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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"For I, the Lord this day, have spoken many words through My prophets this hour to warn, to encourage, to give hope and freedom from the chains that have been holding you hostage. Break free, My children, in this hour from what has held you captive. This is the hour of freedom. Do not be moved at what is about to take place. Your enemies are liars, thieves and killers. They're all being judged for their heinous crimes. Let Me handle all of them. I don't need your help or you trying to figure out how all of this will work out. I just need you to believe that I am in control. I am moving, and I am delivering you from what you see and what you are experiencing. None of this will stand before Me and survive. Your enemy has already been defeated. Remember these words: he is defeated along with all who are with him. Again, My children, listen and watch for a significant sign and breaking news regarding the Himalayan Mountains. As you hear this, remember who I am, and I am in control. Devastating! This word will be used a lot in your news. Yes, complete devastation to all who are against you. They have been playing the world like a board game, moving everything they want so they always come out the winner. Little do they know, I'm wiping out their game and all their plans. What a joke they played on this world. A sick joke and horrible actors. They supposedly thought they're in control of this world. Really? Your enemies think they're so smart by putting these people in those roles? That's the best they can come up with? Well, now they will see, My children, who were meant for those positions, and they will trump all those who hate you. They hate the fact that things are becoming uncontrollable. They can't stop him. Who, you may ask? My son David, in this hour, the rightful president. They hate him. Your enemies tried everything they could think of, and he's still standing. He's still fighting and pursuing all of them. This country is still fighting for him and the truth. Who is this rightful president and My David in this hour? Donald J. Trump, and he's making a comeback! It is bigger than you've realized, enemies of All Mighty God. You can't fight and win with Who is in him. He is unstoppable. Yes, to you, and he's coming for all of you! Plans have been drawn up, and they're headed to Victory Lane, and what a big victory it will be! A shaking is brewing in the House of Representatives. Yes, a great divide. Chaos will erupt. A lie? Yes, several will be unearthed. They thought they could hide their disgusting acts against this nation and get away with it. Nancy, and all with you on the side of the blue and some in the red, the curtains are being pulled back. Evidence will shake you all to your core. You can't fix this. Audio and video evidence will not be suppressed by you. Know My hand is moving that you can't stop. Justice will be served. All of you should be afraid of what is coming for you in D.C. You know something is happening, but you don't know when or how to stop it. You will try to avoid this at all costs, but it will not work. I have spoken your destruction. Seed time and your harvest is now. You can't hide or let others fall for you. You will try, but fear will grip you. The more you go in the direction you are going, failure and defeat are in your future. You chose the wrong side and soon you will see that. Hardy. This name you will hear in your news. Be looking for this, My children, and know, great is a judgment that is coming for your enemies. Your rightful president and government are almost at the finish line. My children, know that this is My nation, the United States of America. Call it in, call them home where they belong. 'Home, Lord?' Yes, the rightful places of power. Remember, I have previously warned, My children, it will look worse before it gets better. I've given you these words and many times have said, everything is going to be okay in the House of the Lord. A great silence is coming when people least expect it. Well, the world that is. But, My children, you know this time is drawing near and not to fear. This will bring great joy to you. The Great Exodus is bigger than you realize, My children. Yes, greater than anyone can dream up. It is far better than you can imagine. I will lead you, guide you, shield you, deliver you and, of course, bless you more than you asked or even think I would do. Everything is shaking, yes, but for your good. I am God and My will is being done upon this earth, and nothing your enemies are doing can change that fact. Be still, My children, and know I am God. I am in control. The winds of change are not coming; they are here! Rittenhouse. This name will be in your news more and more. Victory, you will see from Me. Stay the course and keep standing, My children, because you always win. So, don't give in. No, not now when you are at the end of this that you see. Keep your faith and trust in Me, saith the Lord your Redeemer."

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