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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: Robyn
[quote="Steve_Orchard"]I was reluctant to jump into this but what the heck. C'mon Johnny, its pretty clear that you have welched on this bet. Do the honorable thing and pay up. Biden is President, Trump isn't. Those facts are indisputable. Paying your debts might improve your standing with the long time members here. Otherwise, do us all a favor and leave the forum.


It reminds me of an old Robin Williams bit about a dictator in the Middle East "if you cross this line you die.. If you cross this line, you DIE If you cross THIS line... we are going inside and not coming out." Johnny will never admit that Biden won and all of his prophets who continue to delete their videos and change the predictions when they don't come to pass, that he sets such store by, are in fact Snake Oil salesmen. What started as a bit of fun has stopped being fun. He made bets he never intended to honor- he probably can't cover all the rash monetary ones he made and now he is doing his best to get out of them. I have missed my friends here on this Chat folder, but have not missed the nonsense from Mr. Yee.
Thanks Steve,
I would have absolutely paid up if I lost. I had a lengthy conversation with Johnny about only betting as much as I could afford to lose. Then after he loses he want's to change the terms.

No problem. Fair is fair.


To put it in football terminology, Johnny has continued to "move the goalposts" for several of you here that were betting with him. But should you really expect anything different here?

SteveO [/quote]

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