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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"For thus saith the Lord this day, darkness is sweeping through your enemies' camps that is swallowing them up whole. Nothing can stop this upcoming shock and awe of truth being revealed to this whole earth. The names and faces you thought you could trust, you will see and find out about their betrayal. Even so-called preachers who represented Me were not of Me at all. I am shaking everything, even the churches, to expel anything hidden, anything dark that wasn't of Me. Shaking and destroying any nonsense that has been leading My people astray and away from Me. Darkness, yes, great darkness that will overwhelm your enemies causing great confusion and chaos. They are turning more on each other right now. More whistleblowers have come forward, and soon their information will be released, what they once had hidden until the right time. It is all in My timing, not theirs. For I, the Lord, this day am moving over this land, expelling and exposing all the rats that were once hidden and lurking in the darkness to betray you. Yes, a light I am shining down in the next few months will show everything hidden and take care of it once and for all. The fall of the enemies of Almighty God will be great. The speed is picking up to the time of one great fall. The greatest fall of them all is about to strike the heart of this country. The utter betrayal will be shown from the supposed government, their lies, and trickery. I will shine the light on all their backdoor deals which padded their own pockets to destroy you and to destroy this nation. China, Russia, Iran, Canada and Mexico just to name a few, we are coming after you. Oh, yes, they were preparing for war while your illegitimate government had you distracted with fear, and some are still asleep. They planned to attack your borders and major cities attacking you with man-made viruses and a major bio-weapon the world has never seen. See this, My children, if you did not arise and come into the fullness of glory and authority, this is what your enemies wanted for your future. So I, the Lord, have told you these things not to bring fear or confusion but to show you the horror they had planned for you. I, The Great I Am, am dispersing My army all across this land in defense of these attacks that will never come to fruition. They will be annihilated by Me, saith the Lord. I never left you without My plans to deliver and set you free from the hands of tyranny. Brace for truth and brace for the enemies who wanted this war, and by continuing their pursuit of your distraction, you will see theirs. Right now they are becoming very desperate to take you out because of the overwhelming fear that is hitting them now for they see they are losing, and it is becoming more clear as the days go on. They want to start their final plan now. I am pulling the plug on them as I speak these words to you. Watch the weather. Watch for earthquakes. Watch for newscasters to be brought down. Watch as I, the Lord, destroy China and their government for their heinous acts on this nation. Again, to My children who live there, I will protect you from their judgement and their doom. It is not yours. Watch the royals as they fall one by one. You will hear of atrocities that Charles and Andrew have committed against their own nation and yours. Watch the Queen. Watch William. Watch how that family will be revealed. Some are innocent with no blood on their hands. But for the ones that have their hands dripping in blood, I will expose, and I will expose it all. Watch the news regarding Chuck Schumer for his betrayal is great, and he will pay with his life. Nancy Pelosi, you are done, and I am tearing that gavel from your hands now. You are cheating and you manipulated multiple elections to stay in power all those years for no one wanted you there but the puppet masters. Your betrayal of your state left them for dead as you stole their money for your own financial gain and to stay in power. Nancy, death is coming for you but not before you are completely exposed for your heinous crimes. Light will expose the darkness, and I am shining My light on all in Washington DC. No one who was a part of these atrocities against this nation and this world will stay hidden. I am tearing down those walls and buildings for what they stand for. They stand for death, Baal, Masonry. So much blood was shed in worship which took place to bring evil upon your lands. So I will bring total destruction of their Capitol and all the monuments across this land. Don't be moved by how many represented the devil and not Me, saith the Lord. Your country was infiltrated long ago for this very day. I, the Lord, am destroying every evil plot and plan and bringing them to their knees. No one gets away with what they have done. Since they refuse to repent of their sins and since their arrogance is great, I will bring them down to the ground, and they will not get back up. My children, arise with joy. I have such strength for you that you will be immovable. These are your days to celebrate so start rejoicing. I Am that I Am. I am moving, and I am on your side, saith the Lord of Hosts. A clean sweep of your nations, a cleansing, washing and wiping away the evil, their plans and bringing in glory and revival never known to this degree on Earth. So enjoy this year. Debts will be wiped out. Miracles will be poured out like never before. These are your days so enjoy what The Lord has done. My children, the battle has been won, saith the Lord, and you are on the winning side."

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