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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"Sing, My canary, sing. In these coming days and weeks, a canary will sing from the rooftops, crumbling the puppet show and all the ways they planned to save themselves. No! There is no way out of this mess for the puppet masters nor anyone who played a part in their show or in the production of such filth. Now when they speak on live camera and say things they didn't plan to say. I will change their words so brace yourselves, My children. Biden's fall is coming, including a great reveal on camera that will be caught with your eyes and also through the words that come out of his mouth. He will say who he really is. It is the time for all the Bidens to fall. Yes! Not just for one but for all of them. I am including his wife for the cover-up she knew about. I am also including Hunter for his filthy lifestyle and for all the damage they caused in order to break him into the man he is today. Hunter will have a mighty fall. They are letting him fall now, thinking that by Hunter taking the fall, they can save their secret regarding Joe. Well, that's not going to happen. Nothing will stay hidden. It's My time and My show, and they can not rewrite nor change any of My story line or scripts. No! The Great I Am is in control, and they will all know they are nothing in My sight. No! Nothing! Get used to the word ‘indictments’. You are about to hear that word a lot. I, The Great I Am, am judge over all the Earth. I am bringing down judgment and passing their sentences down. Their sentencing will be great. All the world will see them on center stage, see that I am in control, and see that I am using the arm of the military to pass sentencing down to them all. The gallows have been built. More than you ever realized will be tried and found guilty of treason against you. I am bringing to this soil, even those from foreign lands, to be hung for the coup and for the sick joke played on this Earth. Judgment for their planned pandemic, shortages, inflation, mandates and for stealing an election. Yes, they pulled out all the stops to bring you to your knees, but they now see that all they tried didn't work as they planned. My sleeping giant has awakened, and because of this, your enemies’ foundations are collapsing. Their money is being drained, and their freedoms will be taken from them. Some already know they will not live through this. They fear going to sleep. They know even those on their side will come in the night to take their life from them. They're looking in every direction and being careful where they go, always in fear of death. Death will find most of them. Their hearts have grown cold. They refused to turn from their wicked ways. They refuse to listen and repent, and now are the days for them to reap the great harvest they didn't want. Yes, a harvest from all the seeds they have sown into this world for destruction. It will all come back and hit them at one time. Watch as the weather changes and the patterns and the winds shift. They have manipulated even the weather to cause mass casualties. You will see how they used this machine against you to control you and to use emergency money for their intentions instead of giving it out to where it was needed. They padded their own pockets and built buildings to cage you in. Yes, you will see the cages they built for you. Nothing they have done will stay hidden. Watch Kamala as she is about to erupt. Watch! She can barely contain herself and her feelings. She will say things on live TV that they never thought she would. She knows they betrayed her, and she can feel the knife in her back. Watch as her face changes because of the anger and the fear she is feeling and daily tormented by. Tormenting fear concerning when her life will be taken from her. She has nothing else to lose or to fear, so watch as she makes statements. Watch her body language. She is erupting, and this eruption will be great. When they start to fall, all will fall to the ground, and it will cause a massive earthquake. Yes, you are about to hear of a big one, and all over the Earth, people will take notice. They hid earthquakes from you. Yellowstone has a secret that is about to be revealed. It will reveal what they have been hiding. March, My children. Stomp on your enemies with My Authority and My Words. This is your earth, so take it back now. Say ‘I receive this earth and I receive my total inheritance package’. Nothing will stop this mighty and massive shift that is about to take place. Planes! Watch the planes in the sky because the airlines will be grounded and the military will fill and protect the skies above you, United States. Watch the skies for I am sending them to take over and to remove all those guilty of treasonous acts against you. They have not gotten away with anything. My army is moving. My hand is moving. Another inauguration will take place but in a new place. It will bring such joy and celebration. The whole world will watch, scream and cheer for the restoration that takes place in My America. Yes! They can not take what is Mine, saith the Lord. No! This place has been blessed by Me. I have waited to step in because I knew their fall would be the greatest fall of them all. Powerful moves of My hand are at hand. I am overturning all that has been done to you. Receive this open Heaven and the restoration of all that is yours. The greatest shaking is now taking place. Hold on, My children. Your normal way of living will drastically change, and the new life, the new way of living I have for you, will take place. A great life with joy unspeakable is coming to you. I am pouring out greater strength and peace these days. Glory and fresh fire is all you need. I have and will shower you with continual victories and gifts. Breakthroughs and anything good I can give, I will give. These days are great, saith the Lord of Hosts."

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