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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: Jajuba
Johnny, if there is evidence of fraud that changed the election, show it. The FACT is, NO evidence has been found nor shown. You do realize that your Prophecy Ministers have changed their tune every time their "prophecy" doesn't come true? First Biden wouldn't win (you would think if GOD was telling your Prophecy Ministers what would happen, GOD would know about the cheating), then there would be two inaugurations and two presidents at the same time. Then the supreme court would overturn the results, Then you said Trump wasn't really moving out of the White House, then you said Biden wouldn't be moving in. Next you said Biden would be out by the end of the month. In all of this, most of us would want Biden removed if he had committed fraud to win. But at this point I believe the law only permits the standard succession which means, if the president is removed it becomes the vice president, then the speaker of the house. I don't recall the reason you said you thought the speaker would be in prison too but next in line would be Chuck Schumer... Conspiracy theories have a way of clouding your judgement, and almost never come true.

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