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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
Hi Jude, I like how you think! Excellent idea, however, I believe there needs to be some major tweaking. 1) Instead of $11,780 in $1 bills, the amount should be $11,821, but I'll explain why that amount on the day it's announced that Trump's the actual winner of the presidential election. I would like to ask you, however, how you came to $11,780? It's not obvious to me. 2) Regarding the counting of the prize money three times before being paid out, that is an excellent idea! As with the votes, we want every single dollar bill counted which, of course, includes even the fake, counterfeit ones. Every bill counts! Well, except Bill Clinton, speaking of fake bills! "I did not have sex with that women...holding the stack of money...although I tried!" 3) Counting the money at the Philadelphia City Hall is another excellent idea! However (another damn however), we want Hillary to be present as you mentioned, Jude. Therefore, the location has to be changed. Since we can't bring Hillary and the money to Philly, we must bring the money to Hillary and her location. She hasn't been heard from in a while. It's rumored that she's at the location where we have to go which is to Gitmo. So, Cuba here we come! Hillary we will be arriving shortly to visit you. No need to change your clothes for us. After all, you look damn good in stripes! 4) Jude, you mentioned Bill Gates is to be there to supervise. Unfortunately, he must stay where he's at as he is still needed to give us pesky little American citizens more medical advice concerning what is good about vaccinations and invisible tattoos to be used on us and to be placed either on the right hand or on the forehead. Please don't let that give anyone the wrong idea! It has absolutely nothing to do with what the Bible says will happen to every inhabitant on earth in the future. It's strictly coincidental. Honest! Plus, all the medical-related issues suggested by Bill Gates is because he has a medical degree. What? He doesn't? That surely has to be a mistake as he speaks and acts like he's a medical doctor. Speaking of a medical doctor, we really should substitute Bill Gates with Dr. Fauci because we need someone like him if not for anything else but to bring us masks and to be sure we're wearing our masks properly. 5) You mentioned Hugo Chavez. We need to allow him to rest in peace. After all, when he was alive, he cared so much for the peace of the people of his country that it's the only rightful and respectful thing to do for such a humane and loving person such as him when he was alive. So, instead, we shall bring Jeffrey Epstein back from the dead. Actually, L. Lin Wood who is the attorney working with Sidney Powell believes Epstein is still alive and living somewhere under protection to be used against many people such as Chief Justice John Roberts and another justice, Justice Stephen Breyer. We shall see what the future holds for both of them. It's been said there will be two more Supreme Court vacancies that President Trump will need to fill during his second term. Just idle chatter, I'm quite sure! 6) Concerning the counting/voting machines, they are never to be tampered with. Well, not more than once. After all, we must not let anyone come near them. Someone might want to examine them. Hands off! Instead, we'll bring in slot machines. You know how they make that cute chiming sound? That's exactly the sound we need because it's going to be cha-ching for either Kevin or me. 7) I almost forgot about Q! Q is out of the question. We must allow Q to remain anonymous. Instead, we'll bring back cute little JonBenet Ramsey for Jeffrey Epstein as he enjoys the company of underaged girls. I'm sorry. That's way too underaged for even Jeffrey Epstein. He likes his underaged girls a bit more mature like around the age of 15 or 16. Forgive me as I temporarily had Epstein confused with someone else who likes being around girls of JonBenet's age. Sorry for my confusing Epstein for Joe Biden. So, please forgive me. 8) Regarding your mention, Jude, of being paid in cents, we should include the presence of Gerry, Rich, Dewey and his wife Penny. After all, we are using an America-related website to discuss all of this. Plus, we'll have Penny bring a penny. That's my two cents! Now, what do YOU think?

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