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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"For I, the Lord this day, am telling My children, the world and all the ongoing events are not how things appear. Your enemies have used many things to distract and deceive while trying to destroy anything good from Me that was for you. Yes, they are trying their best to financially enslave the world; to start wars in various places; to create havoc and destruction;and to bring fear to all nations including the United States. They want people to cower in fear and to follow mandates thinking they will get a reprieve from the torment they are enduring daily, for all the things that used to be normal that give a sense of security. All of these have appeared to have disappeared. People are more vulnerable to becoming a slave and not fighting back. They know if someone can make it stop, they will believe anything that comes out of that serpent's mouth...the mouthpieces he uses. My children, you are about to hear about more invasions in other countries. Yes, they are thirsty for war and thirsty for an economic crash. They love lockdowns. They shut down churches which was a massive accomplishment because they shut down people worshiping together in the House of the Lord. They know worship destroys them and their power. Your enemies know their time is running out. Your adversary, the devil, wants to try anything...everything...he can to try and stop this coming glory and revival of a great harvest of souls. He wants to stop the body of Christ from taking back their authority and all that belongs to them. Well, he can't stop God no matter who he uses or what he tries. It will all fail, saith the Lord of Hosts. My name crushes any authority or power he has over you or this world, children of Almighty God. The authority of the Most High God lives in you. Once you know this and get it down in your heart, you will never let your adversary control you or anything in you life. Stand up against him and start saying, "No! I take back my healing and victory!" Declare life and victory every day. Children of Almighty God, the blood has already been shed, and your enemies are already defeated. See they that way, saith the Lord of Hosts. Watch for news to break out regarding Belgium. Look for a major event in this country. It's a sign that your enemies are about to fall at the same time. You ask, "How, Lord, can this be possible?" Look into My word, My children. I've done this before. I am the same yesterday, today and forever. I am moving My hand, and things will change in this earth for you, My children, bringing your freedom and deliverance. To the people of Ukraine, I'm your Protector. You'll have the victory. Peace shall cover your land again. A cleansing, a refreshing, a great awakening will happen in your land. You will start to see more miracles. That is Me moving My hand against the globalists and their agenda. Ukraine, it may not look like it now, but everything will be okay. Things are about to change that will never go back, My children. No, because now you will have the freedom like you have never known like this before. Watch Southeast Asia. A major weather event will take place in that part of the continent. The news stations will break out regarding what is going on there. Unusual and harsh, they will continue to say. These are biblical plagues in our day. I am moving My against your enemies, and the weather will be affected. I'm destroying their plans. You have no idea what they were about to do against you. Breaking news will come out of Ireland. Destruction and devastation. To My children who are there, I will protect you so do not fear. I will heal your land. Revival and awakening will take place. I always have the final say. Healing in your land will take place no matter what happens. So, stay in My word and know everything will be okay. Nova Scotia, watch for a major weather event to take place in your land. My children know, all who are against you will not stand. I'm moving My hand everywhere to let you know I have the final say, saith the Lord of Hosts. Nancy Pelosi is about to take a massive fall with the slip of her tongue. The truth will actually slip from her lips. She can't stop it from happening. My children, your enemies will open their mouths to lie but will accidentally tell the truth, more and more in the coming weeks. A significant avalanche is about to be reported as an avalanche of truth intensifies to another level. Get ready, My children, for truth. Some may say, "Lord, You say this all the time. It doesn't appear that way." My children, I have prepared you to handle it when all pours out in all directions. Some things will be extremely hard to hear. I had to prepare My children to be strong and not to be moved by what is about to come out all over the place. Truth is coming, My children, to break all the chains on you and to remove more blinders from people's eyes. Your enemy was trying to keep them on your eyes. He wants you to stay slaves to his lies. My children, you need to know I am undefeated, and I always have the final say. Watch Kamala Harris as she's about to erupt and speak the truth, definitely by accident. With a slip of the tongue, her hatred for "The Biden" will be revealed. Their fall is coming, and it will be great. Another Snowden will appear out of nowhere, a truth teller, a whistleblower of great magnitude will expose more of the 2020 big lie and an involved country. People had no idea. More evidence and more states are about to erupt to another level. As you see Mount Aetna blow even greater than before, know oh United States, your states are erupting with the truth. This truth will blow your enemy's narrative to smithereens. New evidence that cannot be refuted. This evidence will not be ignored. My children, things are about to change in a major way. A good way for many around the world. Watch for a sign that will come from Mount Moriah. Watch, My children, and pay attention. I'm moving across the nations to restore freedom. What you see happen in Israel will not stand. So, do not fear, My children in Israel. They will not get war. I am always watching. I am your Protector! Nothing can slip past me. They will try to invade, but watch as miracles come to your land because My hand swiftly moves to remove your enemies. I have destroyed their power over you. What they wanted was to destroy any freedoms you had left; hold you all captive in your land; and steal your inventions along with your resources they know you have. So, do not fear. They want the Iron Dome, but they will not get it. I will move swiftly against them, and their plans will come to nothing. Hoda Kotb will be in the news so watch for this. She will abruptly step down from her position. Know, My children, more and more will continue to follow suit. Know that the faces you see today in public on the news, you will not see again. These are days of massive exposures and turnarounds. So, don't worry, My children. These are signs I'm giving you before the news stations give it to the world. I am in control. Nothing the enemies have or try to do will conquer you or Me. These are the days of Elijah. You will see more miracles like those days in Elijah's day only in a greater degree. You will start to see things happen just like what happened in the Book of Exodus. This time is another Great Exodus, and things are intensifying now, saith the Lord, so you can walk free. My love will be seen and known around the world like never before. So, rejoice and sing praises. March forward to your promise land where there is more than enough, saith the Lord your Redeemer."

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