do have the final say, and all will see across every nation upon this earth. Receive, My children; these are the days of freedom and deliverance, saith the Lord your Redeemer."

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