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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
For I, the Lord this day, am in control of heaven and earth, no matter what man or unruly rulers say. No matter what your government says. No matter what their news stations say, I am the Creator of heaven and earth along with the Creator of mankind. Your enemies have many plans for this day in the coming days ahead. But, no matter the cause or what they want, it will not prosper. It will fail and fall in front of the world. These people, their government and their leaders are nothing in my sight and have nothing. I disarmed, dismantled and struck down their leader out of heaven who tried to overthrow Me then and is trying to overthrow Me again on this earth that I created. It didn't work before, and it certainly won't work now. Watch My children, freedom will prevail on this earth. No matter what they have done; how long they have done it for; how much money they have. All of that means nothing. It states in My word, on earth as it is in heaven, My will always will be done, and My words always prosper. Go forth and create because they are spirit, and they are life. My words are power; they always have power over anything the enemy does. This is not the time to fear your enemies. This is not the time to back off, quit, lie down, bury your head or surrender. No, now is the time to pick up your sword of the spirit; put on the full armor of God; and fight the good fight of faith that you're always guaranteed to win in the end. Jesus paid for it. He won it all for you. It is finished; your enemies are finished; and their plans are finished despite what it looks like and what they have to say. Stop magnifying them and start magnifying Me, saith the Lord your Redeemer. Storms, hail, tornadoes, unusual wind. The seas are tossing and turning; waves are crashing into the shore. Earthquakes, volcanoes, avalanches, snow blizzards, ice. "Crazy weather," they will shout. This will continue all over the earth in this hour. Hurricanes will intensify and become very large. All of this is happening while the power is being completely ripped from your enemies. Watch Biden. His time is nearing the end of his ruling or fake rule. Yes, explosive evidence is coming to light on what he has done, who he is, and how fake this supposed presidency really is. Yes, a great fall. Along with Kamala, they are both finished. There will be fighting and resistance when the truth comes to your nation regarding the elections; the money that was given to foreign nations for bribes; to start wars or attacks in your land. The truth will come regarding how much control China actually has over your nation. How Biden and Obama and many others thought they were playing China when they themselves were getting played. Backstabbing on both sides; people infiltrating your nation along with your nation infiltrating theirs. Blackmail after blackmail, accounts will show backdoor deals to overthrow your elections. Yes, that proof is about to explode everywhere with no way to stop it. Your Senate, members of Congress, your governors, your secretaries of state. So many people sold you out for their own financial gain and power guaranteed to them if they went along with this plan. Wisconsin, new and explosive evidence will come out including Pennsylvania at the same time. Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, Vermont, Virginia, North Carolina, California, New Mexico, New York, New Hampshire! A flight of truth is coming. My children, lawyers seen before, I told you, were held back until now. Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Lin Wood, Janet Ellis and many others will start to resurface with truth and evidence that will not be held back or denied. This is the hour of reckoning for the tyranny to fall. You ask, "Why now, Lord? Why not back in 2020 when this all happened?" There were things that could not be uncovered that can be now. Before, their fall would not have been as great as it will be right now. My children would not be awakened. You needed time to get right with Me; to get up; to stand up; to rise up; to take your place; to heal you; to perfect your faith in Me once again. Things needed to happen against your enemies and help you at the same time. Watch your news regarding Massachusetts. Major news will break in this state. This, My children, is another sign I am in control. A senator is about to step down out of embarrassment and shame. His lifestyle will be exposed with video evidence. My children, with this it will show you they will all fall; who are against Me. A scandal in your Congress is about to to be uncovered regarding January 6th like I have told you about the two impeachments and the election. They will all tie in together to reveal to all the world all the manipulation and how far they would go to cheat you out of the rightful president and your freedoms. Explosive evidence regarding Gavin Newsom is coming down the pipe, you would say. Yes, he is about to take a major fall for a major slip of the tongue. The hour of truth is here and will set the captives free. A major whistleblower is about to resurface regarding the elections and Biden, himself. Be prepared to hear it is all about to be released, My children. Evidence on Epstein is about to come out. Someone will leak the manifesto for all to see. Not just who went to that island but who paid for it, and these names will shock you. Some of My children will say, "This can't be." Sometimes, it's hard to hear about people you could trust, but truth will always prevail in the end. Italy will about erupt in the news in a major way. Not only about Mount Aetna, but truth will pour out of that country. They, too, are starting to rise up and fight back for freedoms. People will fill the streets in protest. Watch the breakout in more countries in coming weeks. Freedom protests everywhere to fight the tyranny that has been controlling you. I'm moving My hand to deliver, to heal, to restore the nation. Freedom will prevail so don't back off, children of Almighty God. I will protect you. Their power is nothing against mine, and My power lives in you. Trudeau, your days of being in power are coming to an end. You see the writing on the wall, and you chose to keep fighting. You will lose no matter what, no matter who is with you nor how much money and power you think you have. Your fall is now. Your fall is great! "Let my people go!" Those words have been spoken in your nation, and nothing can stop their freedom from coming to pass. You are finished, Justin. My children, boldness, I'm raining down in this hour. Get up, stand up, take what is yours! Again, I say, your freedoms, your lands, your businesses, everything that has been paid for with the blood of Jesus. Take it back from the ones who have stolen it from you. The time of great turnarounds is here. Time for financial wealth transfer is here. A transfer of power in your government is here. 2022 shall be remembered as a year of great celebrations and the great exodus! Freedoms like never before, My children, are here, and it's now, saith the Lord of Hosts."

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