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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"For I, the Lord this day, am speaking to this world to let you know I do have the final say, and I always will. Look at your enemies. Does it look like they are winning? Their plans are falling apart, and they are failing at everything they are trying whether you realize that or not right now. They are not succeeding at anything. Continue to watch the sign on the Empire State Building. That sign will not only show you what I am saying through My prophets is true, but that should reassure you that everything will be okay in the House of the Lord. For those who refuse to believe anything until all the political prophecies come to pass, I am not just limited to the political realm to show you in this hour that I have come to deliver you. My Written Word speaks I am your Deliver, Healer, Prince of Peace and your Victory. I am the Great I Am, and anything going on that you see will not stand. You will see it all fall when I move My hand. Great is the reward for those who believe but haven't seen by using your faith. Yes, a great reward you shall receive. Peace and joy in the midst of chaos. I will say this again for My children who need to hear this. Confusion and fear are trying to consume you in this hour so get in My presence and My Written Word that will destroy both of these attacks and every other one your adversary tries to defeat you with. Remember, he is the one who's defeated, not you. I have promised in My Word that I will always lead you to triumph in Jesus. I am not a man that can lie. Your adversary through deception steals your victories away. This is the hour I'm showing, My children, the authority you have in Christ Jesus. With this revelation of authority you have in Christ Jesus through His blood, you will be assured your enemies are defeated. The Greater One does live on the inside of you. The one who lives in this world is nothing in your sight. In this hour, My children, this revelation needs to get down inside of you so he no longer deceives you, no longer steals your victory. He doesn't have the power or the authority. That's why he has to cheat you out of yours. Antarctica will be in your news. Listen for these unusual things happening everywhere. Warmer temperatures are not known for this area. They will shout global warming to bring more fear. Do not listen to the liars when they open their mouths to deceive the world. This is a sign to you that I'm speaking and telling you the news before the news to bring you peace. Monkeys will be in your news. Listen for the words and what they are saying about them. They are giving themselves away. The death of an elephant at a major zoo will be in your news. All these signs are for you to adhere to. Believe these words to give you rest in this time you are living in. My children, there is nothing to fear when I am here. A U.S. senator from California will die. Yes, this very well-known senator will fall to the Angel of Death. Judgment has hit their homes, the deaths they helped cause to this world. Senator Dianne Feinstein is her name. Yes, My children, a high price your government officials will pay for what has been forced upon you. Liz Cheney will be exposed. You chose the wrong side for your security. They're letting you go. Who are they? The elites and the swamp that took over your government. They have no use for you anymore. This exposure you will not recover from. Liz, you had time to repent, and you refused to so judgment is coming to you. You will not be able to hide from. A sheep in wolf's clothing? Yes, but also the spirit of Jezebel has overtaken you. So, you have no remorse for the crimes you have committed so your fall will be great. Watch My children. A very well-known and respected man who was thought to be on the side of the right in the color of red is actually a mole, a traitor and a rat. He will be exposed. Yes, sabotage will be used as a word to expose this person. He helped sabotage your rightful president of what was rightfully his. He pretended to be his friend when he was really his enemy. This man will be exposed, and his name will bring shock waves to this nation in the party of the red because that person worked for the party of the blue who was against you, oh United States. Jimmy Carter will pass away from Covid, they will say, but that is a lie and the truth will be revealed. Overturn. This word will be heard everywhere. My children, yes, an overturning of not just one election, but more than you could have imagined. So many snuck through and cheated their way into power. An overhaul of the House, the Senate and all over your government. 'Lord, I can't believe that. Only an election can change this.' Not true, My children. Nothing is impossible for Me moving against them. There will always be manipulation, and they will be stolen from you every time. Not one person and not one man could fix this, but I am the Great I Am. This is a job for Me to do. You will see when I move My hand. You have free and fair elections going forward because for decades you didn't know all this existed. Your enemies have been doing this for so long before they were caught, but now all will be revealed how this has gone on for it will shock you, oh United States. You've been infiltrated and stolen from longer than you thought possible. With this move of My hand, I am changing and destroying all like it never existed. Look at the Book of Exodus. It didn't matter what Pharaoh had planned, how much power he had when I spoke My words. Nothing could stop them in the same way that goes for now. I spoke in My words, and My will is coming to pass in this hour, in this year of 2022. Justice Clarence Thomas, all will be well with you. All they have are words that will not stand. You will remain on the Supreme Court, and those I want to be removed will be removed. Justice Thomas, that is not you. Chief will be in your name. Yes, I am promoting you, My son. So, do not fear what they threaten you with. I am moving My hand against those who have threatened you. These are the days of Haman, and what they wanted for you will come upon them. I am your Protector, so Justice Thomas, all will be well with you and your house. Lindsey Graham will be in the news to finally settle once and for all what side he was really on. Yes, a lot of questions have arisen about many in your government. Some were used by Me to infiltrate the side of the blue. Some were actually on the side of the blue that infiltrated the red. So, all will be exposed and released in the year of 2022. The midterms will look very different than they do right now. A cleansing and restoration is taking place first. An inauguration in the year 2022! My children are asking about that answer, and it is 'yes'! Another inauguration and celebration like no other. Countries around the world will be watching and celebrating with you, oh United States! 'What about Biden and Kamala?' What about them? They're being removed along with all who are with them. I have spoken judgment and justice against them, saith the Lord of Hosts. Biblical weather events are about to descend down on D.C. Yes, lightning, hail, wind like no other type of event to hit there. News stations all over will be reporting on this, the damage of the storm. A monster, they will call it. It will appear to be that way towards the enemies of Almighty God. It will come out of nowhere. No one expected it. They will be in their chambers and their offices with nowhere to go and nowhere to escape. I will shield and protect My children who are there, and nowhere will touch them. My glory and power shall surround them like a shield. My angel armies will stand guard and make sure nothing touches them. Miracles, they will say. Yes, expect to see miracles from Me, children of Almighty God. Yes, this year will be great in ways you never could imagine. The goodness that I'm about to pour out upon this earth, receive My joy and peace at this hour. My children, everything is changing for your good so receive from Me like never before, saith the Lord your Redeemer."

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