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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
For I, the Lord this day, have been speaking these words to My children to bring hope, encouragement, determination to outlast your adversaries in these days. In the upcoming days and months, many people will be tested in their faith for what they see because they have not listened to the prophets or they haven't believed what they are saying. Trying times are ahead for those who are consumed with doubt and unbelief. My children, I have been reaching out to you on a continual basis through my servants, the prophets, to give you answers to this large, intricate puzzle that is going on in this world today. I chose each and every one of you strategically on this earth for such a time as this. Each one of you has a purpose that your adversaries want to destroy. You, My children, are coming up to a level to be used by Me you never thought was humanly possible. The glory of miracles will be beyond human comprehension. No eye has ever seen or ear has ever heard what you are about to be part of, My children, saith the Lord your Redeemer. I have picked you. Each of you have special gifts and talents needed in this hour for My kingdom to rule on this earth for such a time as this. Yes, shaking, rattling and rumbling is going on everywhere. The earth is travailing for the evil that has been controlling and wants to break forth into greater levels in this hour. My children, enemies have been strategic for many years. They have been patient until now. They put people everywhere, all over the earth in every position you could think of to destroy anything that was good and anything that was from Me. They've infiltrated churches with religion and man-made doctrines to turn people from their faith in Me and to faith in the god of this world who is Satan without realizing it. I am cleaning out the churches right now. Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers who are not of Me will be removed. The ones who have fallen away and refused to believe Me in this hour will pay a high price for their deliberate disobedience. Those who have fallen to the cancel culture and the way of the elites will be removed. Shock waves are about to hit the church because many well-known ministers and supposed men of God were not. There have been many badmouthing, deceiving the body of Christ away from their faith message and from the prophets. For those who have smeared My sons and daughters in public to their followers and to their congregations, truth shall find you. I have spoken in My written word, touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm. Also, do not judge or you yourself will be judged. Judgment is coming to those that accuse My sons and daughters. This is the time to clean out all the filth; all the sin, all the false prophets and teachers in this hour. My children, a great shaking is hitting all over. Not to bring fear but to bring freedom, to bring restoration. These shakings in your lands with your governments, churches, businesses, all walks of life, your economies, Wall Street, Big Pharma, Big Tech, the farm industry, news stations, My body of Christ. Yes, I'm getting rid of what doesn't belong in this hour. Great changes are coming to this world, and I mean great. Watch, there will be news regarding a waterfall known as the Niagara Falls. It will be reported due to the unusual circumstances surrounding it. Listen to the word "unusual" to be used. Another sign to see My children, I am here to save you, to protect you from all the evil. The color of water will change to green for a short time. No, my children, I am in control of this world and can signs like this to show you I am not done on this earth. And, My timing is NOW. Great and major phenomenons will take place. Listen for these words. They'll be used often as they will also say that it was an act of God to explain the magnitude of what it is and how unusual these things are because science and weather forecasters will be stumped. Things like this don't just happen. Yellowstone, I am mentioning you again. Great shakings have been occurring there as a warning. Even the animals are leaving. They sense the danger. You are about to hear of a major earthquake and start to see the signs of an eruption. There will be with the super volcano, but don't worry, My children. It will not fully erupt, but it will get the world's attention, and this will be another sign destruction of your enemy's plans. You will see evidence of underground cities and highways hidden away from you so the elites can run things underground to hide from the world. I'm opening up that hornet's nest and showing you how they transport things they don't want you to see. Children are one of them. There was once an underground railroad to save, but this underground is to enslave and still destroy everything that you hold dear. Yes, they want world dominance and depopulation of mankind. You will see these plans because I will expose them. They will hide in caves. Remember, My children and My word, fear and apprehension is what is to come upon the earth. They built home and bunkers to escape the upcoming war, a big one, World War III. Yes, that's their heart's desire. But, My children, that won't happen when My body is here. The Holy Spirit is still holding back the Antichrist and all of his plans. So, do not fear this war. Do not fear what is going on between Russia and Ukraine. Remember smokescreen and distractions. They were paid with taxpayer money to put this on. So, don't be moved by it. It will come to nothing. I will show the world I am moving My hand from every plot, plan, scheme they had to destroy you. I will destroy it all at one time. They will shout a civil war, a coup is happening against us, but that's too late for them. No one is listening to their lies anymore. Your military is getting ready to strike this illegitimate government. They are trying to save what power they have left, but watch your enemies falling apart in front of you There will be more information from Durham. He had to wait until the right time to strike their narrative down to the ground. Hillary, what has come forth is nothing compared to what is coming...evidence of 2016, 2020, and all the Russian collusion. You paid money, stomped around until you would get your way. You killed for it, and all that blood is on your hands, and that blood speaks to Me for justice. And, Hillary, justice will be served. Your time is now, and you can't hide from the truth bombs which will be coming for you. They will blow up your narrative and your influence. They are letting you go, Hillary. No protection from the elites. There's spoiling of you and Bill. You failed them, and you weren't good enough. They still blame you for 2016...for those four years they lost to Trump. He slowed down your plans and caused mass havoc and chaos. They hate you for this victory. Little do they know it was My victory for My son. No matter the scheme. It was never going to work out. No more reports or words. Video evidence and hard proof of what you have done. Yes, someone on the inside was never on your side. I sent them there for such a time as this to bring you down fully. No way to escape. All of your deleted e-mails were never deleted at all. My people have them and will let the world see what they were and what they said. You can't stop this volcanic eruption of truth and evidence coming for you, Hillary. I always have the final say, and I say you lose! Hunter Biden! These are your final days of freedom. Your laptops are resurfacing, and judgment will hit you in a way you never thought possible. You lied, cheated. All for a disgusting lifestyle. Your perversion, your drug addiction. You can't control the demons inside your head. You could have come forward, Hunter. You had a chance to repent, to be free from it all. You can't hide anymore from your sins you have committed. Videos are coming, and they won't suppress them this time. Hunter, you have become hunted. I warned you, and you refused to listen. You will end up paying the ultimate price. You knew about Joe and still turned away for your money and drug addiction. They awarded you nicely for keeping your mouth shut while your dad was vice-president and the supposed president which he is fake and a liar! All the money you siphoned from other nations for your dad and Obama. Oh, yes, all those bank accounts, the money will be exposed in this hour. I have all the evidence on you, Hunter, and there is no way to get out of what is coming for you now. You tried to take your own life and you failed. The whole world will know what you have done and judgment will be handed out, Hunter. And, the time has come to be completely uncovered for who you really are. A major earthquake you will hear of in Alaska. The big one recorded. The biggest one recorded. My children, I have said everything can be shaken will be. Things are intensifying now. Snowstorms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, thunderstorms, tornadoes. The world will be shaken. My children, you have My authority. Rise up and take your place. Do not fear what is coming. Be rejoicing in My protection. Like My children in the land of Goshen, read My word what I did for them. Read Psalms 91. Get it down in your hearts in this hour. Reckoning is taking place right now. I am making things right and turning the enemy's world and their power upside down and wiping out like they didn't exist. These are the days; shout like never before. Praise like never before. I'm here for you, saith the Lord your Redeemer. Everything is going to be all right in the House of the Lord. My children, take it all back; what is yours; what My word says you have. You are not second-class citizens. You are a child of God. Kings on this earth so don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ!

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