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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"For I, the Lord this day, have been preparing My body for this hour. Yes, I've handpicked each individual for such a time as this. Some will arise to become the overcomer I desire. Others will give in to the pressure of this world that surrounds them. Others will walk away in their faith in Me. The common thread is everyone made their choose, their decision to which path they would take: blessing or cursing, abundance or lack, life or death. I created each of you with a free will so choose today: the evil reports in this world or My goodness which is My word. It's your choice which report you listen to, adhere to, to believe in and obey. I cannot and will not force you to believe Me, but in this, My grace is sufficient for every person to believe and receive My report to rise above every attack, stand in the face of adversary and laugh at your enemy. Yes, you can laugh at him. Yes, you can declare your victory and freedom when he is attacking you. Nothing your enemy does will stand when I am moving My hand. So, hold fast in this hour My children, saith the Lord of Hosts. My glory will fill this earth like the floodwaters in the days of Noah, and your enemies are trying desperately to stop My glory. This glory destroys everything they have, and there is no way to stop it. They sense My glory is about to be poured out all over this earth for My children. All who believe will receive healing, restoration, wholeness, and the wealth of the sinner. Brace for an overflow from all directions. It will your hit houses, My children. The Great Exodus will usher in the new, usher in the impossible. Nothing will hold back this transfer or keep it from happening. As the markets begin to crash, watch gold and silver suddenly skyrocket because they have been suppressed by man. To My United States of America, I have said before and I will now say it again. You will go back to the gold standard. Congress just passed a bill to give aid to Ukraine. It is not what it appears to be. It is blood money to supply the wrong people, those causing this war. That money will not get to the hands who deserve it. My children, I am about to open all the account records to show your enemies were running your government. Your enemies funded people to destroy this on all fronts. Yes, every penny meant to destroy you will not only be exposed, but it will all be returned to you, oh United States. More will come to the surface regarding Ukraine. Keep listen, My children. Warehouses will be exposed. Anything inside that can be used against you this year will be revealed. They designed massive death as well as calamity. This has to be stopped. I have told you before, Ukraine was infiltrated. I will expose who and how they are connected. I will prove all of this was funded by Obama's government and China. Prepare to hear devastating reports of exposures and everything hidden in Ukraine. This is for the hour. Everything hidden will be revealed by My hand, saith the Lord of Hosts. Kamala Harris! Your days are coming to an abrupt end, the lies you have told and the treason you committed. Pressure grows inside of you. You know the ones who were with you betrayed you. There is nothing you can do about it. You'll be making the same mistakes on camera though you wished you didn't. You accidentally will say President Obama instead of Biden. The target on your back will become bigger. There is no way for them to clean up this mistake. You have lost, Kamala. That is finally sinking in with you. You are trapped with no way to escape the fear and torment you experience daily. The fear and torment will grow, and treason is written on you for all eternity. George W. Bush will be in the news again, exposing who he really is and what side he's on. He does things behind the scene, and no one knows about it. George, you were warned, but with no remorse, you chose the side of Obama and the world elites. So, now judgment will come and you, too, will have treason written on you for all eternity. Jeb Bush will be exposed. This also will reveal and show the sins of the father at the same time. 'Globalists!", the world will shout with anger and frustration. How could a family be a part of this nation's demise? For money, for power! My children, they wanted their way, and it didn't matter that others were affected by their decisions. The truth will come out regarding John McCain, exposing secrets from when he was a politician and in the Navy. Yes, many facts were hidden about the time he was active. He did many things in foreign lands that for many years have been suppressed. He helped the globalists spy on you and gave them secrets that helped them to invade your land. John McCain was a traitor to this nation. All the lies will be uncovered as well as anyone involved in any of the evil happenings in your country. Yes, you have recognized some wolves hiding in sheep's clothing. You didn't recognize the degree of the destruction towards this country nor all involved. You soon will. John McCain's name will forever be known as a traitor to this nation. News stations will report on a high-rise building in Florida. This is a sign from Me, My children. I want you to know I'm giving you the news before the news stations report the news. I want you to know all of your enemies will fall. Breaking news will show birds suddenly dropping out of the sky. There will be no explanation for why they died. This is another sign all your enemies are being judged, and nothing can stop that. News stations will report a massive swarm of insects, comparing it to biblical plagues. This is yet another sign of the Great Exodus. There will be another significant meteor shower that will cause damage. It will look like rocks falling from the sky. Know that the shower is a sign to your enemies that I am in control. That shower will destroy a power plant because of all that was hidden from the world. All will be destroyed by Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. To My children living on the West Coast, be prepared. A major shaking will occur of not one earthquake but two. The Cascadia and the San Andreas fault lines will shake and destroy some of your enemies' plans. So, pray for your properties now, and know I Am will protect you. The shaking will not affect you. Instead, it will show them that I am in control. I am judging your enemies now, My children. Do not fear these words. I'm giving them in advance so you are not moved when all these things occur. I have promised you I will protect you, and I will. My children, the truth will reveal why they're manipulating the oil and oil prices. Watch and see. They never meant for the truth to be told, but My hand is moving and will show all that they are doing to you. They are using the markets to destroy you, but these are the days of Haman. So, I will destroy them and take all of their money from them. This is why I have said not to fear. I'm your Provider, and I am removing everything that never belonged to them and will blast it out of their hands using these shakings everywhere. Rejoice! Their end is now, and your freedom shall reign again. Children of Almighty God, I repeat this. Everything will be okay, saith the Lord your Redeemer."

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