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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"For I, the Lord this day, continue to encourage and anoint My children in this hour so you can rise above the tests, the trials, and pressure your adversary is using to completely break your faith and trust in Me along with stealing any joy you have left so you have nothing left to fight him with. Your adversary is using every tool, every tactic he can so My body doesn't receive My words, strength and restoration that I have for all of you along with My glory that will annihilate any damage and destruction that you have endured in this time. My power and My glory lives inside of you, My children. Believe and receive in this power in this hour. I have spoken in My Written Word, greater is He who lives inside of you than he that is in this world. "Who is He," you may ask. The Holy Ghost is the Comforter I promised you in My Word. He will lead you, guide you, protect you from all adversity. I did not leave you comfortless. Search My Written Word for who He is and receive this revelation, and when you do, you will see and experience a greater anointing than you have before. Believe, My children, and you shall receive from Me to a greater degree, saith the Lord of Hosts. Another sign to watch for is a news anchor caught lying on live TV for the world to see. They will fall from their position and will be fired from that network, they will say, but he was actually removed by Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. More news reports will come out of Belize. Continue to listen to this. Your enemies' walls are crumbling completely to the ground like the walls of Jericho, and the whole world will see their destruction. Another CNN anchor will fall to a scandal. Watch for this, My children, and know the snake pit is all being uncovered, and they will all be judged. My children, the manipulation of the world's markets will be revealed. A whistleblower is about to come forward with substantial evidence that cannot be denied. Judgment is coming to them who have manipulated these markets, gouged prices, raised taxes, destroyed businesses to break people financially in any way possible. All will be exposed and destroyed by My hand, saith the Lord of Hosts. I will not stand for this theft and enslavement of My children. The day and hour has come for the world to experience freedom and My will on this earth. My United States! The world will soon see how precious you truly are and how I will use your nation with My hand to restore the nations they wanted to destroy. Your enemies tried so desperately to break you, divide you, tear you apart from the inside out in every way possible. Oh United States, so you wouldn't be united anymore. But, My glory is about to break out all over this nation to reveal the truth and to set this nation free once and for all. I'm not finished with you, America. Oh, how beautiful you are, and the world will finally see the country you were always meant to be. My blessing will be seen in your nation to a greater degree than ever before. Precious metals, more gold and silver that has not been uncovered in your land, soon will be by the ones I have appointed to retrieve and discover this in this hour. Oh United States, you will be independent on all fronts of the world including oil and manufacturing. Yes, it will all be done without the control and manipulation from other lands and other governments. A healing I have promised across your land. A healing you shall receive. I, the Lord, have need of you, oh United States. So, rise from the ashes and destruction that has held you for so many years. It will not hold you anymore. My United States, you are precious to Me so soar like an eagle above the rest and how I designed you to be. Watch, My children, for a sign, a restoration of all nations. Breaking news regarding Romania. For this will be in your news. I'm giving you the news before they do. Trust in My words. Trust in My true prophets in this hour. I have sent them here for you. Oh Canada! The fall of your government will be great, and you will be set free from them holding your nation hostage. Watch for this to occur in the United States and know this is also coming to your land. Freedom and restoration like never before. Trudeau and all who are with him are being removed by My hand, and all will be judged. So, don't give up, Canada! I Am is coming to deliver you, saith the Lord of Hosts. Australia! I'm cleaning out your government and making it new for you. As you see this in America, know the Great I Am will overturn and overthrow all of those wicked leaders in your land as well. I have not forgotten you or forsaken you, Australia. I'm delivering you so lift your hands to Me this hour. I have the final say in your land. Israel! Listen to these words in this hour. Your enemies are trying to invade your land, but My hand is against them. They will not destroy you. They will not get what they want so do not be discouraged. I am a Protector! They will not cross My line I have drawn around you. "A line, Lord?" Yes, a line they cannot cross. They will try, and they will fall by their own sword. So, My children in the nation of Israel, you are being restored, cleansed, healed by Me, saith the Lord. The Iron Dome, they want. I have warned that infiltrators will be exposed and removed. Your prime minister will be removed and anyone with him, and the rightful one will be restored. Your elections were also hijacked and stolen from you like the United States. When you see the election overturned there, know yours is next, saith the Lord of Hosts. Jay-Z and Beyonce will be in the headlines, but not for what you think. I'm exposing every person against you and all who were paid to lead you astray. My children, watch for these singers, actors, actresses and anyone who has been made an idol in this nation, and others, will be exposed and judged by My hand, saith the Lord of Hosts. Watch for all these signs, My children. I am moving My hand across your lands, and I will restore what has been stolen. So, rejoice, children of All Mighty God. Things are about to get very interesting. Your celebrations and this year will be great, saith the Lord your Redeemer."

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