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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"For I, the Lord this day, am making an announcement to My body: I win and your victory is at hand! A major breakthrough and turnarounds are here! Your enemies all lose, and this is a time for their fall and their sentencing. I have said enough is enough! No more will I let them stage this world how they want it. War? Yes, they want all-out war. They are thirsty for it. It's another maneuver to control this world. All they have are lies and false power. You say, 'Lord, they do have power over us. Look at all they are doing.' My children, they have played right into My hand. They have done exactly what I need them to do and when they would do it for their ultimate destruction and demise. Yes, it's time for turnarounds. I know this has been hard to deal with and hard to bear, My children, but I have spoken My words. And, nothing can stop My words and My will. 'What words,' you may ask. Let My people go, saith the Lord of Hosts! 'Lord, it's taking too long. Now there is war.' No there's not. This is a strategic attack on things that are going on in a part of Ukraine no one knows about. Your nation wanted you to believe, otherwise. This is not directed at the people of this nation as they would love for you to believe. Soon, you will see why Russia did what they did, but in the meantime, do not fear it, and it can only go so far and not any further. I got this, My children, and I got you. I've said, I'm your protector and deliverer. These are the days of deliverance so shout! Your exodus is now! It's here! Declare, 'We receive our freedom, Lord! We receive our authority, and we will not fear!' Sudden news is about to break regarding Jen Psaki. Her sudden exit is shocking to some. Another sign to you their plans are falling apart. She knows what they have done and doesn't want to be a part of it any longer. Jen, even though you have stepped down and judgment is coming, you know what you have done against the American people. Playing into this fraudulent government, it will be exposed who you actually are; who you took your orders from, and it' not Biden. Obama is his name! You and all this fake government and fake power will be exposed. The pressure's building when your days are actually going to end. You know, Jen, you can't take the anticipation of what is about to hit DC. You refuse to repent, and treason will be written on you for all eternity! An eruption is about to take place in your Congress between House members. People are splitting apart, choosing what side they're actually on. Some are scared for their lives and will switch sides. Others will stand their ground in defiance, and their end is near. A death blow will rattle DC. Yes, a death will rock this nation. 'Biden?' you ask. Yes, they're finished with the one who is betraying him. They are grasping at straws when to pull the plug on this charade, but after this next gaffe of 'The Biden', it will be their final straw. Obama wants to be seen and known he's in control. But, they don't know how exactly to make the American people accept that. A storm is brewing, My children. Yes, a major storm in the natural but also in the spirit. A major storm is about to break over DC, and many are fleeing. Do you hear it marching? Yes, military marching, but they are not alone. They are with My angel armies, and they are about to take over and descend on DC. Yes, ultimate destruction of that Capitol and all who want to protect it and try to stand their ground against My army. But, failure and defeat, they only have. Yes, a major sign to look for. A massive lightning bolt will strike the White House and the Washington Monument on the same day! Watch for a lightning storm to hit your Capitol. Rain and wind, a major storm is going to strike there directed at the ones holding this nation hostage. Yes, a storm is brewing that they can't stop with their money or their power. Fox News! A major scandal is about to break all over. A news anchor will be caught in a scandal along with others in your network. Brace for impact, Fox. I'm cleaning house and not many will be left standing. Only people who spoke the truth and didn't bow to your every command. It's time for another news break all over regarding the lies you've told in your supposed news stations all over the place. Yes, vindication for the ones who told the truth and vengeance for the ones who wouldn't. Rudy Guiliani! I'm vindicating your name in this hour. You'll be rewarded greatly for standing up for truth. You have what you know to destroy every narrative regarding 2020. It's that time to move forward with a plan that you have been given. The walls that have been built up against you have come down. No longer will they control the narrative. So, speak My son and do what needs to be done. I am with you and I have not failed you. I will give you strength to stand and face adversity, but this time it will be different. Now it's time for them all to fall that are against you. Rudy, I have raised you up in this hour, and I have given you everything to overcome and come out victorious in the end. So, move, My son. I will direct your steps. Donald Trump! You have My orders, My son! You know what to do. Remember, it's My responsibility to protect the people in this nation. Don't hold that care or responsibility. It belongs to Me. In the days ahead when you make your moves that need to be made, just remember, I have protection around you and all who are with you. I also have My angel armies protecting the people of this great nation from their attacks as you're pursuing them. Yes, I know what they want to do. I know what they are planning when you take these next steps. But, My son, it's My will that will be done, not theirs. So, full steam ahead, you would say. Play your next chess move on the board of victory. It's time to move forward and, yes, you have the green light! Donald Trump! You are the one chosen by the One True God! You are My David! You are also My Moses! You are My vessel sent to deliver My people out of the hands of these nowadays pharaohs. The exodus is upon them now. I am with you and all who are with you. It's time for the turnarounds. So, go do what I need you to do, and I will be with you and I will be with them. Oh, United States, a uniting is happening amongst you and your states. Things have been in secret and are about to be revealed in this hour. Great confusion! Yes, they are making their last moves on their checkerboard because they are not smart enough to play chess. Many mistakes they have made and continue to make. Yes, they have been caught in everything they have done. Truth is breaking through all the lies in this hour, exposing every player, every person and what they have done to destroy your nation. This is the time you've been waiting for, My children. It's time to dance, and it's time to sing! March forward into your victory to see turnarounds like never before, saith the Lord of Hosts."

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