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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"For I, the Lord this day, know the day and the hour of complete restoration, and that time is closer than you think, children of Almighty God. Things have been harsh, have appeared bleak and impossible. I have told you before, it's always darkest before a breakthrough. In this hour, your lives will suddenly change just like in 2020. One day things appeared normal. The next day, it was like a horrible dream. It will happen again, but this time I have given you prophetic words to let you know this is nothing. They have nothing that can stop Me or My will. So, do not fear what they do. This will not last, and it definitely will not stand. You will actually see them start to fall apart on live TV. They won't be able to contain their composure. Not only by being in fear, but the anger and the anguish they feel because no matter what they have done, their plans are not working. Yes, they know their time is coming to an abrupt end. That is why they will try everything they can against you, but My children, it's a slight stress of a passing hour. Like I have said before, this will not last. Do not give in to what they are saying. Stand on My word and I will give you peace and joy through it. I am knocking down all their walls and their plans against you. Nothing will be left standing that is against you. This is the hour of your victory no matter how things may appear. Laugh at your enemies. They can't stand and surely can't stand against Me. An all-out war, they want in your land, and they will not get what they want no what is said or what they try to do. Your news stations are about to break out with a special report to bring ultimate fear to stop this convoy and to stop the rest of you standing against them. But, it's not going to work. I have given you truth to set you free from all their lies. Your rightful president is on his way back into power, and they are squirming at the thought they have lost against him no matter what they have done. He never gave in, and he never quit. They hate him and hate you for that. Your love for freedom in this country never diminished like with the rightful president, Donald Trump. No matter how much they took from you, you never gave up and they can't understand that. Again, I the Lord have said, they didn't count on Me and I am with you, My children. I will protect this nation, oh United States! My children in other lands and other nations, I have not forsaken you. Once you see how freedom arises in the United States, know you are next. I am delivering all My people from all these evil rulers and all their governments. None will be left standing. It's time for turnarounds and breakthroughs like never before. Watch! There will be a sign on the Eiffel Tower. Yes, just know all who are in France, I am delivering your nation; and My children all over this world, I am delivering you, too. This freedom is world wide, the great exodus, so don't bury you head or give in to anything they do. Stand up and take what I, the Lord, am doing for you. My angel armies are at war for you, and they never lose and neither do I! My will will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Shake off defeat. Shake off defeat and the failures. Shake off every lie your adversary wanted you to believe. There will be a major sign in Belize. Look for news out of there. This is yet another sign to show you I am in control, and your enemies always lose. Europe! Major scandals involving the royals not only regarding Prince Andrew but Prince Charles surrounding the queen's sudden death. Yes, I have said watch the clock tower that is called Big Ben. It will fall to the ground and know Prince Charles is about to take a massive fall for what he has done against the queen and against your nation. He's a part of those who wanted to enslave you. He's a thief and a liar, and he will never get that crown he killed for! A cleansing of your nation has begun, so rejoice. Revival is about to hit your land like never before. Watch, news will break about Tulsi Gabbard. She is changing sides from blue to red. She has seen what is going on and cannot stand for what they stand for. Yes, Tulsi is not one of them. Watch, My children, more will switch sides. More will suddenly retire and step down. They know they will not win this time. The Democrat Party, as you know it and see it now, will be no more. Yes, it's time to clean house, you would say. Spring cleaning of anyone who doesn't stand with Me, who doesn't stand with freedom. Watch California. A major weather event will take place. They will continue to say how unusual it is for this time of year. There will also be snow in places there shouldn't be snow. That is another sign I'm cleaning out the state of ungodly rulers, their laws, their price-gouging, everything the elites have done to destroy that state. They want to break all the states in this nation so the federal government would have to step in and take full control. Yes, the states have more power than the people realize. Each state can stand up against this government body. This was set up for what you are seeing and experiencing right now. These laws were set up at the birth of your nation to protect you today against them and all their plans. It doesn't seem like law or the Constitution matters. To these people, it doesn't. If they could have, they would destroy every amendment and your complete Constitution or at least anything that kept you free from them totally being able to take this country over once and for all. But, your Constitution will stand and justice will prevail. Dominoes are beginning to fall in so many locations, your enemies won't be able to keep up. That's why their desperation is growing. Watch Japan! A typhoon? Yes, a large typhoon will strike you, but know My children who are there, I will protect you. This destruction is towards the ones who are about to invade your land. I will not let that happen! China is trying to take you out, once and for all. Yes, wars in so many places to bring fear in the hearts of everyone in this world. Iran is going to try to make a declaration of war. They have gotten a green light from your fraudulent government, and they were paid nicely for it with your taxpayer money. It will come to nothing. I have told Iran to sit down and shut up! They do not have power to carry out their threats. Iraq is the same way. They are desperately trying to invade your land, but I will remove all who are in your land now, oh United States, from their lands. And, nothing will come of what their plans are in this hour against you. You're about to hear news out of Israel. Yes, they are trying to start war there, too. Bombings, they will try and start again. The leader of Hamas will try to declare and say Israel supposedly starting hitting them first which is not true, but I the Lord, am against the enemies of Israel. I will protect and cleanse My nation of any infiltrators including any people in your government that wanted to take you out. Israel, stand up! I Am is with you. Your enemies will never prosper. Mount Kilauea is about to erupt in a big way. A massive explosion, it will sound like. It will look like its top has blown off. More volcanoes will start to erupt on a major scale to show the world truth is erupting all over this world at one time. A volcano that has been asleep for hundreds of years will suddenly awaken erupt. Watch Iceland for an eruption. Yellowstone is about to show a sign of an eruption, but it won't be a massive eruption. Just one to get the world's attention because it is the biggest super volcano in the world. A major earthquake then another. I told you, My children, everything that can be shaken will be. New Zealand! Brace for a major earthquake bigger than what you are used to. Yes, to awaken you out of sleep. I will protect My children who are there. Things will change all over this earth, and they will never go back. My children, I am here to deliver you so you will believe Me more than you believe them. Everything will be okay in the House of the Lord. You are My children and this is the year for you, saith the Lord of Hosts."

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