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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"For I, the Lord this day, have an answer for the enemies of Almighty God. A New World Order? Yes, you want yours in this hour, but that will not happen. In this time, My great reset and the Greater Exodus will take place, saith the Lord. Things in this world are turning around. With this great change, the world will be released from your enslavement and thievery. My children will take their place of authority, and you, enemies of Almighty God, will lose all authority, money, power and influence you once had. The smell of your sin, that stench, has reached My nostrils for the last time. I am done with your lies and treasonous acts. Enemies of Almighty God, I'm tearing your New World Order apart, and there will be nothing left of it. You tried to speed up time, and you couldn't. My body is still on this earth, and the One who still lives inside of them is holding you back. Your lust to destroy, your lust to kill millions and billions of people with your plans you wanted to take place right now have been stopped by My hand, saith the Lord. You will not complete genocide or depopulation of this world. All your warehouses will be raided and will all be exposed. Any underground tunnel, every business you hid it behind. The doors are opening wide. The roofs are coming off to expose all the contents inside. My judgment is hitting you, and it's far worse than you could ever dream up, and at the same time, your worst nightmare is coming to pass. Your destruction and freedom that you tried so desperately to destroy in this world failed, and freedom will reign in this earth like never before while you are being destroyed, enemies of Almighty God, and your end has come. The best days, it will be for My children. It will seem like a dream. My glory and goodness, I am raining down on them, and all the wealth of the wicked is coming to My children in this year of 2022. I am shifting the influence, wealth, power, markets, businesses and government over to My children where it always belonged. No more of your order, power, influence, enemies of Almighty God, it is My will on this earth that will come to pass. Your World Order is finished, saith the Lord of Hosts. All inventions and everything stolen that were meant for My children, it will be given to them in this Great Exodus. World leaders are being removed who are against Me, and it is sooner than you think, My children. Watch the Gulf of Mexico. A major sign will be seen there. Listen for another cargo ship. Yes, but what is in this ship, pay attention to what they say is on board. Dubai will be in the news. Listen carefully to what they are saying is happening there. My children, the dam of lies is breaking and the flood of truth is pouring out from everywhere. China, you have lifted your fist to Me for the last time in this hour. Everything you have planned will be stopped and brought to nothing by Me, saith the Lord. You are nothing, and you are about to realize that. Watch The Biden. He will trip and fall on live TV after he speaks words of truth he never wanted to say. Listen to his slips of the tongue. They are coming more and more. Obama and all who are with him can't control The Biden's mouth. Yes, they are getting nervous to what will come out next, but this time they will never expect this, what he is about to say. No, this will be far worse, their worse nightmare. Biden will give Obama away. They'll be forced to do something they didn't want to do. Obama is itching to take center stage. Watch, My children, for the next moves. They'll be forceful. Yes, they will be pushing all boundaries. Nancy and Kamala will both slip and will speak words they never meant to speak. Argentina will be in your news. Listen and watch. There will be a weather event there that will be reported on. Unusual, they will say. Know with this, My children, My words I'm giving My prophets are true so stand with Me, saith the Lord. Your enemies are coming down now. Yes, they will all fall before Me, saith the Lord. The world will clearly see who was on the side of the darkness. They are all being judged as I speak these words. Whether you can see these things right now, know more things are happening behind the scenes than you realize. Some of My children still do not believe after all these prophecies are being fulfilled. Open your eyes and see My hand is moving beyond the political realm to show you I am the Great I Am, and I am here to deliver you, children of Almighty God, out of the wicked hands that have held you. News reports out of Egypt in this hour will come out. Look at what will take place there as a sign of your exodus. Yes, a Great Exodus, it shall be! More exposures regarding the Royal Family. A split? Yes, there are some on the side of truth, but there are liars in the midst of them. A line has been drawn, and the truth has been revealed. There's a traitor in their midst. Charles is his name. Charles, you are about to take a major fall. A scandal, yes. You have committed crimes against this world, against this country and crimes against your own family. They've had enough. MI6, you will hear, My children, A whistleblower will blow the top off the royal castle. Yes, exposures are coming. Charles had his hands on many things, and they are dripping with blood. He holds blood money in his hands. Watch, his fall will be great, saith the Lord of Hosts. Fauci. You can run, but you cannot hide from Me, saith the Lord. You are being let go. You are falling with no one to pick you up. Major news will be exposed about you. I am moving My hand against you. Yes, you are part of the days of Haman. What you wanted for the world will come upon you but not before you lose everything, and the world will know exactly who you are. Bill Barr will be in the news. Watch and listen for what he's about to say. A hint, he will give out to you, My children, to let you know whose side he's really on. Some have played parts in all of these chess moves that had to be played to look like they were playing for a different side when they're actually playing on Mine. Durham will be in the news again. Explosive intel will be released. I told you, My children, rapid fire against your enemies. They can't handle the truth, and a flood is coming their way to knock them off their feet never to regain their foothold against you, children of Almighty God. News reports out of Iceland, watch for this. Breaking news, unusual weather events, watch for this, and yes, I told you about this before. I'm giving you the news before the news. A major sinkhole will be in your news. Watch and pay attention to where the sinkhole is located. News reports will come out of this area, and a sex trafficking ring will be exposed and destroyed. Earthquakes, volcanoes, unusual and strong weather, political upsets and uproars, removals, and more stepping and retiring in the coming days. You'll start to see a great change, a change for your good, no matter how it appears. 'What about the markets, Lord? What shall we do?' Just pray and obey and all will be well with you, saith the Lord. The markets are for their destruction, not yours. So, stand up. Roar like the Lion of Judah. He lives in you. Claim your victory; claim your healing; claim your redemption rights as a child of God; claim your freedom; claim your finances. Yes, it is all yours now, saith the Lord your Redeemer."

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