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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: Gerry's new solo album


Poster: Steve_Orchard
[quote="Robyn"]I ordered it, but have not had the chance to REALLY listen to it- work gets in the way most days and I am too tired at the end of a 9+ hour day on the computer to give it a real honest listening. I AM looking forward to having the collection. I do love the song "Norman" I remember hearing it at a show in 1978 in Los Angeles, which may or may not be the recorded on SteveO mentions, it was certainly that "run" - remember when bands did two or three nights at a venue? I was so curious about Norman bel Geddes I did some research. I read his autobiography "Miracle in the Evening" which was a wonderful look into that era, I do recommend it as a "should read" if you get a chance ( did you know his daughter, Barbara was Miss Ellie on Dallas? I'm SO dating myself here) I love the fact that Blue Elan ALWAYS had a t-shirt in the package. I am a sucker for "concert t-shirts and this fills the bill! [/quote] I did not pre-order the disc yet either, but I will. I'm not sure how often "Norman" was performed; the only recorded version I'm aware of came from 1978, and recieved airplay via the syndicated radio show "The King Biscuit Flower Hour." Years later that full show was offered to fans and I remember getting a copy of it. To those that follow Jeff Larson, you'll recall that he recorded it for his 2002 album "Fragile Sunrise." Gerry did backing vocals on it and I believe he played an instrument or two(I'd have to look at the albums liner notes again). I'm looking forward to hearing his version, which never made any of their studio albums... SteveO

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