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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"For I, the Lord this day, am telling My children (the body of Christ), everything will be okay despite what they are about to say and do. It doesn't matter, saith the Lord of Hosts. I have said so many times before, do not fear them or anything they do. It will not hurt you. It says in My word, touch not My anointed and do My prophets no harm. My children, you are My anointed because of your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. By accepting Him, that resurrection power lives on the inside of you. I am on the inside of you, and I am greater than he that is in the world. My children, these are the days to get this revelation down on the inside of you. So, when anything tries to come against you, it will not stand and it will not prosper. I have spoken these things in My word so rejoice in freedom and joy to you, My children. My words are spirit and life to you and a two edges sword that your enemies can't run and hide from. When you resist him, destroy his power when you use My written and Rhema words against him. So, study My words more in this hour, My children. You will need these words to spring out of you in these days and faith to overcome your enemy's tactics that will try to continue to be used against you. Wendy Roger [Arizona State Senator]! You have my protection in this hour. You know what needs to be done in your state, and your green light is now, no matter what anyone tells you. With the information you have that was given to you, it's time to go forward. Move now and all will be okay with you and all who are with you. What has been said and done against you, they are finished. What they have now are empty threats. My protection is around you so expose what needs to be exposed. All will be made right in your state, and all will be removed who are against you along with the one who infiltrated your camps. I will expose the rest of them, and I will remove them as well. Dominoes are falling and you know what to do so do it, saith the Lord. Mark Finchem [Arizona State Representative]! I have not forgotten you nor all you have done to protect integrity and truth. I have blessed you My son and anointed you for this very hour. Given unto you strength and ability to get the job done. Move forward and I will protect you and bless the works of your hand and give you rest from the effects from the heat of this battle. All will be overturned and know this was not all done for naught. Great is your reward, My son. It is time to move forward with the plans I have given you. You know what they are, and you now have everything you need. Your green light is now, saith the Lord. This battle has been won by Me and nothing can stop that. There is freedom and truth that is beginning to pour out for Arizona, and it's just the beginning for other states to follow suit. Pull it now. Pull it now, saith the Lord. In this hour you are in, My children, your enemies' destruction will be great. This is that time prophesied about by so many. They're about to pull as many things as they can at one time to take the strength you have left. Watch the markets begin to collapse. They want total financial control to break and stop anyone from fighting back. Remember, My children, to stand and not to fear. I will show you what to do and when, and nothing they do will stand against you. These are the final days of power and destruction. They want to threaten the ones that was pursuing them to take back power. Remember, they want to use you as hostages against the rightful president, and this will not work. They are going to move for a massive power grab in this hour to threaten you with all they have so you just finally give in to them once and for all. Their window is closing to take their full control. That day they have been waiting for, February 22nd of 2022, didn't turn out the way they wanted it. They don't understand. How can this be? They didn't count on Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. All members of your House and Senate that are on the winning side, all the destruction that's coming to DC is not for you. You will be protected by Me. As I have stated before, watch unusual weather. An unusual thing will appear in the skies over Washington, DC. This Capitol was never what I wanted. This was a satanic Capitol used for many sacrifices and worshiping of Baal and many other gods that they serve. My children, that is why your Capitol has to move in this hour. A cleansing must take place, and everything they stood for must be removed by My mighty hand. Their Babylon system is being removed by Me. And everything they touched and perverted used against you, I will remove it all. Kamala! You feel like you are suffocating with no way out and nowhere to turn. Everyone is against you, and you have no more allies. You have no peace because a target on your back is growing. You now know they do not need or want you anymore. They already betrayed you with an actor in the seat you wanted. Obama is really leading everyone. You are just there as a fill-in. You can't take it much longer. Well, Kamala, you chose the wrong side, and peace you will never find, and treason will be your final end. The Biden! You liar and you snake in the grass. Your time is coming to an abrupt end. You feel the power slipping from you and how disgusted Obama and all the others are with you. They want to ruin you and take full control before you ruin it all for them. But, it's already too late. You're about to open your mouth and speak words they can't stop or recover from. You will give so many secrets away on live TV, and you will send them into an all-out panic scrambling to figure out what to do. At the same time, Jen Psaki, Nancy Pelosi, news anchors? Who else can mess this up? They will say, "What now?" When all this occurs, watch out, My children. They will pull out all stops against you. But in that time, My hand is moving against them, and they shall not get what they want against you since I am against them. Jen Psaki! You are feeling overwhelming pressure. You know the truth about Biden, and they are turning on you. They don't trust you anymore. You will suddenly step down out of nowhere, they will say. You think that will bring you peace, but it won't. Your hour has come for your part you played against the American people. You are a liar and you are caught in all the webs and all the lies you have weaved. You are also a traitor and, yes, you shouldn't trust the ones you stand beside because they don't trust you. They want to dispose of you for leaving your post when they needed you to stay. Jen, you will not find peace you are looking for. Judgment is about to hit your doors with nowhere to hide. You could have turned away and repented and you chose not to. Now your fate has been sealed, and treason is also your end. Kevin McCarthy! Get right before Me now and move forward with what you need to do, and I'll protect you. No more waiting on others to do a job I have given to you. Do not fear what they can do to you. No, stand boldly and I will protect you and the threats they planned against you. I will also protect your family. So go! Your green light is now, saith the Lord. Multiple storms hitting your land at one time, oh United States. Blizzards in some areas, thunderstorms and tornadoes in others. Many weather events at one time. A cleansing of your nation has begun. Some of these storms will be strong to stop the plans of your enemies against you. Do not fear the storms. Speak to them. They can't touch you or your house. You have power over them so stand and use My authority in this hour. Speak truth and freedom along with victory, and you shall see it come to pass in your life. This year is great, My children, and it's all for you, saith the Lord your Redeemer."

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