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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"For I, the Lord this day, bring My children joy and encouragement to know that I am the Great I Am who is working on your behalf to deliver and completely set you free from this tyranny. My children, why would I leave you or forsake you when My Written Word says I would never do that. There are so many things in this world that are deceiving and distracting you, My children, from the truth and from Me. Your adversaries are so desperate for you not to know the truth. They are overplaying their hands, and they will lose everything. I have said this before, and I will say this again to remind you, My children. They lose no matter what you see, no matter what happens. Nothing they try to do will change My will. Nothing! My will is done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Another one bites the dust, you would say. A governmental official will fall to another scandal. The elites are letting this person take a fall for the rest of them to be saved, but nothing can save them now Their door of repentance and grace has shut. They've hardened their hearts; they have no remorse and refuse to turn from their wicked ways. So, judgment will come to all of them this year. Their coming destruction will be great. Forest Grove. This name will be in your news. Listen for this name. Pay attention. Things will continue to shake and will intensify to destroy everything against you. Another large earthquake, you will hear. I told you this, My children, before the news to let you know I'm in control and nothing can stop your enemies' demise. Listen for news to continue to break regarding the East China Sea. I told you before to also watch Taiwan, My children. Things are not how they seem. China is planning to strike certain nations. They are moving their hand with military might all over the globe. A massive power grab that they will never get. I'm stopping them on all fronts, and they will not get away with anything they are doing right now. China, you will lose your military might, and your finances will be brought to nothing. So, you won't be able to fund all of your heinous crimes you want to attack the world with. My hand is against you. You are powerless against Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. Rapid fire. These words will be in your news. This will be a sign to you a rapid fire is against your enemies. One exposure after another. Destruction of all their plans and there is no reprieve for them in this hour of judgment. They have sown so much destruction to reap in a great harvest of judgment and their total demise. My children, substantial evidence regarding your 2020 elections have been suppressed and held back, but now it's time for it to come out with nothing stopping the truth from filling your airwaves. Your enemies could never prepare for what is about to hit them. They have no idea, and they will try to figure out how this information got out before their total annihilation. Madagascar will be in your news. Watch for this also, My children. It will be to let you know everything will be overturned in 2022 that was against your freedom. Also, continue to watch Tulsi Gabbard and her words. The tide is turning, and more people on the Left will go to the Right. My children, I know you are asking this question, "Lord, how can we trust anyone from that side?" My children, watch. Some will honestly have a change of heart. Not everyone has sold their soul to the devil. Two in one day will announce they are switching their parties, and there will be more that will be announced they are not running for re-election. They know what is coming, and they are terrified. The rightful president is about to make his grand entrance, but they are on pins and needles wondering when they will all be hauled off and taken away. They know it will happen and that it's a sure thing! D.C. is scrambling to devise a plan to stop it. "This cannot happen," they are saying. But, My children, I say again, they didn't count on Me to stand against them since they didn't even believe in Me at all. They will see and know who I Am is before they leave this earth for all eternity in a place I never wanted them to go. They chose this. They have sealed their fate with the death they are still trying to bring to this earth. Death will be in your news reports a lot from here on out until they all fall. Woodstock will also be in your news. Listen for this name and know I'm your Deliverer, and I'm here to set you free. 'Good Morning America' will be in the news and not for what you think. A scandal will rock that show and that station. Their ratings will tank and not recover from this fall, No, because I am judging them against this coup against you and for all the lies and deception they have told the world. North Carolina will be in the breaking news. I have given you signs to let you know what's coming. I warned you of the weather and these things that are shaking the earth to set you free. Do not fear! I will protect you, My children, who are there. This is not to bring fear. This is to let you know how much I love you, that I have given you this time to warn you before it takes place, to prepare for what is coming. Know that your Protector is here for you. I will shield you from the damage your enemy wanted to do against you. A foreign military is in the waters off the coast of your nation, oh United States. It will be found and shown to the world by My hand. Their plans will be shattered. Nothing your enemies are doing now, all their plans are falling apart for no reason, they think. Your enemies will soon find out I do exist, and I'm against them, saith the Lord of Hosts. Watch your skies, oh United States. Off your East Coast, smoke will fill the skies across some states. This smoke will signal to you the destruction of D.C. and your enemies' ultimate fall. The wind will be so strong, it will move the smoke so far to signal you, My children, their end has come. My children, know this is the time you are living in with all this chaos and confusion, and it will not stand. I've had enough, and My glory is being poured out to deliver you. So, do not give up now when you are right at the end of their torment and torture for I Am is here for you, and I always have the final say, and this is finished, saith the Lord of Hosts."

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