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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"For I, the Lord this day, have warned you, My children, of these days, what to look for, what to pray for regarding your own lives and your nation in this hour. Things that used to make people feel comfortable and normal are about to change abruptly. Great shakings all over the world will turn the entire world entirely right side up. Anything holding the world captive will break from the people, the markets, every walk of life. One minute it will be dark. The next minute it will be light. One minute there was captivity. The next minute there will be freedom. I'm moving My hand and all things that are not of Me and are not a blessing, but a curse controlling this world, will be destroyed. My children, the shakings that are about to occur may appear harsh, but they are annihilating your enemies, destroying everything they made against you. What you are about to see and experience has to take place for an awakening, freedom and restoration to come. My children, everything that needs to be done to completely change this world before your Lord, your Savior comes to take you out of this world before the tribulation period, will be done. Watch for a sign at Lake Tahoe. This will let you know, My children, that all is about to change and not to fear what is going on. My children, I am long-suffering and full of grace and mercy. I have given your enemies more than enough time to repent and turn from their ways. They've refused. So, what you are experiencing now is part of the labor that's most painful, the part right before birth. I'm destroying them and all their plans. There will be a birth of a new nation; the birth of a greater body of Christ. The world needs freedom and deliverance from all of the darkness of this world. Freedom from the blinders that have held people captive. Freedom in your minds, your bodies, nations, and all walks of life. Your enemies are using everything they know to stop freedom from coming, but nothing they have will work because it is powerless against Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. Watch, My children, there will be a sign on the Golden Gate Bridge. Shout when you see this because your freedom is at hand, and all will be restored. Things will change to free My people from the harshness that now exists. There will be news reports all over regarding the Mississippi River. More things hidden in the river they didn't want revealed. As you see this, know that every lie will come out. Watch the barges. Truth will come to light about the shortages. Yes, they planned shortages against you. Truth shall come to light about what is happening all over in this nation in the dark of night. But, My children, I am moving now to set you free, and nothing they try to hide will stay hidden. No, this is the time for the truth to be revealed like never before. The military is moving all over this nation to bring back freedom and the rightful president and to destroy every aspect of the coup concocted against you. Yes, every person no matter their position in your military, government intelligence community, court systems, elections (state level) used against you in 2020 or before. You will hear the words, indictment and tribunals, a lot in this hour, children of Almighty God. What these people did was an act of war, and it is now ending. Victory will be celebrated not only in the United States but all over this world with freedom and joy. The eagle is soaring once again, higher than before. It is the beacon of hope and light for the world. Freedom and peace will spread worldwide. This war will come to nothing. 'But, Lord, this war looks like it will affect many nations with more countries joining. We don't understand. You're saying freedom, but there's war and it looks like there's no end in sight.' Since when does a new war or any army stop My will from coming to pass, My children? They can't stop My hand from moving against them. You will soon find out what started this war, but it will abruptly end. Much will change in many countries. Leaders and many governments will be overthrown. Yes, the ones not truly elected. Many stole elections to gain power to help the One World Government gain momentum and to take over more quickly. But, things are not going the way they thought it would go. People do not believe everything they are saying or do, anymore. So, they were forced to move their hand in other nations to help the One World Order gain power. Their want and desire is to destroy you! Watch news reports break out regarding Ireland. You will see another sign to show you I'm in control. Things are about to get bumpy, and I've warned you before about March. Things are changing all over this earth. A significant event will take place in March to show you, oh United States, that freedom and deliverance is at hand. This will be a sign to the whole world, they are next. An eruption is happening in many states. They have received a green light to start fighting for the truth regarding your election. This major evidence will be revealed in multiple states. The uproar of righteous anger will take place around the nation. People will say, 'How could this have happened this badly and allowed to stand for this long?' My children, it had to go so far but not any further. This had to all take place for their ultimate demise. You'll start to see more evidence of who was really on the right side and who was not. More truth will be revealed showing which wolves were in your government wearing sheep's clothing. A government official will announce they're battling cancer and needs to step down from their place of power. Watch as more suddenly pass away. Some will step down on their own. Some will be forcibly removed. It's all coming to an end. My children, the time you all have been praying for is at hand. So, rejoice in My words and My love. Everything will be okay. Everything will be restored, and nothing you see will stand because the Great I Am is delivering you now from it all, saith the Lord of Hosts."

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