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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"For I, the Lord this day, have told you, My children, to be watching for signs I'm giving you this hour to build your faith and confidence in Me along with My prophets I have put in this hour; to give you My words I needed spoken; to hear regarding things you are facing in this world. You are living in a time where things are going to abruptly change. A major halt to all your enemy's plans along with destroying them against you. Major scandals are about to come out like rapid fire, one after another, and not one will get away with what they have done. I know, up until now, certain people have, no matter what was leaked about them, had no punishment it appeared. Well, they are about to receive punishment they never thought would happen to them. They were "too smart." They had entire media outlets on their side along with money and power. None of that means anything when they are against Me. Isolation tents. You will hear this in the news. It will be a sign of your enemy's plan with camps they were planning of putting you in, but all will be exposed and destroyed. A major dust storm you will hear of, yes, in Africa. A major wind storm across Asia causing damage and havoc. Typhoons, major weather events are about to break out all over the place stopping your enemies from invading you, oh United States, and the invasion of Israel. You will hear and see hail the size never seen or heard of. Softball? No, bigger! Listen to these words and watch for these signs. I'm moving My hand; destroying their weapons; destroying their convoys against you; their plans to take you out once and for all, United States. But know this: I am God. The things they are about to try to do, do not fear. This will not last and it will not stand. I'm your deliverer, and they can't get past Me! A death of yet another governmental official. Watch for this. The Angel of Death is hitting their camps now. These are the days of judgment. So many will be silenced in the night. They will not wake up from their sleep. They will be found in their bed, dead. Another one will be found dead, but by apparent suicide. That's not true! My children, their life was taken by another to silence them from telling the truth. Ilhan Omar! Death is coming to you with no way to stop it for your acts against Me; your acts against both My nations of Israel and the United States of America. You will be killed for your failure. They see you as a failure and will dispose of you before you turn on them. A time of great silence in DC. Yes, eerily silence some would say. Their mouths will be shout by Me. News stations after news stations, they are about to crumble. The ratings are plummeting in this hour with no way to prop them up. I'm shutting the mouth of the destroyer who uses them as his mouthpieces. Silent, they will become during this transition of power. It's coming, My children, a time of silence. A time of darkness will appear across airwaves. So many will wonder what is going on. God, why is this happening? It's not bad silence for you, My children. I'm shielding you from sights and sounds you do not want to hear. In this time, your Capitol will be demolished by Me, leaving nothing left that was not of Me. The Abraham Lincoln Monument. Watch for this. It will be untouched. It'll be protected by Me for Abraham Lincoln was My son chosen at that time to save this country, and he will be honored for that, still. I am raining down hail in your Capitol. Watch for the sign of their demise. Watch for another massive storm headed to the East coast, one and another one right after that. My children there, brace for this, but know this is not for you. They're planning another attack on your nation. They were using the Atlantic Ocean to hide them; to show up and attack you out of nowhere. I will show you their submarines. Yes, submarines will be in your news. They infiltrated your waters and your land. So, these weather events, do not fear them. Know I am destroying them and protecting you from their destruction. My children, March will be a great month, you will say, because it will start out harsh, it will appear. But, it will end like a lamb. So many will finally see that I am in control. Freedom convoys, freedom protests will grow, My children. Grow in your nation, but more in nations all over the world. You will see an upscale of military planes and helicopters in the skies above your nation. Another sign I'm in control and My hand is moving against your enemies. Jerry Nadler! Your life is coming to an end. You will fall never to get back up again for defying Me and choosing to sell your soul for money and power. Brad Pitt will be in the news. Watch for this, My children. This will be a sign of destruction of Hollywood and what it stands for Alec Baldwin! You thought you were in the clear, but you are not. You'll be caught not only with the death on your movie set but with the lifestyle you hide from the world. Your computer has secrets on it, and you tried to destroy it. But, My people already have all the information they need to take you down. Epstein, you are connected to. The children trafficking, you are connected to. Your lifestyle is disgusting and evil, and you'll be exposed for who you always have been. You were given time to repent. Your brother has been praying for you. You refused Me and refuse to repent. Now judgment will hit you in ways you never imagined. You will lose everything you hold dear to you. Alec, your time has come to be judged by Me, saith the Lord. Another assassination attempt on the rightful president was just stopped by Me. No one will touch whom I have on this earth to complete the great exodus and freedom that belongs to this nation and the world. Donald Trump, you are protected by Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. Your family and all who are with you, nothing will come to any of their plans against you. I'm giving you peace and rest. Your family, I will take care of in this hour. You know what needs to done, and your family won't be able to be with you through it. But, I am the Great I Am and will shield them and give them peace and joy knowing you will be okay and so will this nation. Donald, great is your reward. I will give you back everything that has been taken, and I'll give you more than you asked from Me. Every lawsuit will be dropped. Every person standing against you will fall by My hand, saith the Lord of Hosts. I held you back in this hour to hide, comfort and strengthen you. You have listened and obeyed, My son. So, Donald, I'm giving you back all that has been stolen and more. All that needed to be removed that infiltrated you has been exposed and now you can move forward in this hour. The dominoes are falling everywhere in front of you to walk through to your place of power, again. Give Me the care of the people of this nation. My angel armies are all over to protect them. So, do not worry about them. Nothing your enemies can do will prosper against you or this nation. Peace, I will give to you this hour like never before. Donald, know you are special to Me, and thank you for your obedience and trusting in Me through it all. Donald, how special you are in My sight. I love you, My son, so go and take what is rightfully yours in this hour, and all will be okay with you, your family and this nation. My children, all will be okay in this hour in the House of the Lord. This is the hour of great transition of power. So, hold on to Me and hold on to My word and you will find peace and rest. I'm your comforter so don't turn aside to any other at this time. I love you, My children. I gave you My only begotten Son so you would live with Me for all eternity. Yes, but also that you can live like heaven on earth. My children, this is possible. I have spoken this in My written word for a reason. These for the days of freedom, celebration. So stand now; stand up, take back what the Lord has done for you!

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