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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
"Disney played a huge part, and they are about to be in the news for multiple reasons. Whistleblowers have come forward and their evidence will expose that company and how evil they are on so many levels. Their 50th will not go as planned because they will be brought down to their knees for what they have done against you and what they have done to help traffic the children. Amazon! I'm opening your books wide and exposing what you were doing in the dark of night and yet in front of the world. You traded children for money. You also took part and helped in trafficking them. Jeff Bezos, I told you before. You cannot hide and every penny will be ripped from your hands. You will also fall by the Angel of Death! Your days are numbered on the earth, and your number is about to run out. Mark Zuckerberg! There will be another major drop in your stock, but this time, it will be a greater drop with which you won't recover from. You are being removed from your place of power by Me. You will try and act like you stepped down. But "stepping down" doesn't change your fate. I'm opening up all the accounts showing the world that you were part of the big steal of 2020...showing your money went to help Dominion which you have partnered with. Oh, Mark, you'll be tried for treason. My army is coming for you. You cannot hide nor can you escape the judgment that is coming for you right now! Brian Stelter! Major news will expose you and who you are. You'll be removed from your seat at CNN never to be in the news job again. You also helped in the 2020 election steal...doing everything you could to tear down Trump and his name with your vicious lies. You are a traitor to your nation, and you will fall greatly for that and for your lifestyle. You try to keep it hidden on you computer, but the world will know how perverted you are and what you like to watch when no one is around. You will be exposed in every way, and judgment is coming for you now. Nothing will stop the major news that is about to break regarding you. Your time is over, Brian. I gave you an opportunity to repent, but you chose money and your career and that was a bad choice. You are about to sink like the Titanic because your sins have caught up with you. Don Lemon. You will take a great fall as well. You will never come back to your position. Yes, for everything you have hidden and for what you have done and for the lies to the American people. You will be completely exposed. The little that has come out to the surface is nothing like what is about to come out. Yes, you are finished, and your judgment is now. CNN, you changed your leaders, but it can't change the judgment that's coming against you. You will take your final fall never to get back up again. CNN, you are finished. My hand is moving against you now. Your lights will go dark never to be turned on again by you saith the Lord of Hosts. NBC, oh yes, I am coming for you and everyone, and I mean every person, every anchorman that sat behind that camera and boldface lied to the American people. "The Today Show," you are some of the biggest liars there are. You wanted American people destroyed for your leaders. Yes, you helped in the 2020 election. Every one of you received your transcripts before that night. You were given what to do and what to say when Biden gave all of you the green light that night when he came out and spoke. You all knew your plans hadn't worked so the election had to be stopped that night in order to regain control and buy time to get all you needed no matter how many days it would take. NBC, you will fall by your own sword. You are all caught; you will all fall...every network, every person who did at NBC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, CBS, ABC. My hand is moving against you in this hour. Judgment is here and now for the enemies of Almighty God. The days of reckoning and retribution are here now saith the Lord of Hosts. Hold on My children! It's about to get very dark for your enemies as truth pours out from everywhere. This is My time to show the world what has been going on against you. These are the days of truth, and they are now saith the Lord of Hosts.

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