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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: Jajuba
[quote="King_of_Glass"]Wed 7:40 PM

Johnny sent Yesterday at 7:40 PM
Jajuba - Here's my deal with you: if Biden is still in the office as president on Dec 31, 2021, I'll pay you. If he's removed any time during the year of 2021, the deal is off. I believe he will be removed and will be going to prison perhaps by March or April. Sorry, but I have blocked you here on FB. I have not read any of your messages. PLUS, THE DEAL IS STRICTLY BETWEEN YOU AND ME. iF YOU MAKE OUR DEAL PUBLIC, IT'S NULL AND VOID.
[/quote] "Jajuba: sent January 16 at 11:33 AM so $600 Jan 21st and $600 March 20th? Johnny: Are you sure you are able to afford betting $1200 in total if you should lose? Jajuba: sent January 16 at 12:07 PM only if I lose both and they are 2 months apart, so yes. Johnny: sent January 16 at 12:07 PM Okay, I accept the doubling of the bet! Jajuba: sent January 16 at 12:08 PM ok. I'll expect the first $600 on the 21st. Jajuba: sent January 21 at 9:43 AM I am expecting you to honor our bet. Johnny: sent January 21 at 9:48 AM Biden is going to be removed soon. Just be patient. Jajuba: sent January 21 at 10:01 AM Our bet is who lives in the white house today Jan 21, 2021 Jajuba: sent January 21 at 11:13 AM Don't be a welcher Johnny, our bet specifically said who lives in the White House on January 21st. Johnny: sent January 21 at 11:55 AM Are we so sure he was truly allowed to go in? I understand the military may not have let him and they will be removing him from power due to be a fraud. Just be patient and we'll see what occurs in the next day or two or three. --------------------------------------------------------- It has been more than a few days. Biden is still the president. You lost the first bet, and on March 20th you will also lose the second bet. You already owe my $600, and another on March 20th. Pay up Johnny

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