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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: Steve_Orchard
[quote="Jajuba"]I would go as far as to agree to give you back the winnings if Joe Biden goes to prison anytime in his first year, even though that was not our bet.

Wed 7:40 PM

Johnny sent Yesterday at 7:40 PM
Jajuba - Here's my deal with you: if Biden is still in the office as president on Dec 31, 2021, I'll pay you. If he's removed any time during the year of 2021, the deal is off. I believe he will be removed and will be going to prison perhaps by March or April. Sorry, but I have blocked you here on FB. I have not read any of your messages. Plus, the deal is strictly between you and me. If you make our deal public, it's null and void.

I tried to work with you, but you made any bet null and void! It's absolutely done, and you made it done by your own hand!

By "tried to work with you" you must mean weasel out of our bet after you lost.

Isn't that something? I've never in my life heard of changing the terms of a bet after you lost the bet. What a load of crap Johnny, the most untrustworthy, lying, welching, piece of crap on the internet. It is funny that you mailed me a check, and then put a stop payment on it before I received it. I assume your (for profit) ministers must have told you that Biden "cheated" so you thought you could use that to get out of your bets. I assume you are using the same scam for your $10,000 bet, and your $1,000 bet with you old co-worker, and your $1,000 bet with Drew? [/quote] I think its pretty clear that the "court of public opinion" here has rendered its verdict. I didn't vote for Biden, but he's the President and Trump isn't. Those are the facts. Johnny, the spin you're putting on all of this is way over the top at this point. As i said earlier, you need to do the honorable thing and honor all of the bets you made and stop moving the goalposts. Otherwise, I'm sure I speak for alot of us when i say its time for you to leave this site. In fact didn't Kevin Sutton suggest that recently? SteveO

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