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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
For I, the Lord this day, have told My children (the body of Christ), everything is going to be okay and it will. No matter what you hear or what you see, listen to My words. Everything will be okay. Do not let fear consume you or let confusion corrupt your thinking to lead you astray and take you hostage in your mind to forget what I have said or all the words I have given to the prophets, all the signs I have given to show you that I am in control. This is your time for deliverance and freedom. No matter what the world looks like, walk by faith and not by sight. That is what My written word says. This is the hour My children, if you have not walking by faith, start now! 'Faith Lord? How do I get faith?' Faith comes by hearing My word. That is the only way it comes. Faith is trusting in Me more than what your five physical senses are telling you. My children, I put a measure of faith in each and every one of you the size of a mustard seed, but it's your responsibility to grow it. How can you trust Me if you truly don't know who I am and what My will for you in every situation, every circumstance, and what you face in this world today? My children, it's time to get in my Word like never before. Yes, open My word and know My will like never before. I will guide you, showing you what you need to hear and see in this hour. I am your protector and will lead your steps, guide you in the right direction. I promise not to forsake you. and I am a sure thing to rely on! I am the only thing in your life that will guarantee 100% of the time, you will win when you stand on My word and believe Me above all else. A major changing of the guard, a government, a nation will break loose off all the chains holding your freedoms. Yes, those chains are coming off now. My children, shout in this hour like never before against their plans. They want to lock and to shut you up. Speak My words and stand for freedom because they are yours. Can you hear it? The wind is blowing, blowing down what power your enemies have left. Watch! There will be a major sign on your Empire State Building. Yes, look to this. In the coming days this will be in the news with a sign. Know that I Am has come and the evil controlling your land will be no more. Those in power will be forced out. Believe My prophets in this hour, and you will be blessed. Those who are listening and you are reporting false or talking ill of My prophets, I have warned you in My word, 'Touch not My anointed and do My prophets no harm.' A high price you will price for what you are doing. Turn back now and repent or you will receive judgment in this hour. In a year of judgment and vengeance will be against you. My grace is sufficient for you to take and receive My mercy before it's too late and the door closes on your time. The door you have opened, you will want to shut as fast as possible. You who are listening, you know who you are and you can feel this is for you. My grace is enough so take it while you can before what is coming for you and all of your house, you do not want. Your worst nightmare, your biggest fear will come upon you. So, heed these words now before it's too late for you. Artur Pawlowski! I have not forsaken you. Once again, I'm speaking to you to tell you I am moving where you are and I promise to completely deliver you from that prison cell. You are My Joseph, and I will raise you up higher. Your reward is great, My son, for not bowing. I promise you like those three Hebrew men, you will come out with no evidence you were ever in that prison cell. I am pouring out glory in that place giving you great peace. I'll give you dreams and revelation you never thought you would receive. Yes, I have you My son, and I have great plans for you. I will give you great joy in midst of such sorrow. Revival will break out where you are, and the people around you will receive My Son. What Satan wanted to break you, I will strengthen you and bringing more out that believe in Me than went in there believing there was no God. They are seeing you and what is in you. My anointing is like a light and it gives them such peace. So, know that I'm your deliverer and what is about to happen for you will be like Paul and Silas. Start to receive your voice. Raise your voice and praise Me where you are and all those shackles and prison cells will break open, and you will walk out. Just know My son, your assignment in there I will give to you. Go fulfill it and watch, My son, what I do for you in these coming weeks. Doug Ducey! Your time is up. Exposures will rip any influence you had left. You will be removed from your place of power. Major breaking news and visual evidence of who you really are and how you stole from the people of your state. The video that is about to surface shows you receiving money for November 2020. Yes, they rewarded you nicely for selling your soul to the devil. You are a traitor and a liar. I gave you time to make things right, and you refused to. So now, judgment is upon you with no way to stop it. Governor, you will be no more, and treason will be written on you for all eternity! Katie Hobbs. You are in that video, too, with Governor Ducey. And, you, too, will fall. Your end is the same. Treason will be your end. Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, a snake pit will be revealed. Deceivers and liars, you are. You sold your souls for money and power. You lied to your county and the United States of America. The video is coming out to implicate you. I had an infiltrator in your midst who caught you all red-handed and that time is now. You thought you were safe, but you're not. The world will know what you have all done. I'm ratifying every lie and everything you did that night in 2020 and what you did since to destroy evidence; how and what you did and when; and nothing will be kept secret. Arizona, oh, Arizona! A cleansing is coming, and truth will free you from what held you hostage. Yes, dominoes will fall, and they are being tipped over now. So, rejoice in the truth once again. Truth always prevails. Evidence was held back until now. So, take back what is yours in this hour. It has finally come, what you have been waiting for. Karen Fann! Let my people go along with let the truth flow. Do it now, Karen! Yes, the Sheriff's race in Maricopa County. The lies are coming to light. Every wrong will be made right. Videos are surfacing in everything that was done to help the supervisors, governor, and secretary of state. All of you, judgment is coming and vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. 'Lord, how can this be? It's too late, it's too late!' It's never too late. I am an on-time God and soon you will all see and understand that. Rectifying has been taking place in your land, oh United States! Heat you will feel early this year. It's going to get very hot under the feet of every liar and everyone that's standing against you. Tyrants are about to fall in this land. Your enemies are all coming down this year. Yes, but they have shown reaping in the season of judgment and justice. Spring will bring forth many changes in your land, the beginning of the end of every ruler against you. Celebrations are about to begin so stay focused on Me, My children, and not on them or anything they can do or try to stay in power. They can't. My words have been spoken. My will will be done on earth so start to shout and rejoice. Deliverance is here, and I am not going anywhere until all are removed against you, saith the Lord of Hosts."

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