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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
For I, the Lord this day, am again telling My children to get right before Me. Get your houses in order in this hour. Great shaking the world has never seen or experienced quite like this before. I'm striking judgment down on this earth to shake your enemies to their core and to destroy their hold and control over you. They never intended to let you go. This is the time they wanted their One World Government and total world dominance. Yes, they will continue to try for this until I pull the rug from beneath their feet so they lose traction trying to pursue you and taking the world over which, I've said before, this will not happen now. No, they are too early. It's not that time. No, it's My time and your time to rule over this earth like never before. Rule, you ask? Yes, I have given you power and authority to rule and reign and to tell your enemies through many years and tools of distraction and deception. They deceived My children out of believing they have any authority at all. He put rulers and, of course, religious leaders to make sure they destroyed any knowledge of that in this world or the body of Christ. But, it didn't work for all of you. I have a special remnant on this earth through many past generals who gave you great foundations of My word to stand on. And, when all hell seemed to break loose, I gave those men and women revelation to use now. No one needs it more than you right now. My children, this hour to stand against such evil on this earth that has grown to levels all over like never before to this degree. But, My children, you will receive the greatest reward, the wealth of the sinner that was laid out for the just, and that time has come on this earth. Yes, a great seed time and harvest, it shall be for you in this hour. News is about to break that will rock you, oh United States. Hard evidence and hard proof of what has happened to you. How you were taken hostage by unruly rulers who had no right or any real power against you. Liars, cheaters, traitors and treasonous acts will be aired out on live TV. Body camera recordings are about to explode everywhere. They know their time is coming to an end. You will hear them cry emergency orders to try and protect themselves. They will also build up another fortress to protect them in DC, but it won't work where I'm coming from and My arm is moving. And, no wall or type of weapon can save them. No, spiritual war has come to a place where for them nothing matters. They will try to accomplish it, and it won't work. I'm against them, and they have nothing to stop Me. Your intelligence community and all who are with them, you spied on the American people with all types of social media platforms. You tried to discourage them, and you tried to shut their mouths. You removed so many voices to try and hide what you have tried; to bring them to their knees; to bow down to your every command. "Why isn't it working?" you're asking, enemies of Almighty God. "Why?" I live in them and you can't kill Me or take My power from them. They are My children and they will always rise higher than you or anyone with you. Every platform that stole their voices away, stole their freedoms from them, I'm coming for you, and your finances will be stripped from you. Every person who worked for these platforms that helped silence My children, you now will be silenced. Yes, I have the final say, saith the Lord of Hosts. My angel armies are against you and so is My mighty army here in this world; the rightful military and many of the army of the Lord; the body of Christ. Yes, there are more of us than there are of any of you, and that terrifies you to no end. You all feel the power slipping from you. You see your plans falling apart. When Trump's social media platform hits, it will hit all of you. Bankruptcy, you will hear and receive. This will come quicker than you think. Your finances, your control are all being taken from you, enemies of Almighty God. Your inventions will be given to a child of God...your worst midnight...but in this hour of great change, leaders and business owners are changing hands, and I have the final say who gets what, saith the Lord of Hosts. Unusual weather around DC. Things are heating up, and you're about to see the landscape be completely different there. Everything you see that they put up will be completely destroyed by Me. I'll leave nothing standing that stood for anything against Me, saith the Lord News stations all over will start to crumble. Their ratings are about to drop to new lows and some will go off air never to return. Reckoning and My vengeance is now. March is going to get bumpy so hold on with weather and exposures like never before. It's coming from all different directions. Biden will finally have a gaffe that he can't be saved from. Hunter, in jail along with Kamala, Nancy, Mitch, Chuck, Liz and Jerry and many more of you, truth is coming to expose you for who you really are, and nothing can stop this and no one will escape the judgment that is coming for you. Merrick Garland, United States Attorney General, you wish. Oh yes, you may have that title, but you never had the power. Scandals, they will hear about you. Everything you have done will come out, and you will not survive in this hour of truth. You will not recover from this, Merrick. You will fall and it's about to be great. You, too, are a liar and a traitor, and you will not live to see the end of this year. All who are top generals in the Pentagon who are against Me, this is your time to be exposed. Some will suddenly retire and some will fall to scandals. But, no matter how you leave, it's all the same, and treason is your end. Chris Wallace! Truth is coming for you. Massive exposures are about to hit everywhere about you. You are a traitor and a liar, and you will pay for the crimes against My nation and My children. You were caught in the act of stealing and lying to the American people. The video is about to surface and ruin your career and what you have left. Chris, there is nowhere to run when you're against the One True God! Iran! Sit down and shut up!!! I am removing all of your finances that were given to you and stripping you of anything you have. The soldiers you sent to the United States for a terrorist attack, I am giving back to you. You lose and your plans will not go forth. My angels are standing guard to protect My nation, saith the Lord of Hosts. Istanbul! You will be in the news. Watch for this My children. This sign is to let you know My timing is now and all your enemies will fall and can no longer stand against Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. Jamaica! Revival will hit your land in this year of the new. Call it in. I will remove the principalities and powers that have also held you captive. So, rejoice! Your freedom is also in this hour. Taiwan! I'm here for you as a weather event will hit your land. A cleansing will occur with a much awaited revival and awakening to me. Your prayers have been answered, Taiwan. So, stand for your deliverance. The United Kingdom! An awakening is brewing. Awaken, My children who live there. Declare your freedoms in your land. Honduras! Freedom will ring in your land, and an awakening is starting to spread across your land. So, call it in and right now. Central America! Great weather patterns, natural phenomena will hit your lands, but this is an awakening to get right before Me, saith the Lord, and all will be okay with you. Australia! Awaken unto Me and you will see complete restoration in your land like I have spoken. The time has come to awaken to Me and My word. O Canada! I have not and will not forsake you in this hour. I am with you so keep standing. They are losing ground and control. You about to see Justin Trudeau take a hiatus, they will say. He is losing power. He is sow seen as a failure to the elites for not being able to stop you with all his power and might. No, because I am with you, O Canada, and against them. They have lost their foothold never to regain it over you again. Freedom is not coming; IT'S HERE to stay. Keep fighting! Your breakthrough is here, saith the Lord of Hosts. Tick tock, goes the clock. Your enemy's clock has run out of time so watch, My children. Their desperation will build in this hour with no end in sight. This is My time to show the world who has always been in control, saith the Lord your Redeemer.

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