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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
A ship will be in the news, a major cruise line. Yes, this sign marks more events taking place, distracting you off of what's really going on. A Carnival cruise ship will be stranded in the open water. I have given this news before your news stations. My children, this is yet another sign to show you not only am I in control but to show My love for you. I'm showing you these things to let you know everything will be okay. Obama will be in the news once again giving advice in a situation with Russia and Ukraine, letting the ones on his side know this is a sign to move, now. And, this shows, My children, I know their every move. I'm telling you to let you know they are nothing in My sight, and they're all being removed by My hand. More earthquakes will continue to be reported, one after another. My children, do not be alarmed or in fear. Your enemies are listening to these words, too. It also tells them, I am coming for them and destroying everything they have planned, judging every single one of them. These words are true, and they see that now. And, so will you, My children. These words should give you peace and comfort and not to bring you fear. But, it will bring fear to your enemies. In the coming weeks, things will intensify in the news, in the weather, in the economy. But, the Great I Am is here to bless and protect you, My children, at the same time, judging your enemies. My hand is moving, and the world is about to know that it's Me and no one else. Know, to those who believe in global warming, it is another lie to bring fear and to cripple economies. These weather patterns are My signs to those against you and for you to see that I am here to deliver you out of their hands, saith the Lord of Hosts. In these words, many signs have been given. Write them down and watch them be fulfilled, one right after another. Be encouraged today, My children. I am your Avenger, Protector. Great changes are coming. The winds of change are here. Your victories are now, and this year of 2022 will be a year like no other: the Great Exodus, the great wealth transfer, the great changing of the guard, a great celebration! These signs given mark your freedoms. So, rejoice now and sing praises unto Me, My children, for I am here now, saith the Lord your Redeemer."

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