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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"I, the Lord, this day tell My children this year of 2022 is a year for you. Everything that has been done to you through your adversaries, I will restore. Concerning your health, your peace, your families, your finances, your jobs and property, all restoration belongs with Me. I am restoring and reversing all damages. So get ready, My children, for an eruption all over the news of truth being exposed regarding Biden in the supposed government. The biggest steal of 2020 with fingerprints on this crime scene, and I mean all crime scenes of 2020 concerning the pandemic and your elections will emerge suddenly all over. Great confusion will strike the hearts of many of the betrayal. Some just cannot believe even though the truth will be proven right in front of their eyes. Watch for chaos in the streets as things start to reverse. This great reversal which I have planned will bring shock waves throughout this earth. No one can imagine the way I'm about to move across this land. My children, this has to be done so the world knows who the great I Am really is. I am still the Most High God and sit on My throne, and nothing can overthrow Me or change My plans for this earth. Darkness will strike your enemies and consume them all for the hell they unleashed on this Earth and against My body, My children. I, the Lord, have said enough is enough, and these words are blocking all that the enemies have planned against you. It is crushing and destroying the desires they had for taking over this earth with their power and money. Can you hear it? Bombs, continual bombs, are hitting the enemy's camps now with the truth that is destroying their narratives and their lies. I, the Lord, am fed up with them pursuing My children with fear and chaos which they have used to destroy you and to make you kneel into submission to their power. Do not bow and do not submit to their tyranny or the major distractions they are about to put on this earth to avert your attention away from their demise. Shortages, inflation, and the death toll rising will become great as the news becomes grimmer. Just know, My children, that this is 'their news', not Mine! They are being destroyed, not you. For I, the Lord, am moving to give back everything to you that was taken from you by them and their plans. In My Word, I used the Red Sea to save My children so they could walk through to their freedoms. Just watch what I do in these days to save you. It will be far greater than the Red Sea. Yes, far greater. Continue to watch the weather as unusual weather patterns hit this Earth. This is just to get your attention on Me. These signs I am giving you are to keep your faith and trust in Me that I am in control and not your enemies. Major news will continue to come out of New York City. Truth will be revealed regarding those terrorist attacks on your soil on 9/11 and the one they planned to do which was much greater than those. Your borders were infiltrated, but I, the Lord, have dispersed My angels out all over this land to protect you from what they had planned against you. Continue to pray for Florida and for the rightful president. The plans to destroy him once and for all are being annihilated right now by Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. You will hear more news regarding Mike Pence. You will soon see what My plans were and why things had to be this way. Pray for him and his family as the news breaks regarding the truth. The enemies will find out which side he was really on and how his actions didn't help them but ensured their destruction, and they will try to destroy this reversal. No death shall befall Mine for they are ones I have chosen, and the evil plans will never be successful. Pray without ceasing, My children, as you are called to pray for the ones I will put in power in this hour. More military movement will be seen on your soil and in the air. They can't hide these movements. Your enemies want to hide the fact that the military is coming to invade their camps. Biden, the world will find out who you are, how fake your power really was and how you never sat in a rightful seat of power. People are exposing your fake set which you were always using to avert the nation from the truth regarding the White House. It's not in use by you! What is actually hidden in that house, I will empty out. I will empty out all the closets and tunnels and show the world what is hidden inside before I destroy it and destroy the tunnels underneath. Hollywood, you have made many movies of destruction concerning the White House but My plan is far greater, and the world will see this is not a movie. The monuments and the Capitol you made, I am leveling because they stood for disgusting vile and because of the filth that came out of those buildings. I'll not stand nor tolerate it any longer. Wall Street, the same goes for you. I am the Great I Am, and I will destroy everything you stand for. This Babylonian system, I am tearing apart as I speak these words and am putting a new system in place for My children in the world. As the stock market implodes, My children, do not fear as this is not for you. I will destroy all the finances the world once had and hand it over to you like I did My children leaving Egypt. It will all be turned over to you. I am your Provider, and I will not leave this earth nor this system the way it is anymore to enslave My children. So shout as great reversals are coming to this earth, great restorations and an overflow the world has never seen. I will show My children where there is more gold, silver and precious stones that I have kept hidden until now. This earth belongs to Me and the fullness thereof, and I have given it to you, My children, to richly enjoy. So stand firm and stand with Me. All will be okay for the ones in the house of the Lord, saith the Lord your Redeemer!"

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