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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
I found some old postings from SteveL's Chat Folder where we discussed the topic of alligator lizards. They prove the allegation against me by Robyn is totally false and is all a made up fantasy in her head. It was a pleasant discussion. It simply moved on to the topic of "Hey Jude". It's proof positive in my mind that Robyn has made a totally false accusation against me. I have absolutely no idea where the hell she came up with that bizarre idea. Clearly to me, it was just a desperate attempt to do what alligator lizards are said to do when they're caught! Message: 7044 Posted: Sat Jun 12 16:01:46 1999 By: Johnny Subject: Alligator Lizards I never really understood why or what alligator lizards are as written by Dewey in "Ventura Highway". However, while watching a nature program on TV the other night, they were talking about, guess what? Yes, alligator lizards as found in the State of Washington. They showed one of the creepy little critters. So, I learned that such things as alligator lizards really do exist! Why they're in the air in "VH", I still don't fully understand. Yes, something about cloud formations or pieces of blown tires on the highway. I guess...if Dewey says so. "Ventura Highway" like "Sister Golden Hair" is one of my favorites. No doubt, they're both great, great songs! Message: 7045 Posted: Sat Jun 12 16:09:44 1999 By: John Lussier Subject: Re: Alligator Lizards I remember hearing about one of those strange but true natural phenomema where at a certain time in the year a species of frogs, I think, would be carried on the wind during a stage in their lives , and would appear to be flying. I always wondered if this was what Dewey was referring to. Or I guess cloud formations, as you mentioned. Message: 7046 Posted: Sat Jun 12 16:39:43 1999 By: Johnny Subject: Re: Species of Frog That's a very interesting tidbit of information, John. Talking about frogs, I wonder where that controversial yet interested guy, Frog, is these days? I say "guy" but Frog could be a tough gal. Message: 7047 Posted: Sat Jun 12 17:08:13 1999 By: Johnny Subject: Info On Alligator Lizards With nothing else to do, I just surfed the net for information on alligator lizards. I found much more information on the little critters than I really intended to. I thought this bit of info was very interesting, however. I think this probably falls into the category of "too much information" and/or "Johnny has too much time on his hands". Here it is: "When caught they may bite ferociously and attempt to smear their captor with feces." I better leave now. I'm gonna go listen to "Homecoming". Message: 7055 Posted: Mon Jun 14 10:30:50 1999 By: Robyn Subject: Re: Info On Alligator Lizards LOL Johnny. I said, the last time we discussed Aligator lizards, that I always thought Dewey meant the scent of aligator lizards. I grew up where there were a lot of these little buggers and as a kid, I used to catch them... Peculiar scent, if you know what I mean! Message: 7057 Posted: Mon Jun 14 13:45:00 1999 By: KevinS. Subject: Alligator Lizards. I always thought Dewey didn't mean anything at all with "Alligator lizards in the air." I figured it simply fit the number of syllables he needed for that line in the lyric and it rhymed with "hair" and "dispair." It's like the story Paul McCartney tells about Hey Jude. He wrote the line, "the movement you need is on your shoulders" as a placeholder until he thought of something better. When he played it for John Lennon he said he was going to change that line because it made no sense. And Lennon said, that's exactly why you should leave it in there. And he did. And it was great. And there are aligator lizards in the air. Message: 7058 Posted: Mon Jun 14 13:56:52 1999 By: Robyn Subject: Re: Alligator Lizards. Maybe so Kevin, but it's more fun to try to fit a theory about what he actually meant than just counting syllables. Message: 7059 Posted: Mon Jun 14 14:42:10 1999 By: Johnny Subject: "Hey Jude" Triv Question Kevin or anyone else: Who and what is "Hey Jude" about? Regarding the "Hey Jude" lyrics, right! I heard the same thing.

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