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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: Steve_Orchard
[quote="Robyn"]Steve O - you are right. This USED to be a fun place to discuss our favorite band. I have known some of you since the mid 90's and I cherish MOST of our friendships. Y'all have opened my eyes to new bands, we talked about Concerts and new music from America, stood by each other in hard times and even at a distance MOST of us are friends, or at least civil to one another. Johnny began to strike me as someone who wanted attention, maybe from the band? who knows. When he couldn't get GOOD attention, he went after BAD attention. He's doing it now. and getting it in barrels. I hope it scratches whatever itch he has, I hope to have other discussions with the rest of you about America the band. I am looking forward to Gerry's new solo release on Blue Elan records. In one of my moves, some of my cds went "somewhere" and it will be nice to have those tunes again [/quote] I've been part of this board since the mid-90's too. In recent years I've been fairly inactive, but would still post from time to time. Met some cool people, and some not-so-cool people. Just the nature of social media I guess. Politics is a hot-bed subject and guaranteed to cause friction between people. I generally stay away from this "off-topic" stuff and would prefer to focus mainly on the band. I'm basically as active as I choose to be. Maybe some of this "off topic" stuff should be discontinued or saved for peoples private emails or something. And there are plenty of Facebook groups where people can discuss their favorite bands and songs.... SteveO

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