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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"For I, the Lord this day, have seen all the sin in this world and how these evil rulers have enslaved My children and enslaved this world I created for all them to enjoy. They control things they never had the right to control. My children, I put you on this earth to have authority and dominion, not to be ruled over by man. I know many in My body have so many questions on why this is happening. 'How long will this go on? Why, God, have they gotten away with all of these things? God, will this ever turn around? Will justice ever prevail?' All these questions and so many more have been on the hearts of My people, and I will tell you. My will is being done on this earth, and the world is about to see who really is in control. I allowed certain things to go on to trap, yes, trap you enemies in the act of all their crimes. Yes, My children, justice will be served! Justice will prevail! Do not go by what you see. Know this is temporary and subject to change, and when I move My hand, it will all soon be a distant memory. Some of you will be saying, 'Lord, this is too hard to believe. It's too good to be true. I just can't believe it anymore. I don't have any strength left in me to fight.' My children, that is a lie from your adversary to get you to give up right before the move of My hand to turn all these things around. There is a great reward for those who have stood and refused to quit and give up on Me and My word. Your adversary is trying everything he can now to stop this from taking place in your life. Your adversary is a liar so don't listen to failure and defeat. Don't listen to 'impossible'. Don't listen to the words 'no way' and 'there is no hope'. No, those are his words not Mine. I will never leave you without hope or a way of escape when I am the Waymaker. My children, you will soon hear of the decertification in your news. Dominoes are starting to fall. Overturning of an election is at hand. Don't give up on Me, My children. Stand up for justice. I have not forgotten nor forsaken any of you or this nation. It is being reborn at this time while cleansing and awakening is taking place. An overhaul of an election, many will say. Yes, and this cry will be heard not only in this nation but around the world. Things are going on right now you can't see, tearing down what was forced upon you and this world. A tornado outbreak will be reported in your land, oh United States, not common for some areas or this time of year. This will destroy what was hidden. Contents of a business that was used against you will be revealed. The company is a very well-known company, Anheuser-Busch. 'No, Lord, this can't be so.' Yes, My children, many companies and many people you had no idea were against you for money and power. Families that have been against you, so many elites. You know certain names like the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers, the Koch family. Yes, but there are more that will be revealed before the world. What they have done against you, oh United States, to destroy you from within. Destruction, they so love to create. With this destruction, there will be a major sign in Rockefeller Center. Make sure you watch for this. This is for you to know that I am in control and not them. New York, New York! Watch and see your governor take a massive fall. Crimes committed, yes, of course. This will reveal so much more than you could have imagined. A major weather event will rock your city and state, New York. This is to let My children and the enemies know I'm in control and their judgment is not coming, it's here! Watch Mount Rushmore. A sign will be seen and breaking news will come from there to let you know I am saving this nation. Old Faithful! Look for it. Breaking news will be heard and something unusual. All eyes are on Old Faithful and Yellowstone. Something big brewing. I have told you, My children, this before. It's time for the world to see what has been hidden. A major resignation of a Democrat will be breaking news out of your Capitol. Yes, this very well-known person is being removed by My hand and being forced out. The news will try to cover this up. A major scandal is brewing and is about to be released for all the world to see and to hear about. Daniels. Look for this name and breaking news story. This is yet another sign for you My children. All is being revealed, overturn and everything is going to be all right in the House of the Lord. A skyscraper. This word will be in the breaking news report. A fire, yes, a fire that can't be contained. These contents are being destroyed on purpose, but nothing will be completely destroyed. I have the originals, and a whistleblower will come forward with the truth. A major airline will be in the news with a major scandal. Money laundering, checkbooks and accounts are being opened for the world to see how so many were paid by your government, oh United States, during lockdowns to protect their own. I have spoken these words, My children. Open all the books wide and nothing with stay hidden. Nothing can stop these words no matter how hard they try. Many companies will be reported on. Money laundering, foreign bank accounts, withholding and tax fraud, and the list goes on. Companies that were connected to your government will be exposed in this hour. Big name retailers who were nicely compensated during the shutdowns, banks who received rewards for helping destroy this economy. Oh, yes My children, many were paid out and none will survive with the wrong people in charge. My judgment is coming down against them. Any power they once had will be destroyed. New banks that My children are in charge of will rise higher in this hour. My children will also take over existing banks and news stations, businesses, all leadership roles to drive out all who are in power that never had that authority and were not put there by Me, saith the Lord. A major sign will be in the clouds that will be reported. Unusual signs in the sky for My children to know that your enemies' judgment is now. This time has come for all of them to fall like flies. Arise, My children, arise in this hour. Oh, United States, your birth is about to take place, a new and greater nation this world has never seen. I'm moving My hand, and I'm here to deliver America the beautiful. It's time for you to be beautiful once again to a greater degree. An explosion will be reported all over your news stations. My children, this is for you to know it's time for explosive information to surface, and nothing will stop it from taking place, saith the Lord of Hosts. This is the year and season for My children to arise higher than before. Believe this, My children, and receive it, saith the Lord your Redeemer."

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