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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
[quote="MyUserNameIsKevin"]I don't understand why this is so difficult for you to get, Johnny. We bet $10,000 on who the next president of the United States would be.

I said it will be Joe Biden. You said it will be Donald Trump. Because some goofy-ass prophets told you so.

It's a bet on whether Trump is president of the United States, not president of Trump Enterprises, or of his cell block, or in some fantasy inauguration where he rides off on a golden unicorn to become president of Trumpland for life. [/quote] Kevin, you forgot the rainbow and sparkles! Seriously though, I appreciate your reply. I just wanted your unequivocal response on the record. Concerning your mention of "some goofy-ass prophets", we shall see exactly who the goofy-ass will actually be. If I may offer you a small piece of advice: if I were you, I'd purchase some adult disposable undies to be worn starting any time soon in preparation of the announcement that Trump will be the legitimate victor of the 2020 presidential election. Regarding your mention of a cell block, I feel quite sure you're aware treason is punishable up to death. You may not know that death by firing squad was reinstated as a legal means of execution just this past November and signed by President Trump. Ironic that I saw a YouTube video talking about how Biden plans to go up against the NRA. I don't think he's going to have enough time. Thanks again for your reply!

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