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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"For I, the Lord this day, give these words to strengthen your faith and trust in Me. You'll hear a great war and crashing of markets. Fear will grow in the hearts of many, but My children, stand your ground. Know I am shielding you, protecting you from the coming judgment. It will erupt worldwide but only against your enemies. This war, they desperately wanted, will not turn into World War III. Not at this time. My children, everything is intensifying. The shaking is growing. There are two voices in the world. Which report do you believe? Faith or fear, My word or a lie from your adversary? Your enemies are trying to take you down once and for all. My children, this is the hour to choose. Things will abruptly change. Do not rely on your feelings. They will lie to you every time. Your five physical senses will hold you captive, believing a lie and giving into fear. Receive and enter into My rest at this time. I will give you peace where there is chaos or calamity. No matter where you live, I will provide you with peace and will protect you from this judgment. The weather events will be used to destroy their plans. My children, I will, again, remind you of Goshen. Dwell on that. I Am shielded, protected, delivered, healed, provided all they needed to give them peace while the Angel of Death rocked the enemies' camps to its core. I'm still that God, and I have told you these things to remind you of who I am and of My goodness. The Israelites were slaves in Egypt before I delivered them. It was hard for them tho believe they would ever experience freedom. Some held on, some gave up and said it was too hard to believe in freedom. Some said they were dreaming, and it would never would come to pass. Some just refused to believe it all. Then one day, their sorrow turned into joy. Slavery turned into freedom. Sickness turned into healing. Yes, it was like a dream for everyone. 'Lord, how can this be possible? It is just too hard to believe. I don't want to get my hopes up only to be disappointed again.' My children, I am a sure thing. I cannot lie! You say you can't believe it, but My children, I have given you the ability to fight the strong man trying to defeat you. Break those chains that hold you. Yes, My glory lives in you. The resurrection power lives on the inside of you. Tap into this. My children, stand up now and take back your freedom. They're already yours. I have been moving behind the scenes this whole time. You didn't know this. You can't see all the moving pieces nor My plans to save you and set you free. I'm giving you signs. This is the hour of My fulfillment of prophecy. The pace is picking up. Prophecy will be spoken and immediately fulfilled. So, march forward in March, and keep your eyes focused on Me. Montpelier! Watch for this name to be in your news. Montpelier is a sign that all of this will change faster than you think, My children. A major university will be in the news regarding a scandal on campus. Yes, watch for this, My children, and know I am the Great I Am, and I am delivering you. The changing of the guard will take place sooner than you think possible in this year of 2022. Yes, My children, your rightful president is now moving to take back what is already his and has been all along. My children, the real Biden has been judged. What you now see is not what it truly is. You'll be shocked and awed what they have perpetrated in the news as real. A fake backdrop of green screens will be evident in the coming days. 'Fake', people will shout! How can this be possible? More props will accidentally be seen on shows with The Biden. TV calls these live shows, but the truth will reveal his 'live' performances were actually prerecorded. When you see this, know all these things are slips of the tongue, and I will remove these fake sets during this time. The Biden will be behind the supposed presidential podium when the fake seal falls to the ground. Know, My children, this marks the fall of them all, saith the Lord of Hosts. Artur Pawlowski! My glory will fill your cell. I'm pouring My peace upon you. My joy will fill your heart. Yes, people will see My glory on you. I want you to know, My son, I am here to deliver you from that cell. Continue to praise and worship Me. You are coming out by My hand, and they cannot stop this from coming to pass. No judge, no law, no leader can hold this prison door shut when I, the Lord, tell it to open. Artur, I Am is here for you. I have never left you. This time will soon be a memory of what the enemy tried to do from stopping My glory to fill you to overflowing and being used in this time as a great, mighty man of valor and child of the Most High God. But, your enemies can't stop My will from coming to pass. So, stand every day, Artur, and believe Me. You are coming out, never to go back there again. Remember, you are My Joseph, going from the prison to the palace in one day. George Clooney will be in the news. Listen, My children, this will be a sign that Hollywood as you know it will fall, and I will reveal the hidden hornet's nest. Adam Schiff will be in the headlines regarding a major scandal. Yes, a whistleblower will come forward to release a video and audio on Schiff and tell all of his lies to the American people. The seal over everything they kept hidden is broken. The news will report a significant flood. This news will show the world that the flood of truth has begun. And, Adam, your days of being in power are over. The Hart Senate Building will be breaking news. This news will be a sign of all records and all things hidden will be revealed. Montague will also be in the news. Look and listen for this name. My children, all things are being restored. Things are coming to a close, My children. One day you will see them, and the next day they will be removed. Stay in My word and do not let fear or discouragement hold you captive anymore. I am here for you. Your victories are here, and they are real. Your breakthroughs are here, and My glory will fill this earth to restore what has been yours all along. So, dance and sing. Your time of celebration is at hand, saith the Lord your Redeemer."

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