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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"Mass casualties, massive deaths!" These words will be in your news. A plan backfired. A bio weapon meant to destroy you is now plaguing them. There will be a sign to look for. A death of a senator. He will suddenly die, and they will lie to cover it up. "A heart attack or a stroke," they will shout at first, but the truth will pour out when more suddenly collapse, and they will not get up. A lightning storm that will be announced will cause destruction to a level never recorded before. Fires and damages to buildings. This lightning striking these specific places is not by accident. Exposures will be heard and seen. Also, My children in California and the West Coast, brace for the big one is about to be set off. I will miraculously move on your behalf and save you from this event. Yes, listen, My children. There are instructions I'm giving each of you on what to do, where to go, where not to go. Listen and obey. It is saving you from this destruction. Many will die in these areas and destruction on a scale never known before. That's why, My children, these warnings are being told to you. There is nothing to fear for you. If you have loved ones there, pray and I will honor your prayers and protect them. My angel armies are sent to protect My children. A massive tsunami will be reported from a large earthquake. My children, they set this off with explosives wanting to cause chaos on purpose. The ultimate destruction, calamity, and yes, they will say, "Do it! We need any distraction we can. We have to stop them from coming and removing us. Do anything, start anything, everywhere so they want to pay attention to these disaster areas and not to us." Who, My children, are they? My military, your rightful president and the rightful people in the government. They have been formed behind the scenes. They are moving forward with My plans, and they are listening to My instructions and obeying them. Yes, My children, a lot of destruction at one time. With weather, natural disasters, economy, shortages, inflation, but this is ending by My hand. It all will be annihilated like it was never there. Brace for this, My children. Get in My presence. I will lead you, guide you and protect you. And, of course, I will bless you. A famous rock will be in the news. Yes, this well-known artifact will be in your news. "How could this happen? It's been there for centuries," they will say. Yes, it will be destroyed by Me, saith the Lord. Stone Hedge is the name of this rock. Watch, My children, and listen. I have given this to you to encourage you and to let you know these words are from Me, saith the Lord. I am moving My hand swiftly. Things are about to change abruptly so be watchful. Pray, My children, obey My words. All will be okay with you, saith the Lord your Redeemer.

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