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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: Last night's show.


Poster: MyUserNameIsKevin
I've seen America in concert a lot. Like, a whole lot of times. More than 60 times. Last night's show in Dallas was among their finest performances. Taking eighteen months off seemed to recharge their batteries. Maybe not being able to see them for eighteen months also added to the anticipation. But everything was alive and fun. Beckely and Bunnell were in top form vocally as well as musically. Also, their humor and rapport between songs really hit the mark. My wife, whom I have dragged to more than her share of shows, also commented on how that was the best America show she's ever seen as well. The songs had a new freshness and energy to them. And the sound at the venue was perfect. Their band was up to the task too, standing out when given the spotlight, but adding a whole new layer of vitality to the show. A few standouts were "Driving" from Lost & Found, and my personal all-time favorite America song, "Cornwall Blank." It was an outdoor venue. Major storms were predicted to hit mid-show but they didn't materialize. Right as their "Horse With No Name" encore started, huge drops of rain hit but luckily the downpour was hours away. Anyway, just wanted to say how wonderful the show was, how great it was to see them live again. And how much fun they are still having after 51 years. I saw the Eagles last week in Dallas as well. It was a three-hour show. I can honestly say, America was just as good, just as current, just as relevant. (Interesting thing about the Eagles: while there are eight musicians on stage only one original member is left, Don Henley.) I can't imagine anyone on this site passing up a chance to see the band in concert. But my recommendation is, take a friend who's never seen them. They will come away blown away. After all this time, America is still the best. Thanks, guys.

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