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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"Massive explosions of truth are about to flood your airwaves again. I, the Lord, this day have spoken many things through My prophets for this time you are living in; to get your houses in order; to get right before Me; and also to show you that I am a sure thing and everything you see will not stand. I am in control no matter what things look like. I am the one true God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. Your enemies have tried to destroy everything they can to get their hands on to bring you to your knees...into submitting to their power and ruling over you. They want you to believe you are nothing and you have nothing...that you have no authority and no ability to fight them back. Well, all of that is a lie. You have more power than you could ever dream about having. You have the Greater One inside of you. They don't. Again, My children, be like David versus Goliath. He knew his covenant, and he was bold in the face of adversity. You need to do the same thing. You have a better covenant than David. You have a blood covenant with your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and nothing can beat that. So, stand and face this adversity knowing your won't lose. I have already won these battles for you. Major falls are about to take place. Massive explosions of truth are about to flood your airwaves. Jerry Nadler! I'm coming for you. Judgment is coming to strike you to the ground for your crimes against this nation and the rightful president. You will fall on live TV! They will say you just fainted, but you will not get up from this. Everything you have done in secret will be exposed. Your heart is failing from the apprehension of what is to come. Treason will also be written on you for all eternity. There is nowhere to hide from this. You had your opportunity to turn away from this, but you stood your ground against Me. Now, judgment is coming, and you will lose everything including your life! Ilhan Omar! I have said before, you will be exposed. Explosive information will flood the news with what you have done with giving secrets to foreign nations and breaking every protocol that would protect the American people from foreign nations. You have given security to your land and your overlords, you would say. I'm exposing you. You know you helped with another terrorist plot against this nation. Not only will I expose you and your plans, I will expose every person who infiltrated this nation to carry out this attack and where they live. A hornet's nest will be found in Minnesota and Michigan. You thought in those states no one would really look there. Your bunkers, your training camps will be exposed. 9-11 wasn't big enough for you or anyone that is with you. Ilhan Omar, blood drips from your hands, and you will pay a price for that blood. You are a traitor and a liar, and you will pay with your life. That terrorist attack that you so desired will not happen. I have people in place to stop it before it starts. Nothing will come of your plans. Iran! How dare you infiltrate My nation and plot to kill and to steal them from this land. You are being destroyed yourself. What you sow, you shall reap. I will show the world not only China financed your attack, but so did so many in this fraudulent government. Oh, how nasty were your plans. You came into the borders on planes in the middle of the night. You have young men of fighting age all over this country but, guess what? My hand is against you and will blow up in your faces. Your plans will not go how you want them. And, every person here will be destroyed by My hand like the pharaoh and his men. Every person who paid you in the dark of night and in secret will be exposed. You were paid billions; I am blasted that out of your hands. Your nuclear capability will be ripped from you, and everything done in secret will be brought to the light. All audio and video of every government official that helped you will be exposed and judged by Me saith the Lord of Hosts. I've had enough of you terrorizing My nation with all your plans to bring this country to its knees. The opposite will take place, and those who are left standing will watch this nation rise higher than before. Another major avalanche will be breaking news all over for the sheer size and damage it has of the biggest ones on record. Brace for impact My children. An avalanche is coming for your adversaries. This is to show you their destruction will be great. Watch the Atlantic Ocean. Many storms are brewing which is very unusual, they will say. "This can't be; it's not hurricane season yet." Like, "Look at the size of these storms. This just can't be. It has to be an act of God." These words will be on your news stations. Watch for this My children. Everything is shaking now and becoming more unusual. Watch Mount Aetna. Yes, that mountain has been erupting, but something strange and unusual is about to take place at the opening of that mountain. This just doesn't happen. A meteor shower will strike the mouth right inside during a meteor shower. It will explode and become a great eruption. The land will shake in that region when this occurs. The sign is just to show you My children I'm in control. "All of these things are just too impossible to believe," some would say. I am the God; nothing is impossible! The signs are for you to get up and believe Me once again. Watch the Middle East. Water will become blood red. They will shout, "How can this be possible?" I'm showing you the plagues of old are taking place again. The Great Exodus is here, saith the Lord. Hail turning into fire when striking the ground. Yes, watch for this. My vengeance is here to stay until all the enemy's plans are burned and are completely destroyed against you. Anthony Fauci! You can't run and you can't hide. The blood is running from your hands and is crying out for justice to Me. I have seen all you have done. Your deals with big pharma, the WHO and the FDA will be you were paid by the elite as well. How you were in bed with Obama and the whole fraudulent government. You knew about Biden as well, and you hid that from the world every company that worked with you to roll out your vaccines. Yes, of course, Bill Gates. I'm exposing everything that is in those vaccines and what your completed plans were to depopulate this world under your control. While this was going on, how nicely you would be compensated for all of sick you really are. You ride on a pale horse wanting to bring as much death as possible. Guess what, Anthony? Death will come to you after you are completely exposed and will lose everything you own. You will have nothing then your end will come. Bill Gates! Don't you dare think you're in the clear. You will let Fauci fall to save yourself. It is too late for that. Nothing can save you for what you have done to the little children and the design you helped put in that vaccine. Yes, you paid people to do your dirty work. I'm against you, and I never lose! So, children rise up and speak words of truth. Now is the hour to break forth, break out, break through all that has held you captive. 2022 will be a great year for you saith the Lord your Redeemer." (Notation: several prophecy ministers have said for those who have received the vaccine not to worry about any long-term effects as God will remove them from His children.)

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