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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"For I, the Lord this day, have told you, My children, I am moving My hand against your enemies. I have said to you that things will abruptly change. I've warned you about the weather; silence over your airwaves; governments being overthrown; and the Angel of Death passing over world leaders who brought havoc, death and chaos. My children, I have also said enough is enough! Let My people go! Let the world go! Nothing will stop these words from coming to pass. As you experience the coming days, stand firm. Do not be moved. What is coming will bring freedom and will not destroy you. No, what is coming will destroy your enemies. No matter how things appear at this time, they are falling. They are failing to accomplish what their leader, the devil, asked. Why, My children, do you think they could ever get away with what they are doing? Does your adversary, the devil, ever win? The answer is no! You thought his fall was great when I threw him out of heaven. His fall will be even greater this time for everything he has done over the years to destroy My power and My presence in this world, to accomplish world control. Everything will be wiped away by Me in one day. He thought he could speed up time through more destruction. My children, if I didn't step in in Ukraine or with the United States elections, there would have been mass genocide everywhere. They would continue to use bio and nuclear weapons against you. It is crucial, My children, for the Great I Am to intervene in these times, and let Me reassure you again, they lose and you win! 'But how, Lord, can this be overturned? They have too much control. They have destroyed so many of our lives and our freedoms?' My children, who do you believe that I am? Am I not the God who created this world and everything good in it? So, who do you think has the final say? I do! Receive peace through My revelation knowledge. I see all, I know all, and I can and will destroy all that is against you. Watch for breaking news about the Everglades. 'Lord, the Everglades?' Yes, a death occurred there but has been hidden, and it will come out. This news will be breaking news to you, but that blood spoke to Me first. General Milley! You will also answer for what you have done against this nation. Treason! Yes, people will find out who you are and what you have done. The military will strip you of your medals and remove any honor you received. Treason will be your end and written on you for all eternity! But, General Milley, you are just one I will expose. None of you can run and hide from the treason you committed with China. Yes, they paid you to turn your back, justify this fraudulent government and allow this coup. You knew you did wrong but refused to repent. You have no remorse, and you would do it again for money and power. General Milley, you thought your actions would give you security, but if you wanted peace and security, you chose the wrong side. You're about to take a fall you will not recover from. Yes, your exposure is now, General Milley, and you will be a general no more. General McInerney! My son, your green light is now. Move forward with the plans you were given. I am with you, saith the Lord. I will protect you. The information you have will overturn what has been happening in this nation. It is crucial evidence. You know who to give it to, and they are trustworthy. They are with Me. You know what to do. This is that time to do it, My son. You are special to Me, and you are here for such a time as this. The road has been long, yes, but now the time has come for all of this to end. Stand firm and stand strong. I will lead you, guide you, protect you. General, you will be rewarded with a Medal of Honor from Me! Yes, you will wear a Medal of Honor for all eternity in heaven! I know who you are and what you've accomplished in this time. So, go Thomas, go now, saith the Lord of Hosts. My children, you will hear a specific name; who worked with him; and all of his plans concerning you, whether past or present or future. Saul Alinsky is his name. Many in your government followed his instructions. Two well-known individuals are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. While this is true, many more of the followers are even more distinguished. You will be in shock and awe to find out who is involved to destroy this nation, the method to tear it down from the inside out. They plan to annihilate the middle class; to destroy the economy; shut down churches; to shut down all the normalcy including locking people down. They enjoy that. They desire to go further than that. This group wants to do what Germany did in World War II but to a greater degree. First, they plan to destroy America and the citizens' love for the nation. They plan to cause division between races, rich and poor, and religions. The list goes on. They know once you turn on each other, you will not see what they are doing because you are too distracted by division and chaos they created. You'll be fighting the wrong enemy. They are planning your destruction while you look in another direction. They're in your schools. They have changed your history. They changed what happened since the foundation of this nation. Some became our Founding Fathers. Their process was slow and tedious, but they were patient until now. They are now using everything they can. All who were involved in this plan will become known. Anyone connected or affiliated with Saul Alinsky will be exposed. He privately passed his teachings to your government officials through the "yes" crowd. They know who would sell their souls for money and power. Each was tested. If someone passed, they became a member of the Deep Swamp in your Capitol. They staged wars, conflicts, manipulated markets, medications, and even infiltrated churches to deceive the masses. Their goal was to affect every walk of life possible. Their playbook of instructions will be exposed. They thought they could trust one specific person, but this person was on My side. He is working solely to catch them trying to destroy this nation. It is now time to expose everyone in your government, and anyone in power in your states' courts, businesses or churches that betray this nation away for money, power or influence. My children, brace for the truth. A well-known celebrity will be exposed for their connection to a sex trafficking ring. Yes, this exposure will cause a flood of truth to break wide open like a broken dam. I will expose actors, producers, directors, everyone else involved in child trafficking or involved in taking this nation down. The connection between Saul Alinsky, George Soros and Hollywood will become public. Watch Mount Saint Helens! It's about to erupt, big-time, My children. This eruption is yet another sign of this fraudulent government's demise. Someone will record a whirlwind over the open water. This, My children, is a sign of the winds of change are not coming; they're here to destroy the works and power of your enemies. Keep your eyes on Mount Aetna. While the great eruption occurs, major news will break regarding Italy. Major exposures are coming out, not only regarding the Vatican, but also concerning every person who helped with the big lie in 2020. I will expose underground tunnels for what they are. People hid ships from the world to cause mass chaos and shortages. They're stockpiling them up. Reports will expose these facts and show the world these hidden contents in another cargo ship. My children, they make a big deal about oil prices. Do not listen! They are using these words to instill fear and manipulate markets worldwide. They are trying to figure out the best plan to destroy the rest of you so they can make the most profit without affecting them in any negative way. So, they are creating a crash. 'What's the truth about Russia, Lord?' I told you, My children, all is not what it seems. I have told you this for a while. The truth in Ukraine will be revealed...what was planted there to start the chain of events. The doors are open...wide open for truth to pour out. Your military has stumbled upon more truth in that land. It needs to be dealt with to stop the One World Government, to stop them from having complete control. My children, know that I am in control in this hour and in these days no matter what happens or what is exposed. 2022! Your rightful president is being restored to power. It will come sooner than you think. Don't stop now; don't give up now. The time has come for the restoration to this land and to all the nations worldwide. So, hold on, My children. It might appear bumpy, but your victory is at hand, and it's your time to celebrate, saith the Lord of Hosts."

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