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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"For I, the Lord this day, am giving words to heal, deliver, to set you free, to bring joy in your mourning and sorrow. I'm giving you words of peace to replace the fear and confusion. My words bring life and destroys the power of death. Get them down in your heart. Pursue, overtake and recover all. This world is about to know who is on your side. Yes, the Great I Am is here to destroy everything against you. My children, do not fear. It doesn't take years for Me to move My hand and remove, wipe away or annihilate anything against you or anything controlling you. Oh United States! What you're about to experience, you have never seen Me do on earth like this before. Judgment has come for your enemies. These days will be harsh for them with no reprieve. The more they moved against you, the more I move My hand against them. Like the pharaoh of old, if they prophesied against death, they will cause more, and the more will come upon them. Like I've said before, My children, these are the days of Haman. The days of receiving the harvest they have sown on this earth. So, do not pity them because they made their choice. They chose to turn from repentance and have absolutely no remorse. They've hardened their hearts against Me and you. I gave everyone time, but they decided not to accept it. Watch, more news will break out about the Himalayan Mountains, My children. It signals your enemies' days are ending. Mount Rainier is another mountain to watch. Yes, My children, the news will report an avalanche. Your enemies' days have come to an end, and truth is breaking every chain on you. They can no longer hold you captive. You'll hear of a monstrous storm in your heartland. 'Why the heartland?', you ask. Because, My children, it will show you a rebirthing has begun. I will save the heart of this country from tyranny. Again, My children, do not fear these storms. Speak to them and destroy all against you that needs to be destroyed. Plead the blood of Jesus over everything you own, and then this storms cannot touch your properties or your families. My children, you are about to hear shouts and screams across your land saying, 'The Biden is who? No! They couldn't have done something so heinous. Not in front of our eyes. They actually tried this? Who is he again? Lord, how can this be? The Biden is a perpetrator and even a bigger fraud than we thought! How did the world not see this? Lord, how could they have done this to us?' My children, your enemies were allowed to go so far but no more. This allowance will bring their ultimate fall of destruction and demise and will cause you to rise. Yes, you are about to rise to a place of power and joy in this nation in the body of Christ to a level you have never experienced. Woodlands! This word will be in the news. So, listen for it. It will shock you when you learn what was hidden there. My children, truth is coming out from all directions and from everywhere to save humanity. The One World Government plans to destroy the population, but My truth will save it. Yes, they wanted to decrease the number of people globally to take more power and control. More money is what drives them, the love of money and power. Well, that love will be taken from them in one day. 'One day, Lord?' Yes, one day is all it takes, and one day is all I need. My children, these people are nothing...gnats and flies! It takes nothing for Me to flick them away. A well-known pastor in a mega-church will be exposed and removed from his place behind the pulpit. He was not there for Me. You will see he spoke words to turn the congregation from truth about Me. He was paid to say what the elites wanted him to say. My children, more false prophets will be exposed and removed from their platform because they have come against My true prophets. Yes, any person speaking against My prophets, repent now because judgment will come! This is the hour for judgment. I'm cleaning house in the body of Christ. Cleansing is occurring so the body can receive a greater outpouring of anointing. My anointing! One with no limitations. There is no more time to be complacent. As a child of God, there is no more time to live below your privileges. Lin Wood is about to make an appearance in the spotlight again. Watch for this. His name will be restored. What he has been saying all along will come to light and be proven. Yes, all the evidence was not destroyed nor lost and was held back until now. I say to all waiting to hear these words, it is now time to move! You know who you are. It is time to move. Yes, do it now. You know this is for you. I will protect you as you move forward. You are not listening to these words by accident. No, this was a divine appointment by Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. I'll protect you as you move forward. Go and do it now, and all will be okay with you. My children, the largest illusion ever in history is about to change in front of your eyes. The deception that held you in this nation, the United States, will end with the changing of the guard. The rightful president is on his way back sooner than you think. Pray for him and all who are with him. Your military is marching. It's marching to the goal line to overturn everything forced upon you. The military's on your side. Things needed to happen to learn who was on the right side. A shaking of the Pentagon is taking place right now to remove anyone against freedom in this nation. My children, a cleansing and washing of every part of this nation is taking place right now. More fake props will be revealed regarding the supposed White House and its fraudulent government. Slips of the tongue and exposures are coming. Brace for them in the coming weeks. Much is about to take place at the same time. A new Capitol, a rightful president, a new government body and a rebirthing of a nation. The time has come to see what has been held back until now. So rejoice again, I say, My children. The hour of exposures are here and now, saith the Lord of Hosts."

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