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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
As it is quickly approaching Inauguration Day, I would like to say the following: Many people do not believe in the existence of modern day prophets aka prophecy ministers. I have absolutely no doubt, whatsoever, that they do exist. Amos 3:7 “For the Lord God does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets." What is one of the purposes of prophets? To prove the existence of God! As I have claimed here, a sizable number of modern day prophets have said President Trump will be the president for the next four years. In spite of how it may currently look, this prophecy will come true! Will President-Elect Joe Biden be sworn-in on Wednesday? Only time will tell. It is my understanding President Trump has an extremely important message he will broadcast on Wednesday morning at 8:00 AM ET. That will be on Inauguration Day. I also understand it will be broadcast via the Emergency Alert System, and all other television channels are to be shut down. Also, the EAS is to be in effect for the next 72 hours. I have no doubt what will be transpiring in the next several days will be what the prophecy ministers have said which is: God has said to them what is coming, "a big surprise"!!! One prophecy minister made mention of the possibility of two inaugurations and two presidents; however, one person will have his nullified. Which one? Joe Biden! Let us watch and see what happens on Wednesday in both Trump's announcement and the inauguration. Another prophecy several of the minister have made is many, many people will be going to prison for their hand in the attempted theft of the presidential election. They will include many Democrats as well as Republicans. It is my understanding close to 200,000 sealed indictments are ready to be issued shortly after President Trump begins his second term. The Democrat Party will suffer so greatly that it will struggle for its existence for many, many years. The Republican Party will as well, but not like the Democrats. So much so for the Republicans that a new conservative party will arise according to the ministers. Why you may ask is God moving His hand so late? It's exactly like the event in the Bible regarding the parting of the Red Sea. The Egyptian army was pursuing the Israelis who had earlier been released after being their slaves for many years. The Israelis had nowhere to ran as the Egyptians were quickly approaching to either recapture or kill them. What did God do? He parted the Red Sea which allowed the Israelis to escape by running across the DRY floor of the sea. When the Egyptian army followed them across the dry ground, God allowed the parted waters of the sea to flood back down drowning the entire army. God could have destroyed the Egyptians at an earlier point during their pursuit, but He didn't. Why? Because He wanted the Israelis to witness the miracle God would be performing for them. Why is God waiting until the last day to reveal the surprise He has in store for the man He has chosen to be the true and official president? Because, like He did by parting the Red Sea, He wants everyone to see the miracle He is going to perform on Inauguration Day or so it is my belief. The analogy of the Red Sea event to the presidential election: 1) The Egyptian Army pursued the Israelis. The Democrats pursue Trump. 2) The Israelis were pursued from the left. Trump is pursed by the Left. 3) The Egyptian Army was drowned. The Democratic Party will be "drowned". 4) The Israelis made it across the Red Sea. Trump made it to his second term by the "red sea' of supporters. 5) God parted the Red Sea at the very last possible moment. God will make Trump president on the very last possible day. 6) The Israelis are God's chosen people. Trump is God's chosen president. What might President Trump's announcement be about? It is strictly my speculation, but I think he may announce that a year or two prior to the election, he may have enacted a law approved by/passed by the Supreme Court concerning what should occur in the event of provable election fraud in the presidential election if a foreign country is involved. In that event, I heard, the candidate who benefits from the fraud is disqualified and the other candidate is automatically declared the winner! As I had posted earlier, there is alleged fraud conducted by Italy on behalf of the request by former President Obama. If true and proven, he will surely face treason charges and so will Joe Biden who, with little doubt, would certainly be fully aware of the fraud. One of the penalties for treason in the United States, as I have mentioned here previously, is death! It should be an extremely interesting next several months. Once again, the prophecy ministers are saying the following: January will be a month of justice; February, a month of fury; and March, a month of celebration!

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