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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
Mark - I really appreciate your posting today! Seeing it and seeing Robyn's posting of presidential election fraud denial (plus her totally outrageous and ludicrous accusation that I threatened to "shoot her" over some alleged song lyric) has prompted me to do the following just moments ago. Chris, you need to know the following: voter fraud in this past election will be proven. Any bet is based on there being no cheating; however, that is exactly what your candidate Joe Biden did. As I have said here numerous times, it will be proven as per the prophecy ministers, and Trump will be back as president likely around March or April. Because you "won" on fraudulent terms, the $600 check that I sent to you on Friday has just had a "stop payment" placed on it. So, don't even attempt to cash it now. As I said, Mark's message and Robyn's response to it plus her outlandish allegation of me from years ago has prompted me to contact my bank just moments ago. I know you think because Biden entered the White House on January 21 that you won the bet. He did it by fraud. Thus, your "victory" is null and void just like Biden's "victory" will be null and void. When I sent you the check, it was sent with no intention of me ever having to cancel it. But, as I have said, the recent activities on this site have prompted me to do just that. After all, it will cost me $30 as a service charge by my bank. Better that than to lose $600 in a bet where the outcome will be proven to be fraudulent. Again, you can't win a bet if cheating has been involved!

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