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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"I, the Lord this day, have been telling My children, this is the day of reckoning, and it is...full of moments like the Red Sea, the Exodus, great restorations, great revival, and miracles, signs and wonders this world has not experienced to this degree. My hand is moving against your enemies, and you will see them destroyed with all their plans. This year will be a year of great triumph and victory for the House of the Lord with a great harvest of souls coming from all these major events and turnarounds. My children, this year you will see major transfer of wealth like you saw in the Book of Exodus. "Why, Lord, do you mention wealth?" My children, that wealth never belonged to the sinner. No, I have stated in My word in the Book of Haggai, Chapter 2, the silver is mine, the gold is mine. I stated that I would shake all the nations of this earth and the desire of all nations shall come in. Yes, this shaking will not only knock them out of their places of power, but it will destroy their plan; it will blast all of their wealth out of their hands. It will be given to My children, saith the Lord. Yes, the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just. It's time for the great shaking across this earth. Freedom for the nations, freedom in your souls, freedom in your bodies, freedom financially. Yes, total freedom is My desire for you, children of Almighty God. So many things will erupt at one time. Volcanoes? Yes, but truth, exposures, removals, turnarounds this year because this is the year for you. What has been stolen will be given back. I am the God of more than enough so My children receive your hearts' desires. Receive the gifts I will rain down upon you. Healing, freedom, total deliverance, financial prosperity for those who will believe and receive. My children shout, "Freedom,it's mine today!" You will soon hear, "Lock them down!" They will shout and scream, "Stop them from fighting back! Pull the plug now on anyone resisting us!" That is what they are saying and about to say to you, My children of Almighty God. "Attack them now!" They're at their wit's end trying to put their heads together for the ultimate attack against your freedoms, once and for all. But, I have said many times before, little do they know who they are up against. My plans always prevail. The victory is for My children, and nothing will stop that. Enemies of Almighty God, no matter what you shout; no matter what you scream; no matter your plans, you will always lose, and you will always fail. My children, do not fear when you hear these words. They will come to nothing. Your enemies will come up empty-handed. Their plans will not prosper. Hillary Clinton! You will fall to the ground. Who protected you and what helped to prop you up has disappeared. Yes, My hand is moving and you will not get away with what you have done. You are finished against My nation, United States of America. You are being judged, and there is no hiding from this or escaping it. This, Hillary, you cannot stop. You cannot threaten your way out of this. Your judgment has come, and treason will be written on you for all eternity! Ukraine, I am protecting you, children of Almighty God. The truth of what was going on in your nation is about to be revealed everywhere. Russia was forced. You were infiltrated, Ukraine, but My hand will shield and protect you. I have told you before. This is not directed at you, people of Ukraine. No, this was paid for so it would protect what they designed in your land to decimate the world. The news media is painting a whole different picture. The truth will explode out of your nation and will reveal to the world what this fraudulent government, with Obama in control, is trying to hide which is the truth of what they have done in your nation and to protect The Biden as well. But, all will be exposed with no way to stop it. My children, the lies being told to you right now of all the things throughout the world, I am revealing the truth to free you. Freedom is My desire for all of you. A great shaking will hit Italy. Yes, the truth is coming, a truth no one knew was there. An earthquake will be a signal of truth so watch for this, My children. The nations are being shaken now. Stock markets will suddenly crash, and they will scream and shout, "Depression!" "This is horrifying," they will say. "Unimaginable loss!" Do not listen! "A world crash, shortages." They are lying, manipulating the markets, holding back and stockpiling what belongs to you. A cargo ship will reveal this, My children. They are forcing their hands against the world because other things they tried didn't work in a way they thought was possible. So now, markets will be targeted but just know, My children, I'm in control of this, and it will not stand. I told you before, these are the days of Haman. What they wanted for you will actually happen to them! So stay in My word, My children, and do not fear the markets, the weather, the earthquakes or eruptions of various volcanoes. I'm moving My hand now and striking down and destroying all of their plans along with all of your enemies. Washington, DC is about to erupt with truth pouring out. Your enemies will not recover from this. Again, My children, listen carefully. What is about to come out of the lips of The Biden. Truth will slip through his tongue that he never meant to say and will give them all away. My children, they cannot hold back the truth from coming out anymore. This is the hour in a year of truth, to prevail, to bring you ultimate freedom. So, rejoice My children of Almighty God. I am the Most High God. My will is being done on this earth. Your victories are here this year. They will be great for you. A great exodus, a great year of freedom and restoration, saith the Lord of Hosts."

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