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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
The following message was given on President's Day, 02/21/22: For I, the Lord this day, have spoken continually through My prophets, and have declared this is My time. This is My show, and it has begun. Things are about to get to an explosive place never seen like this before. The truth is coming from so many places, and it will startle them and will bring so much fear to your enemies that they won't know what to do. Which fire to put out first since it's all around them. Nightmare, one after another. Things they thought would stay hidden forever. Someone leaked it. They don't know how this could have happened. They were so careful. They are so powerful that things like this don't happen to them unless they want certain people to fall. How does someone sneak into their camp and inner circle undetected? I will shatter their confidence, and they're be brought to their knees with these explosions. Some will turn themselves in thinking this will lessen their sentences or keep them alive. Some will dig their feet in more against Me in this hour. They will harden their hearts fully in defiance. You know who they are. I have mentioned their names more than once. Your government officials. It's now the time for them to start falling, stepping down. They will be exposed like never before. Some will be struck down by the Angel of Death. Suddenly! Yes, suddenly! I am turning your mourning into joy unspeakable. So, brace for the nuclear bombs of truth against your enemies. They will start to come one after another with no break in between so they won't have time to gain their composure. Nancy! I speak of your name again. The time has come to fully expose you to the world. You are what you stand for, what you have stolen financially. The elections, the freedoms, and the rightful president. Yes, you are being exposed to the entire world, and your gavel will be ripped from your hands in this hour. Finances blasted out of your hands that you stole from the American people through your bills that you padded your own pockets with along with the elites padding your pockets for doing their work. Insider trading, manipulating markets for your financial gain. You and your whole family including your nephew, Gavin Newsom. You all will pay a high price for your treasonous acts against this nation and the world. Lindsey Graham! I am shaking you to your core to choose what side you're really on. Choose now and choose wisely. You have information that is needed in this hour so stop holding on to it. Do the right thing, Lindsey. I will protect you from those you're afraid of. Do it now. Your time is running out to choose. Truth, freedom for the American people or possibly your life and your career? What is more important? To be enslaved to them with their threats against you or to do what you are called to do in this hour? Move forward before it's too late and judgment comes to your door as well. Focus, Lindsey, on the truth. Not the threats in this day. Chuck Schumer! You, too, are being exposed in this hour. You'll be shown as a serpent, a liar and your power will be ripped from you. That seat does not belong to you. Chuck, you know it. You stole your election, and you helped steal so many others. You are finished, and the Angel of Death will come and visit you soon! You have become cold-hearted and turned your back on Me, and I've turned My back on you. For judgment will hit your home and treason, traitor and a murderer will be written on you for all eternity. No holds barred. Yes, this is the time. Nothing to be held back. They will use all their power against you, and I will use mine against them. Darkness grows darkest and is hitting them right now with total destruction of your Capitol. Might happen? No, it's happening by My hand. All of you will soon see why. You can't pray for this not to happen. No, My children, this must take place. They have military there thinking they can stop an attack from taking place, but this is imminent. For My children, the military who are there (made to go), I will shield you, protect you from what is coming from that place. It will look like a complete war zone, and it is. They started it all, an all-out war against you when they stole your election. For so many years, My children, yes truth like JFK, will be revealed as an inside job. Yes, they wanted a "yes" man. He wasn't one of them. Everyone since (except Ron Reagan who blow up their stealing of his election). They couldn't; he won by too many. He slowed their plans down. They patiently waited and even tried an assassination attempt but that didn't work either. They needed another way to speed things up when he left office. Since they always had their pick on each side of the aisle. Well, until another Ronald Reagan came to the surface again, and his name is Donald Trump! Their worst nightmare came to pass. You saw they lost control in front of the world. Yes, elections haven't been free. They have been hijacking this nation for years to control you and enslave you. They've stolen from you so they could destroy you along with your freedom and the nation. They needed to bring it to its knees to control the world. You might say, "God, these are conspiracy theories, right?" No, they are not! Who says they are? Them? My children, I haven't begun to show you all the evil they have done against you. Soon, I will be. All will be shown, but brace for what is coming. It will be hard to hear these truths. Bill Clinton! The Angel of Death is about to visit you. Your days are coming to their final end. Hillary will take a bigger fall for you, but your fates are still the same. You'll both be in the same place with no reprieve. This was not My choice; this was your choice you made, and Hell will be your home. I didn't want this for you. I tried to stop you from going there, but you refused My love. You refused to repent for money and power. So now, you will reap what you have sown. My children, more will come to surface about this week. And, when you celebrate President's Day, watch for more extreme weather that is coming. Some will say, "Yes, it's like plaques in our day." This weather is another sign of your exodus. So, do not fear it. Stand against it, My children. You have My authority so use it. The time you live in shall be great. Great is your reward for standing. My children, I am the God, your God, and I'm vindicating every person and everything stolen from you. Vengeance in this hour like never before. Hold on! I have warned you of this time so confusion doesn't control you. I am in control, and I am undefeated. So, look to Me, My children, in this hour like never before. Your great celebration is drawing near so receive it. The wealth and everything the wicked have is coming to your hands because it has your names on it so don't limit Me and what I can do for you, saith the Lord of Hosts." Notation by me, jy: the following words are about Bill Barr that were given within the above message. I have placed it here, however, so I may make a comment about what God has said about A.G. Barr. I'm a bit confused as the more recent message sounds contrary to God's prior message about Barr. I will post the more recent message first followed by the earlier message. Surely, time will help clarify (at least for me, hopefully) where Barr actually stands with God. "The truth will soon be revealed about you. Why you did certain things not to stand for the freedoms of the American people. Yes, [I] vindicated your name and what needed to be done at this time. All of this had to take place clearing your name and showing the covert assignment that needed to happen to save them." And, from an earlier post as I mentioned above: "The whole world will soon know who you really are... with your back door deals.

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